Roger Federer

is a Swiss professional tennis player who, as of July 2013, is ranked World No. 5 by the ATP. Many commentators and former and current players regard Federer as the greatest tennis player of all time.

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For you baseball fans out there: Strike 1.

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I really loved that outfit. Under the lights in NYC. All black. That was awesome. No plans yet to bring it back yet.. but we'll see.

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It takes a lot of practice. Kids, I wouldn't try that at home ;)

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Thanks trikskier. Please say hi to your grandma for me.

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I really don't. I fight it every day like everybody else. But thanks.

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It's one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen. So worthwhile to visit. And the people are very accepting and genuine. I also like the fact that there are so many different languages. In such a small country, we have an incredible amount of diversity and influences from abroad. Also, great chocolate. Mountains. Cheese. Rivers. Lakes. Pretty much everything. Just move there.

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Well first, I hope I'm a better player today than I was back then. I feel like I'm a more complete player today. Although my game hasn't changed much, my experience would allow me fewer mistakes and the ability to deal with challenges a little bit easier.

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A rule that would only let ME serve from the service line. Whenever I want. Seems fair to me :)

On a serious note: we should get some more Best of 5 set finals back (like at the ATP World Tour finals).

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  • Hewitt in Davis Cup 03.
  • Del Potro in Olympics 2012.
  • Roddick Wimbledon 09.
  • Nalbandian 05 World Tour Finals, final.
  • Rafa Wimbledon 2008. One of the great matches I've been apart of.