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Was there ever a point when you thought that "annyong" would literally be the only thing your character would ever say? Or, did the writers clue you in about what would happen down the line?

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What about Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson's point that if we have the means to spread out into space (e.g. terraform planets, lightspeed travel, whatever that entails), then by extension we would be advanced enough to fix our problems on Earth?

Someone questioned whether NDT said this. I'm not going to scour through every interview I've watched to find the most applicable quote, but this one is pretty close:

Then there are people who are saying, "Well, we better learn how to terraform Mars because Earth is about to be completely messed up." And... those folks - I think - are misguided in their thinking. Can I tell you why? I mean who doesn't want to terraform Mars, right? That's a fun vacation spot. I have no issues with that, but don't do that just because you want another place to live to escape the fact that we're destroying our own Earth - the environment, the oceans, the atmosphere. Here's why. It's a very simple argument. If we have the power to convert Mars into something that looks like Earth, then we have the power to fix our own oceans and our own atmosphere, right? If you have the power of geo-engineering, you don't have to leave the planet you're on, turn another one into Earth, and move there. Just fix Earth.

-Neil deGrasse Tyson

Some of the responses seem to be taking a 1:1 mapping of "terraforming Mars" and "fixing Earth." I don't think NDT is saying that we would literally use the same technique of terraforming Mars to fix Earth. He's referencing a broader picture about the amount of knowledge and level of technology that we would accordingly have at that point.

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Hi Dr. Amirahmadi:

When and how did you get the idea to run for President of Iran?

Also, based your CV, it looks like you've spent most of your time outside of Iran for the past few decades. Are you worried that the average Iranian voter will see you as an "outsider" or "Westerner" at this point?

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Did not know that until a few months ago.

Wow, I didn't know until... just now.

Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests

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