I posted a photo of my dad on Reddit ( and it seemed to get a bit of attention so I talked him into doing an AMA. I'll be moderating for him on Skype.

He's a rather interesting fella. Don't be shy.


If you would like to connect with my dad on Twitter, he is at

EDIT: I will be answering all questions verbatim in first-person. Just FYI.

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HowlandReedsButthole1116 karma

Have you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air? Have you ever fired one gun whilst jumping through the air? Ever been in a high-speed pursuit? Have you ever fired a gun whilst in a high speed pursuit?

de-1337717 karma

No. No. Yes. No.

Synthetics66839 karma

I used to serve in the US Army before an IED took my lower legs. I'm fairly active now, and can walk and do things without the use of canes / crutches / chairs, etc. I would really like to get back into shape, but a lot of the workout programs out there incorporate a lot of intense movements like burpees, the old front / back / go's, side straddle hops, and just vertical jumps. Problem is, I don't have ankles anymore! Have you ever worked with any disabled Veterans, or know of any good programs where I can get started at? Any help would be greatly appreciated! - Former SGT 4th ID, 1BCT, 1-66th Armor

de-1337785 karma

A friend of mine was an athletic for Wounded Warrior. I would start there and see what resources they have available. And let me know how you do. You are an outstanding American! Message me and I'll give you my contact info.

Blatherskank815 karma

Can we make a kickstarter to turn this guy into Batman?

de-1337965 karma

Yes please.

yaysuekristy734 karma

Do you think your son needs to get in shape?

de-13372247 karma

Round is a shape.

Rice_Krispie526 karma

I want to meet you when you're drunk. You seem quite fun.

de-13371122 karma

Won't happen. I party like a Mormon. (but I'm not Mormon)

Pissflower601 karma


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My daughters have found outstanding young men and are happily married.

fnmeng491 karma

How does it feel to have the most bad-ass resume imaginable?

de-13371115 karma

I hang out with other bad-asses. I don't feel that special.

Nocturnhabeo328 karma

How many requests did you turn down for The Expendables?

Bonejunky199 karma

No, bad question.

Good question: Are you part of real life Expendables?

de-1337702 karma

Are you saying The Expendables AREN'T real?

Heartless000437 karma

Are you... the best a man can get?

de-1337514 karma

I think that's the Dos Equis guy.

Marylandman101354 karma

what's the craziest thing that's ever happened to him?

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I got into Ripley's Believe It or Not.


unnaturalbeast349 karma

What's the one big misconception people have about SWAT? What's one thing you wish they knew?

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Everything about SWAT looks aggressive. But the objective through a conspicuous show of force is to encourage people not to make bad decision.

drunkbanana300 karma

has he ever had to use his extensive " ass kicking skillset " on the streets? In other words, i wanna hear about the time some guys tried to jump your dad and he went all liam neeson from taken on them

de-1337445 karma

Too funny. Don't have too many good stories, but as a smaller cop a lot of people tried to fight me. Plenty of skirmishes, nothing that looks as good as the movies.

Dranzogger263 karma

What's the hardest thing you've had to face in either the Army or as a SWAT commander?

Also, you sound awesome.

de-1337541 karma

Fear in various forms. The fear of letting my team down or letting myself down.

Fleshflayer217 karma

Has he always worked out? Does he take steroids?

de-1337413 karma

Steriods? No. I'm 5'9", 178lbs.

I was very small and weak as a kid and I started training hard when I joined the Army at 19.

tallandlanky125 karma

I'm 24 years old. I'm 6'2 142 and I can't join any branch of the armed forces due to a permanent metal implant. How can I train as hard as you did and see results?

de-1337151 karma

halfbrit08's response seems pretty spot-on.

Dragon Door Publishing has an excellent foundation program for training called "Convict Conditioning" available here:

DrOOpieS217 karma

Since you said he was 51. I'd assume he was in the military in the 80s/90s? What were some of the places he dropped into. Also, what was your most exciting/pant-shitting experience? Thank you!

de-1337421 karma

Active duty 82-84. Nothing exciting during peacetime military. My hairiest experience was surviving a climbing accident and the 4 years it took to recover from a broken back and two broken ankles. I was told I would never run again back in 84.

Centrist_gun_nut178 karma

What agency did you command SWAT for?

de-1337346 karma

Just a small suburban police dept. We mostly did meth lab raids.

Nocturnhabeo199 karma

Have you seen an increase in Meth since Braking Bad?

de-1337276 karma

I've been out of law enforcement since 2001.

binghamsch172 karma

What was the most intense encounter you've ever had in SWAT or executive protection?

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When I came close to exploding in a meth lab. Guy was cooking a batch while smoking near a jar of ether. I didn't know whether to take his gun away first or take the cigarette out of his mouth first. I hit him so hard they both got taken care of.

chickenandbiscuits172 karma

What was the most rigorous training he had to encounter?

de-1337257 karma

Training for performing feats of strength. It's harder on the body because of the varied types of strength involved with various stunts i.e. pan-rolling, brick breaking, bar bending

Not_Cobra_2109144 karma

Tricks for coping with incredible soreness? I can barely move right now. Hell, even not moving hurts.

de-1337234 karma

Alternating hot/cold soaks. But be prepared, it's not pleasant.

MrCynicalDammit151 karma

If/When you seriously damage a part of your body, and you are not able to do your normal you have sit down hobbies?

de-1337271 karma

I'm a big music fan. I like to plink on the keyboard from time to time.

resting147 karma


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There are two chains. They are 45 lbs each.

Nacho_Slug144 karma

What's the worst pain you've ever experienced?

de-1337298 karma

Falling down a canyon in 1984. Climbing accident.

adorabledork136 karma

What does being an "Executive Bodyguard" entail?

de-1337303 karma

Lots of planning. Lots of travel. Lots of errand running. If the day is uneventful, you've done your job right.

adorabledork102 karma

Follow up question: Have you ever guarded anyone famous? Celebs, politicians, etc?

de-1337299 karma

Most of our clients were on NDAs. A couple people I can mention were Vince McMahon and Sylvester Stallone.

Tyrotoxism44133 karma


de-1337345 karma

Not a weapon snob. I prefer a Glock. I'm a tactics guy, not an equipment guy. A Glock is intuitive and reliable.

_Sonder132 karma

If he could do his career all over again, would he change anything? What's his favorite drink?

de-1337249 karma

Not a thing. Diet Mountain Dew before they starting adding GMOs. Now it's black coffee.

nomadz93130 karma

Whats the best way to gain muscle weight? Currently take whey protein after workouts and been eating more but gained 10 pounds (currently 165) pretty fast but has been hovering around that area.

de-1337252 karma

I am the least successful person I know in terms of gaining muscle weight. I have a small frame and have always been a hard-gainer. If you find out, let me know.

MrPartyRocket113 karma

What's your exercise routine, and what martial arts have you taken?

de-1337219 karma

Certified trainer in: American Combat Kempo, Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Arnis.

My workout routine is max effort work, gymnastic movements, partials, isometrics.

It's available in excruciating detail here for purchase (shameless plug):

MrPartyRocket93 karma

You sir, are a beast. Follow up question, what is your favorite body guard experience?

de-1337277 karma

The nicest people I ever worked with was the Duggar family from "19 & Counting". They were the only ones who took me on an amusement park ride.

cutereddit96 karma

Sir, how much to hire a bodyguard like you? Is it per 24 hours? or per hour?

de-1337139 karma

I don't know how much it costs to hire someone like me. My boss would know.

de-1337123 karma

The duration is always dictated by the client.

MrPartyRocket14 karma

Seriously the last question, I just started doing boxing, and though I really enjoy the sport, I don't think its the most effective form of self defense. Which martial art do you recommend the most, and why?

de-133756 karma

Krav-Maga. It's very to-the-point.

Pemby78 karma

I'm the smallest one in my jujitsu class (also the only girl). I know my lower center of gravity is good but the benefit is offset a bit by my comparatively light weight. Any other advice for the shorties? :)

de-1337163 karma

Lift weights and squat. Do whatever you can to get stronger.

panasonique110 karma

Was it harder to stay in shape after you hit 40 or is it really a mind over matter kind of thing?

de-1337202 karma

Very hard after 40. Had to eat much stricter. Had to find new ways of training because the old ways started to hurt.

hzg061 karma

What are some of those new ways of exercise that you incorporated into your routine?

de-1337111 karma

Lots of ring work with the variable being that I do a lot of weighted ring training. The rings are a lot easier on my joints.

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Water_Fountain99 karma

Does he diet or just eat what he wants?

de-1337189 karma

I eat pretty strict. Low carb, high protein.

thejollyroger967 karma


de-1337150 karma

Pretty close to paleo, but light on the fruits because of the sugar.

T-Rex_Jesus85 karma

If you could only do one workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

de-1337178 karma

Dead-lifts. Front squats. Overhead press. Ring dips.

panasonique77 karma

What's the most practical martial art that someone can study for effective self defense?

de-1337201 karma

It's less about the style and more about the teacher. Lots of my friends like Krav-Maga. I've taken a lot from many styles; I favor the Filipino arts because of the emphasis on weapons.

OnlyToolsHateJules71 karma

Is your redditor son beefy too?

de-1337221 karma

(me): Hecks to the naw.

ThisIsJay65 karma

When I saw the original "dad" post, I said "That dude's definitely a cop." Source: I'm a cop.

de-133774 karma

Keep up the good work.

Djandyt61 karma

is there anything you CANT do?

de-1337590 karma

I can't open the safe.

el_butt61 karma

What motivated you to keep going when you didn't think you had anything left? Did it change over time? And what is your favorite dinosaur?

de-1337144 karma

Philippians 4:13.


DRAWKWARD7953 karma

What are you afraid of?

de-1337235 karma

Being a lame old guy.

MoarOranges52 karma

Did he do Krav Maga?

de-133781 karma

No. Arnis, Ju-Jitsu, and cross trained in Judo, Jeet Kun Do etc.

SargesHeroes51 karma

I'm a Masters student in Criminal Justice hoping to pursue a career in Federal LE, are contacts and a good resume still my best bet?

Regarding exercise, I imagine you have been lifting for at least 30 years. Any advice or routines you favor? I've been lifting about 6 years. Right now I favor free-weight and the big three plus military press, but am having to do simpler lifts due to an unknown shoulder issue (possible exploratory surgery in July). Anyways sorry for the rant, you're an inspiration considering all the things you have accomplished.

de-133782 karma

Yes. Develop relationships and look for opportunities for internships. And dominate every test you take.

I have to stay ahead of injuries and ongoing pain so I preform a variety of movements to minimize repetitive stress.

Thanks for the kind words. Put the barbell down and play around with dumbbell presses for a while and see if it helps your shoulder.

BritOli49 karma

What does it feel like to be Liam Neeson?

de-1337114 karma

I wish I was that cool.

The_Vigorous_Truth48 karma


de-133798 karma

Did some consulting for Cellucor. I like C4 a lot.

Marylandman10145 karma

what's his coolest story?

McToasterz43 karma

I'm currently 19, and planning to join the U.S. Army after I get my associates next year. How much did your military past (discipline) influence you to stay devoted for so long? I ask this, because I have a tendency to become very inconsistent with certain things after 4-6 months of hard dedication and I really feel like it's because my lack of quality discipline while growing up, since I mainly had to teach myself that.

I don't expect to enlist and then magically get over my bad habit, but I'm more so wondering how effective it will be for a person who just needs a certain tool to really break that horrible habit. I should also clarify that this is not my sole reason for wanting to enlist.

de-133779 karma

You will be exposed to the tools of discipline. It will be up to you to put them to good use. If you want it, it will happen.

throwawaysirf42 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. Here's my questions:

Why did you join the army? If you weren't there, where could you be now?

de-133775 karma

I joined the Army to get money for college. I wanted to be a police officer at the time. I believe I would be right where I am now. The passion for training other is what drove me to where I am now.

AmericanDerp39 karma

Out of the movies or shows featuring people like you--'special operators'--which character or depiction is most accurate for how they act--tactics, fighting technique, behavior, etc, and why?

Examples: McGarret in new version of Hawaii 5-0, Jack Bauer in 24, Jason Bourne, etc.

de-1337106 karma

My former boss was the tactics consultent for the actors who played Delta OPs in "Black Hawk Down". They pretty much nailed it.

AznSensation9335 karma

Are you a powerlifter? If so do you prefer conventional deadlift or sumo?

de-133756 karma

Not a powerlifter. As a trainer I like them both. As a user, because of my back injuries (see above) I dead lift with a trap-bar.

DiracHatedFrench34 karma

How much can you squat? (Please specify if high bar or low bar).

de-133776 karma

I don't back squat on account of my back injury (see above). I only front squat a few hundred pounds and go for reps and even then it's still hard on my back.

iiGrim28 karma

What are your current numbers for your lifts? How long have you been lifting?

de-133746 karma

I don't do a lot of standard lifts. I haven't benched in seven years. I've been training since I was 19, just before I went into the Army.

Roez28 karma

I saw an article once suggesting a lot of former military that go into private security abuse steroids. The article gave the impression of a jacked up, reckless subculture of alpha persona's. I've known only a few ex military in security and it couldn't be further from the truth, but I have no real insight.

Is this alleged stereo type accurate at all?

de-133737 karma

Not in my experience.

doyoufeelthelove26 karma

What was your motivation to not stop working out as you aged?

de-133790 karma

You do something long enough it becomes a part of you. If you like that part of you, you don't want to let it go.

focusinc22 karma

How do you feel about the backlash against law enforcement recently? Also what do you think about filming law enforcement?

de-133735 karma

When you say "backlash" are you referring to the Boston bombing investigation?

FourCounters20 karma

What is your opinion on filming law enforcement?

de-133737 karma

Hard to answer that without it turning into a real tangent for me. It has been a good thing at times, but sometimes it gets in the way of guys trying to deal with chaotic situations.

LeDreamFinder20 karma

What supplements do you take?

de-133737 karma

Whey protein. BCAAs. Kre-alkylin (spelling?) creatine. Magnesium. Vitamin D3. Lots of meat. Lots of eggs.

jackksouth20 karma

What was your highest PT score in the Army?

de-133762 karma

Every one was a 300.

MCprofK17 karma

Do you even lift?

Captain_Superman15 karma

Here's one just for fun: would you rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses, or a horse-sized duck?

de-133754 karma

Horse-sized duck because that would be awesome.

HyenaMoon14 karma

Executive bodyguard? What kind of threats do executives regularly go under?

de-133734 karma

When you're worth over a billion dollars, everything changes.

kimjungfood3 karma

I read a book written by a former special operator (ST6) and he said one deal-breaker for him that made him not want to join the army was that as long as they get 70% of the jumpers on the ground alive and good to go, then that's a decent jump. what the hell is that all about? losing 300 men if 1000 jump is ok?

de-133714 karma

Those percentages are worst-case estimates for a combat jump for the 82nd Airborne division. That hasn't been put to the test because the 82nd hasn't done a combat jump in many years. And you can't compare those stats with a Spec Ops unit, different styles of jumping.

Floormaster843 karma

What makes you an "expert" in martial arts.

de-133752 karma

Because other people say so. I was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame in 2010.

11tybillion3 karma

a 180lb strongman? What?

de-13378 karma

Performing strongman. Not competitive.

Fireskull2 karma

What do you feel is the most practical martial art for self defense, and then which one for minimum harm subdual? I practice Krav Maga, have you heard of it and if yes, do you have an opinion?

Thoughts on MAs in general?

de-13374 karma

It's less about the style and more about the teacher. Lots of my friends like Krav-Maga. I've taken a lot from many styles; I favor the Filipino arts because of the emphasis on weapons.


Have you ever killed a man with hand-to-hand combat?

de-13372 karma