Hey Everyone, Justin Lee here from Arrested Development. Want to take a moment to answer any questions for the fans. Did this earlier, but I want to give another opportunity for those that missed out.

Thank you to those that have supported my new show, "One Warm Night." Episodes 1-7 are out and can be viewed at http://OneWarmNight.com

FYI: The link below gives Arrested Development fans (aka the best fans), an opportunity to pick the new tagline for the upcoming season premiering, May 26th. "Say Annyong to a brand new season!!!" https://www.facebook.com/questions/258012071011972/

(I think you guys will enjoy this picture below) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=490657444320929&set=a.490657440987596.1073741827.194653897254620&type=1&theater

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1470197/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustinLeeActor Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustinLeeActor Website: http://JustinLeeOfficial.com Pheed: https://www.pheed.com/JustinLeeOfficial

This is only for a limited time. I will try to answer everything as quickly as possible. Apologize in advance if I can't get to you :) Lastly, just want to say thanks to all the fans, you guys are the best, and your support means the world to me!!!

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Thanks to you, I know how to say one Korean word

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Well, thank you for watching Arrested Development :)

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Was there ever a point when you thought that "annyong" would literally be the only thing your character would ever say? Or, did the writers clue you in about what would happen down the line?

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None of the cast members really knew what Mitch was brewing up...he literally wrote to the last second....and it was perfection. I was honestly, just thrilled to be on board and trusted the writers/producers with whatever decision they decided to make.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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You don't need to write Justin Lee after every response. We know you're Justin Lee.

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Justin Lee will do whatever the fuck Justin Lee wants!

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-Justin Lee

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Just wanted to say we named out cats Anyong and buster. It's hard explaining to anyone not a fan

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That is awesome!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing that with me.

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Do you have any funny stories from behind the scenes of Arrested Development?

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Yes. Let's see here, my wardrobe originally did not have pockets on it, but Lucille wanted to use Annyong as a purse. So on set, they had to sew on these huge pockets to my wardrobe. It was pretty funny.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Hello. Whats the funniest thing involving your character that never made it to Air?

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The episode when Maeby takes me to the school dance and leaves me for Steve Holt, we shot a scene after that, where I'm surrounded by a bunch of pretty girls and dancing with all of them (that never made it to air, lol). That scene wasn't even in the script, but it was an impulse idea on set, so we decided to shoot it.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Would have liked to see that. Thank you. Also, when I was Deployed to Afghanistan we would walk into the offices in the morning and say "Annyong" to each other. One person would say it and it would just go around the room. It would go on quite a bit longer than you might expect.

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Hahah, that's awesome!!! Thank you for sharing that with me, but more importantly thank you for your courageous service to protect our country.

-Justin Lee

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how cool is Tony Hale?

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Higher then 10...Tony is as cool as cool gets. On top of being super talented, Tony is pretty much the nicest person you will ever meet.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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How often do you get recognized for your work on AD? And do you get bothered at all when people say Annyong to you?

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It depends where I am...if I'm around universities then I get noticed a lot more. It doesn't bother me when people say Annyong to me. I appreciate that people are fans of the character.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Favorite scene from the show?

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That's a hard one!!!!! Um, when Buster is in the room with Michael, Gob, and Lindsey, and he starts bleeping cuss words about Lucille (the look on everyones face and because it is so not like Tony to do that, makes me crack up everytime).

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Do you think this new AD season is as good as the previous ones?

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From what I've seen and heard, this season is gonna be funnier then ever!!!

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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What is Jessica Walter like in real life? She has been in the Hollywood business for so long that it just seems hard to get a read on her real personality.

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She is a professional and a truly powerful talent. I learned a great deal working with Jessica. She is also a very sweet woman, I'm very fortunate to have worked with her.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Does Buster hate you in real life?

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No, Tony and I get along really well. On set we would play games and stuff to kill time. He is super cool.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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There's one scene where you're eating a bagel and you yell at buster about how mother won't let him eat carbohydrates because he has an old lady girlfriend or something. He then starts trying to steal your bagel and screaming "give it to me!"

I swear you broke scene a little bit because I'm convinced you were trying not to laugh hysterically. Is this true? If so, how many times did you have to re-take a scene for laughing. Do you get fined for "wasting time" or something??

I found a perfect clip!


Haha it did look like he was laughing.

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It's in his character to take joy from pissing Buster off though.

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No, I was in character and it was a choice to laugh. My character was enjoying the moment (pestering my brother). Kids laugh all the time when they are making fun of others. I like to think of it as I was taunting him.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Did you get the chance to watch that "Star War?"

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Hmmmm....what do you think?

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Annyong! Where were you when you got the news that AD was coming back?

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At my managers house...I was super excited for everyone.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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One of my favorite scenes is when you yell "Heads up, fatty!!!" and ambush Buster from the ceiling. How many times did you shoot that scene, and how fun was it?

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Once... it was a one shot wonder and one of my favorite scenes to shoot because I got to do my own stunt. There was a tall ladder that had a platform hanging over the top of the doorway. When Tony (Buster) walked through I had to jump off onto his shoulders. I give credit to Tony being a sturdy guy because he definitely broke my fall.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Thanks for doing this! I have two questions.

  1. What percentage of comments in this thread do you think will be people just saying "Annyong"?

  2. I haven't heard of One Warm Night, can you tell me a little about it?

JustinSLee314 karma

-hahaha, not sure, a good amount, maybe about 25%.

-Yes, I can. It is an original 9 episodic series produced by The Actors Room in association with Last Chance Productions Film Partners LLC. Episodes 1-7 can be watched at OneWarmNight.com.

Here is the synopsis/summary: A comedy, ONE WARM NIGHT is “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” meets “12 Angry Men” meets “Clue”. A near-murder whodunit, involving a beautiful girl who invites her past boyfriends to reveal a life-changing secret. This unwitting group of misfits and oddballs find themselves caught in a game of cat-n-mouse as a plot to murder them all unfolds. But who is trying to kill them? Things heat up as a multitude of mysteries are revealed, leaving even the most aware guessing at what is truly "real" in the crazy twists and turns of ONE WARM NIGHT. "This time the end will justify the means!"

What I love about this project is that it has helped actors to find a voice. One Warm Night has been a powerful vehicle for reaching out to communities and supporting charitable organizations like SAFE (Suicide Awareness For Everyone). That to me has been the best thing about this whole experience. To be able to help people through acting.

Thanks for your questions, -Justin Lee

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Would you rather fight 1 seal sized banana or 40 banana sized seals?

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One seal sized banana...they bruise easily, haha...plus bananas are delicious.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Everyone is funny, but I think Will and David take that belt.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Has your role with AD had a positive or negative effect on your career?

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Definitely a positive impact/effect. Being a part of a show like AD is nothing but a positive experience.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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If you had to change one thing from the show what would it be and why?

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Nothing, the show is gold!!! No the show is perfection!!!!

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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-I wanted to act since I was 4 years old. My parents were more supportive then most Asian immigrant parents, but it took them a while to accept that I didn't want to be a lawyer. To their credit, once they saw the passion and love that I have for acting, they and the rest of my family have been a huge support. I'm very fortunate to have such a large family with everyone rooting for me and helping out when they can. -Anything, that challenges my depth, range, and creativity. I'm open to all types of characters and genres. -Um...nothing...but for the sake of picking something else, probably an athlete. I love sports!! -Let's go get some burritos, I'm taking you to my homeland (Antarctica).

Thank you for your questions, -Justin Lee

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What is your favorite dinosaur?

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Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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What's your favorite color?

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Blue...any type of blue.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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He seems to have just blue himself.

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haha, I knew that was coming ;p

-Justin Lee

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안녕! I think it's been difficult in Hollywood for Asian-American actors, particularly the men, to break free of condescending stereotypical rolls of ninjas/martial arts experts or nerds. I was really impressed by the Walking Dead's decision to cast Steve Yeun in a completely different roll from the traditional Hollywood stereotypes in a major production like that. My question for you is have you experienced any difficulties getting rolls that you attributed to these types of stereotypes and biases and what actors do you look up to or want to emulate in your own work?

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We do have it difficult, but times are changing and I definitely respect what Steve Yeun and John Cho have been able to do. I look to show that Asian American actors can take on lead roles with depth.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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What is your favorite AD joke?

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So many to chose from..."I blue myself." "Bob Loblaw Law Blog."

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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There have been a lot of great TV comedies since Arrested Development started.

What is your favorite non-Arrested-Development show?

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That's hard to say: -Californication, Shameless, The Office, Workaholics.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Is Michael Cera as awkward in real life as he is in just about every single character he's portrayed ever?

Oh, you we're one of my favorite "back and forth"-character in the series, so good job! :D

JustinSLee162 karma

Thank you I really appreciate that. And I never felt Michael is weird, I think he's pretty cool, laid back guy and has good taste in music.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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How did you get involved with Arrested Development and how were your co-stars?

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I auditioned for the part. And the co-stars and I all got along. The atmosphere on set was nothing, but professional and creative. A ton of fun.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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What was it like parting with the cast and possibly reuiniting?

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It was soo surreal seeing everyone at the season 4 premiere/after party. absolutely amazing, and I'm so happy for everyone and for the fans. You all deserve more Arrested Development!!

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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How awesome was it in between the walls?!

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It was just on the outside of the model house set in the studio. Not big at all. They just added a section to the side of it. Looked very coooool.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Annyong! If you could pick Annyong's real name what would it be?

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I like Annyong/Hel-lo I wouldn't change it.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Are you excited for the future of shows being produced and aired all at once on services like Netflix?

I know I am.

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Yes, very excited and I think web is the way. People like to watch things instantly and at their convenience. Not only that, but Arrested Development really requires your full attention, especially if you want to catch all the jokes. With Netflix you can rewind so you don't miss anything.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Hi Justin! I'm a big fan of AD, so happy to see you're doing this. How old were you when you started with the show? Who was your favorite person on the show to work with? Hope you'll be a part of season 4 on Netflix! I'm looking forward to it :) Thanks, Alli

JustinSLee100 karma

Thank you for your support!! I was 14 when I started. I enjoyed working with each character for different reasons. They are amazingly talented actors and each actor brought something different to the table that I enjoyed working with and learned from.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Dear Justin, If you had a chicken dance for Anyong, (I'm pretty sure you don't?) what would it be?

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Well, if the time comes you'll see Annyong's chicken dance.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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How was kissing Maeby? ;)

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Well, it wasn't really a kiss. It's hard to describe, but we were showed how to suck in our lips, so that our lips never actually touched.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Do you have a bigger role in the upcoming season?

So excited.

JustinSLee113 karma

All I can say about the new season is that anything is possible and you'll have to watch May 26th to find out what happens. I will tell you this though, Arrested Development is funnier then ever.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Are you going to be in the movie?

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I couldn't tell you, because at this moment, there is no guarantee that the movie will even be made...but hey anything is possible :)

Thanks for your question! -Justin Lee

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How big of a role do you have in the new season? Are there any arc's for your character or is it more of the great work we've seen before? Either works for me! Annyong!

JustinSLee92 karma

Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated. In regards to the new season, all I can say is that anything is possible and that the new season is funnier then ever. So you'll have to watch May 26th to find out :)

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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What was your audition for the show like? What is your favourite episode? SHOES ON IN THE HOUSE MISTER!

JustinSLee70 karma

-There was an audition and 2 call backs in the same day. I actually had to read for George Michael's lines at the end of episode 3. -Hard to pick a favorite episode, but I enjoyed the scene when we all get to eat carbs, because we actually got to eat everything that was there as props. AWESOME!!

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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how comfortable/uncomfortable ergonomically were the scenes in which you were in the wall of the Bluth penthouse?

JustinSLee66 karma

If was very comfortable, kinda cozy...You'd be surprised what camera angles can do. It's a small space, but there were sections that had more open space.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

breckspencer20 karma

What should we be expecting for the upcoming season?

JustinSLee48 karma

Wit, intelligence, laughs, more self-centeredness, more arrested development, and funnier then ever.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

artlesspredilection20 karma

What is it like working on the AD set? Who's the coolest?

JustinSLee44 karma

Working on the set with all of the cast members was a blessing. They all taught me valuable tips and lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every actor for different reasons. As you can tell they are all unique characters, so they all brought something different to the table that I could learn from.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Annyong Mr.Lee, just stopping by to say you are really attractive.

Questions: 1)Was there any scene that was particularly hard to shoot (too much laughing, etc)? 2) What's your dream role/film (to write or play)? 3) Do you watch any Korean Dramas (My Princess, lol)?

All the best to you!

JustinSLee18 karma

-Scene where Buster and I are wrestling. -Any role that challenges my depth and creativity. I would like to do a sports movie, but not a cliche one. -No, I don't...I should though.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

Neo72311 karma

In your last AMA, I asked you a question regarding how you felt being the only Asian American cast member on Arrested Development. I was shocked to see that, although I arrived quite late to the AMA, you still took the time to respond to my question. I just wanted you to know that I appreciated that very much, and I used your response in a research paper that I was writing at the time -- the paper was about Annyong's depiction as a highly racialized outsider in the Bluth family.

TL;DR: You're awesome.

JustinSLee11 karma

Thanks for sharing this with me!!

bstampl18 karma

Hi Justin. Man, I've never had a response to an AMA question, but you do a great job answering questions, so here goes:

Out of all the actors on Arrested Development --if you really had to pick just one or two -- whose acting ability most impressed you? Was there anyone who just blew you away?

I mean, Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are hilarious, but I get the sense that most of their characters don't really stretch them too far afield, skill-wise

JustinSLee8 karma

Honestly, it sounds cliche but I can't pick anyone actor because each actor brought something different that I enjoyed working with. I wanted to learn from everyone. They all did something better then one another.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

Sternutation6 karma

Can you say, 'Annyong' to my wife?

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Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

Aerron3 karma

I really enjoyed AD. Who was your favorite actor to work with on set?

If you could replace any actor on any show, who's job would you like to steal?

And just because I have to: Annyong!

JustinSLee2 karma

-Working on the set with all of the cast members was a blessing. They all taught me valuable tips and lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every actor for different reasons. As you can tell they are all unique characters, so they all brought something different to the table that I could learn from. -I wouldn't want to steal anyone's role. I would want the role because I deserve it.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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You seem to have a very minor role in AD and for awhile you disappeared from the show. What were you doing in this time? Did the show just not have a need for you or was it your choice not to be there?

JustinSLee4 karma

It was the shows decision, but I don't question Mitch's choice. He always has a good reason for writing what he writes and I trust him completely. During that time, I was working on other television shows. I've also kept myself busy on the production side of things, opening up my own production company, Black Canvas, with my business partner Ryan Tsang. That and working on a fun web series web series titled, "One Warm Night."

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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I'm not sure what you mean by that...maybe, haha.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee