Hi everybody, I'm Roger Federer.

Excited to be using reddit for the first time! I'll be on here to answer your questions for 45min, starting at around 7:30pm Paris time (1:30pm Eastern).

(the following is coming.. first making sure this page is live)

Twitter Verification: https://twitter.com/rogerfederer/status/337978295918399489

Verification photo: http://cl.ly/image/3U0F1c1B0c44/IMG_6319.jpeg

Alright! Getting started early!

[Update] Alright guys: Wrapping Up. It was really fun but I have to go to a dinner. I'd love to do this again. Hope to see you all here again soon.

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happylookout1836 karma

Hey Rog. Can I call you Rog?

iamrogerfederer2145 karma


dflove1755 karma

Are you ever planning on bringing back Darth Federer? Fans love the all black night outfit.


iamrogerfederer2169 karma

I really loved that outfit. Under the lights in NYC. All black. That was awesome. No plans yet to bring it back yet.. but we'll see.

PrestoFortissimo1695 karma

Roger, if you had an upcoming match against a 2007 Roger Federer, what would your strategy be to win and how do you think you would fare?

iamrogerfederer1617 karma

Well first, I hope I'm a better player today than I was back then. I feel like I'm a more complete player today. Although my game hasn't changed much, my experience would allow me fewer mistakes and the ability to deal with challenges a little bit easier.

Disastrously_Dazed1615 karma

Good evening Roger, a group of fans in the tennis subreddit had already thought of some questions so hopefully you can address a couple of these.

  • What’s your opinion about moving up to a 95 sq in racquet like most of the ATP?

  • Do you follow any of the nutritional/training advances that players like Djokovic have adopted in recent years? (pressure chamber, low carb diet)

  • Would you ever consider changing huge variables in your game such as Agassi did in the second phase of his career, and go for broke, or are you okay with sticking to the game plan for as long as possible?

  • What is your opinion about some in the French quarters, notably Yannick Noah, who have accused Spaniards of doping?

  • And lastly, on a more personal note- many of us here in Miami were devastated you decided to opt out of Sony Ericsson tournament this past year- would you ever consider alternating attendance between Indian Wells & Sony Ericsson?

Thank you and much luck in the upcoming Roland Garros- us Fed Fans are rooting for you!

iamrogerfederer1146 karma

  1. I've been testing rackets for the last 10 years and have also tested 95 sq so who knows. Maybe one day. I'm always open for changes. The real challenge is finding a time in the calendar year where i have enough time to test it out and get comfortable.

  2. It's important to do everything in moderation. I live a really healthy lifestyle already. As an athlete I do spend a lot of time to make sure i'm eating the right things at the right time but as I get older I definitely and paying more attention to my nutrition. Sleep is always important. So is treatment.

realstrikemasterice1401 karma

What do you think is the biggest plus about Switzerland, besides the flag?

iamrogerfederer1841 karma

It's one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen. So worthwhile to visit. And the people are very accepting and genuine. I also like the fact that there are so many different languages. In such a small country, we have an incredible amount of diversity and influences from abroad. Also, great chocolate. Mountains. Cheese. Rivers. Lakes. Pretty much everything. Just move there.

trikskier1365 karma

Hey roger, I played against you in a Netjets tournament/exhibition a couple of years back, where you then played against Rafael Nadal. Just wanted to say hi, and see how you are doing? We sat on the table next to you at the luncheon, and I still have all my autographed hats and shirts from you. I just wanted to say that I thought it was so admirable that you let my grandma win the point against you, without making it seem that way. She's your biggest fan, and that made her so happy! You're a good guy.

iamrogerfederer1894 karma

Thanks trikskier. Please say hi to your grandma for me.

hueypriest1264 karma

Glaubst Du das Praezision i de maischte Schwizer im Bluet fliesst?

iamrogerfederer1195 karma

ich wuerd scho sage jo, mir sind generell so erzoge um genau und korrekt z'si. ich bi dr meinig es isch sogar e qualitaet vo uns.

basherrr1240 karma

Did you really hit that can off that guy's head?

iamrogerfederer2032 karma

It takes a lot of practice. Kids, I wouldn't try that at home ;)

iamrogerfederer2478 karma

For you baseball fans out there: Strike 1.

Federer45933 karma

How do you keep your hair so perfect?

iamrogerfederer1869 karma

I really don't. I fight it every day like everybody else. But thanks.

LogelFedelel887 karma

Thank you Roger, I've always hoped that you would do an AMA! First, I want to congratulate you on having such a beautiful family and being an amazing family man as well as an amazing athlete. Second, what are your thoughts on restructuring the tennis season to allow for a slightly longer grass court season and possibly having a Masters 1000 event before Wimbledon?

iamrogerfederer1157 karma

Thanks LogelFedelel.

The Tour is adding a week of grass before Wimbledon starting in 2015. Who knows, maybe one day we'll have a Masters 1000. I clearly would love more tournaments on grass :)

Let's not forget 3 of the 4 grand slams used to be on grass.

Thick_as_a_Brick755 karma

Hey Roger, just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of yours. One of the best things I've ever read about you has to be David Foster Wallace's piece for the NY Times. Have you ever read it? If so what did you think of the way he characterized you?

iamrogerfederer1146 karma

I have read it. The thing that struck me is that I only spent 20min with him in the ATP office at Wimbledon, and he was able to produce such a comprehensive piece.

Brendinio667 karma

Dear Roger, if there was one rule of tennis you could alter, what would it be?

iamrogerfederer1592 karma

A rule that would only let ME serve from the service line. Whenever I want. Seems fair to me :)

On a serious note: we should get some more Best of 5 set finals back (like at the ATP World Tour finals).

EvilNeville586 karma

If you could play doubles with one player living or dead who would it be and why?

iamrogerfederer1017 karma

My three choices would be John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg, and Rod Laver. From a historical perspective it would be really fun to play doubles with them as they are all legends.

Self_Esteem_Booster548 karma

What was your toughest match ever?

iamrogerfederer1471 karma

  • Hewitt in Davis Cup 03.
  • Del Potro in Olympics 2012.
  • Roddick Wimbledon 09.
  • Nalbandian 05 World Tour Finals, final.
  • Rafa Wimbledon 2008. One of the great matches I've been apart of.

xBarDown541 karma

Hi Roger, big fan!

Which of your grand slam titles has meant the most to you?

iamrogerfederer1346 karma

My first one. It was a dream come true.

mungbeanie528 karma

Roger, you are one of my favourite tennis players, if not my absolute favourite ! What kind of music does a man of your calibre listen to ?

iamrogerfederer1274 karma

It all started for me in Dance & Techno. Then i moved over to Rock. Now i'm all over the place.

Pantoner526 karma

What are some of your pre-match rituals?

iamrogerfederer1202 karma

  1. Arrive on time at the courts. Pretty crucial so I don't miss my match.
  2. Warmup and hit for 30min.
  3. Go for lunch or dinner. A light meal (pasta, for instance)
  4. Get my ankles taped.
  5. Stretch.
  6. Warm up and match time.

AmbientTech439 karma

Roger, we from /r/tennis welcome you. Your achievements in tennis will probably not fall for a very long time. Anyway, time for some questions!

Your rivalry against Rafa Nadal is probably the most signifcant on the tour, maybe of all time. How does it affect you knowing that you are a part of this?

What was going through your mind when you stopped Novak's win streak at Roland Garros in 2011, and actually what do you think of Novak's 2011?

2012 saw you lift the Wimbledon trophy, at the expense of Andy Murray. Did he mention anything at the net or before you guys were supposed to do your speeches about the possibility of tears like he did in Australia?

What makes Nadal so difficult on clay? I watch tennis and feel like on clay Nadal is the bully and you are powerless. Any insight you can give to us as fans as to his clay brutality?

You and Rafa filmed a commercial advertising charity matches. In this clip, you could not hold your laughter at all. The same thing happened when Pedro Pinto interviewed you for CNN International. Is spanish your Achilles Heel?

Who's your pick for the French this year? Is it Rafa, or are you thinking Djokovic will lift the trophy and complete the career slam?

Finally, how are the kids?

Thanks so much for doing this Roger. It would be awesome if you could answer!

iamrogerfederer715 karma

Re: Rafa Commercial:

It's funny I actually spoke to Rafa yesterday about that commercial. We had a close moment again yesterday at a Nike appearance. He insists it must have been because of his spanish accent. He couldn't start a sentence without me already cracking up. It was a hilarious 5min for all of us.

dielon1217339 karma

Hi Roger!

How do you do that between the legs shot without hitting yourself in a very painful place?

iamrogerfederer593 karma

Nothing bad ever happened. So i'll keep doing it :)

jctennis123337 karma


iamrogerfederer401 karma

  1. seeing the pictures are really interesting. funny enough I don't think consciously about looking directly at the ball, but I guess you're right. it's just habits and the way I was taught to play tennis.

  2. 22 kilos tension

aidanfoxworth323 karma

Mr. Federer, I need help with my serve. Do you have any tips for a beginner trying to improve?

iamrogerfederer747 karma

Make sure you focus on your ball toss so it's always in the same place. Keep your elbow up. Just try to mirror throwing something.

nitromanitol320 karma

Federer! What are your thoughts on the decline of the one-handed backhand? Do most players play with two-handed just because it is more consistent and powerful?

iamrogerfederer604 karma

I would love to see more one-handed backhands but the trend is clearly going 2-handers because we see more baseline tennis.

youngjabberwocker302 karma

Hey Roger! I'm a big fan of watching you play! Since players like you, Nadal, or Djokovic have all started off as young players, what advice do you have for young tennis players who have dreams of going professional?

iamrogerfederer1042 karma

Take up Football. No just kidding.

1 You have to enjoy what you're doing.

It's not always easy but it sure is a whole lot of fun traveling the world, meeting people, learning different cultures and playing against other great people and players. For that, you need to work really hard and play tough and fair. And learn from your losses and your disappointments and make sure you don't look back with regrets.

Deltsbrah285 karma

How much do you squat?

iamrogerfederer660 karma

I'm not sure actually. I'll pay attention next time.

Fydria257 karma

How many cows do you own now?

iamrogerfederer569 karma

Unfortunately they both have left us :(

Fer_Alvarez233 karma

¡Hi Roger! Someday you will come to Mexico? here are many fans who love you! please! :")

iamrogerfederer468 karma

Thanks Fer_Alvarez. I was there in the mid 90's for Juniors and I'd love to come back. We're actually having discussions about coming in December. Stay tuned!

atifinthenight217 karma

Hi Roger! It's unbelievable the kinds of records you've set: most weeks spent at number 1, most grand slams, and many more. My question is: at this point in your career, are there any records or achievements that you still really want? We know you're going to keep playing because you love the sport, but is there anything specific you want to achieve? Highest number of Wimbledon championships, for example?

iamrogerfederer953 karma

There are some great new CD's out that I haven't bought yet. But in terms of tennis records:

Any record is welcome. 8 Wimbledon would be great. I'd also love to win another ATP World Tour final.

And getting back to World #1

PaintedProgress196 karma


  1. Your career has been phenomenal and your longevity/consistency pretty much unmatched. What is your plan for retirement, will you step down while at (or near) the top, or will you do a Connors and keep going for the enjoyment of the game? I think you've said in the past you plan to play Rio 2016, but has that changed since then?

  2. What are your thoughts regarding doping in the game of tennis?

Thanks, I am a huge fan.

And thanks for the gold you charitable stranger you.

iamrogerfederer403 karma

As far as doping is concerned: it should be a huge priority. The sport of tennis needs to lead by example and be the most serious and tough on doping.

Ptolemis163 karma

Hi there! How do you deal with nerves before a match? Is there anything special, or is it all training? Or perhaps something else?

iamrogerfederer328 karma

Funny enough I could be more nervous about a 2nd round match than a finals match from time to time. Just because you have more doubts on certain days. Unexplainable really. But of course when the big matches roll around you have tendency to be more anxious. I don't really have any specific routines other than having my normal pre-match routine which helps me get comfortable and focused.

Im_Not_A_Dr159 karma

Hey Roger just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for the sport of tennis and I will be rooting for you at Roland Garros. Also, that new Wilson commercial turned out great! My sister said she had so much fun participating.

Here is the link! http://youtu.be/vONGFCTuQYI

iamrogerfederer221 karma

Awesome! Glad you liked it. I loved it too.

yepl79 karma

Thanks so much for doing this AMA! I have a few questions that I was hoping you could answer:

  1. What are your feelings on carpet as a playing surface? Do you wish carpet would make a return to the ATP Tour? What did you think of decision to ban it from the tour a number of years back?
  2. Is there any feasible way to lengthen the grass-court season? Why isn't there at least a Masters 1000 event on Grass?
  3. It's always impressive to watch you do back-to-back interviews in English, German, and French; do you speak any Italian or Romansh? Are there any other languages that you would want to learn?
  4. What do you do as president of the ATP Player Council?
  5. The media makes a big deal out of you using a 90 square-inch racquet; why do you use your current racquet? What has been your experience with bigger racquets?
  6. Will you play more doubles tournaments in the future?
  7. Are there any up-and-coming tennis players that you follow?
  8. What other sports do you play, and how often do you get a chance to play them?
  9. Do you have any interest in becoming a tennis coach in the future?
  10. What is the process with Nike for choosing a new outfit before tournaments?

Hope your preparations for Roland Garros are going well. Best of luck in the next two weeks and the rest of the year!

iamrogerfederer573 karma

  1. I love to play squash, to ski, soccer/football, table tennis

When I stop playing tennis, I'd love to learn how to ice skate so that I can play some hockey as it's one of my favorite sports to watch.

christophethefish52 karma

Yooo what are the differences between Paul Annacone and Severin Luthi's coaching? Do they give you different kinds of advice/strategy or are they on the same wavelength? (p.s. I'm willing to sell my twitter handle @goderer to you for £30m dude check it)

iamrogerfederer118 karma

For me it's really important that they get along.. which is definitely the case.

We have a great chemistry and they compliment each other. Paul has great experience on Tour as a player and coach, which is invaluable. And Severin has known me and my game for such a long. So the two together are a great combo.