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yepl79 karma

Thanks so much for doing this AMA! I have a few questions that I was hoping you could answer:

  1. What are your feelings on carpet as a playing surface? Do you wish carpet would make a return to the ATP Tour? What did you think of decision to ban it from the tour a number of years back?
  2. Is there any feasible way to lengthen the grass-court season? Why isn't there at least a Masters 1000 event on Grass?
  3. It's always impressive to watch you do back-to-back interviews in English, German, and French; do you speak any Italian or Romansh? Are there any other languages that you would want to learn?
  4. What do you do as president of the ATP Player Council?
  5. The media makes a big deal out of you using a 90 square-inch racquet; why do you use your current racquet? What has been your experience with bigger racquets?
  6. Will you play more doubles tournaments in the future?
  7. Are there any up-and-coming tennis players that you follow?
  8. What other sports do you play, and how often do you get a chance to play them?
  9. Do you have any interest in becoming a tennis coach in the future?
  10. What is the process with Nike for choosing a new outfit before tournaments?

Hope your preparations for Roland Garros are going well. Best of luck in the next two weeks and the rest of the year!