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  1. Your career has been phenomenal and your longevity/consistency pretty much unmatched. What is your plan for retirement, will you step down while at (or near) the top, or will you do a Connors and keep going for the enjoyment of the game? I think you've said in the past you plan to play Rio 2016, but has that changed since then?

  2. What are your thoughts regarding doping in the game of tennis?

Thanks, I am a huge fan.

And thanks for the gold you charitable stranger you.

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You forgot to link the clip - here it is.

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And how did it turn out?

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  1. Is Dawn of War 3 happening? If so,
  2. Are you or Creative Assembly making it?

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Hey! How was it working with the Somalian pirate actors? I've heard it was their first acting job. How well did they cope going straight to a big budget film like Captain Phillips?

Also, my sister knows your daughter. I'll tell her to say hi!