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I'm currently 19, and planning to join the U.S. Army after I get my associates next year. How much did your military past (discipline) influence you to stay devoted for so long? I ask this, because I have a tendency to become very inconsistent with certain things after 4-6 months of hard dedication and I really feel like it's because my lack of quality discipline while growing up, since I mainly had to teach myself that.

I don't expect to enlist and then magically get over my bad habit, but I'm more so wondering how effective it will be for a person who just needs a certain tool to really break that horrible habit. I should also clarify that this is not my sole reason for wanting to enlist.

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I've noticed that the bigger label names (SM, YG, JYP, etc.) keep an unspoken rivalry with eachother that is most likely intended to garner more attention to new releases (the underwhealming SNSD vs 2NE1 hype from earlier this year). How come on the flip side, it doesn't seem like there's any problems with cross-label friendships. Like Fx Amber, Miss A min, and Ailee all being very close friends?

I guess the question I'm really looking for is along the lines of were you told anything specific about who or who not to befriend outside your own label?

Also, another kpop-related subreddit I'm apart of has been eagerly awaiting your visit since it contacted you. It would be really cool if you could pay the subreddit a visit.