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Good evening Roger, a group of fans in the tennis subreddit had already thought of some questions so hopefully you can address a couple of these.

  • What’s your opinion about moving up to a 95 sq in racquet like most of the ATP?

  • Do you follow any of the nutritional/training advances that players like Djokovic have adopted in recent years? (pressure chamber, low carb diet)

  • Would you ever consider changing huge variables in your game such as Agassi did in the second phase of his career, and go for broke, or are you okay with sticking to the game plan for as long as possible?

  • What is your opinion about some in the French quarters, notably Yannick Noah, who have accused Spaniards of doping?

  • And lastly, on a more personal note- many of us here in Miami were devastated you decided to opt out of Sony Ericsson tournament this past year- would you ever consider alternating attendance between Indian Wells & Sony Ericsson?

Thank you and much luck in the upcoming Roland Garros- us Fed Fans are rooting for you!

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Brought to you by the Swiss Tourism Department. xD

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That was epic, i laughed, i cried, this should be published. I even posted it on my facebook.

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I'm a bit disappointed, he only answered 20 questions. Compared to Manchester Orchestra who was here for hours it was a bit lackluster. =/