Justin Lee

Justin lee
is a Korean-American actor known for his role as Annyong (Hel-loh) Bluth in the Fox sitcom Arrested Development.

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Yes. Let's see here, my wardrobe originally did not have pockets on it, but Lucille wanted to use Annyong as a purse. So on set, they had to sew on these huge pockets to my wardrobe. It was pretty funny.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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None of the cast members really knew what Mitch was brewing up...he literally wrote to the last second....and it was perfection. I was honestly, just thrilled to be on board and trusted the writers/producers with whatever decision they decided to make.

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Well, thank you for watching Arrested Development :)

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Hahah, that's awesome!!! Thank you for sharing that with me, but more importantly thank you for your courageous service to protect our country.

-Justin Lee

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That's a hard one!!!!! Um, when Buster is in the room with Michael, Gob, and Lindsey, and he starts bleeping cuss words about Lucille (the look on everyones face and because it is so not like Tony to do that, makes me crack up everytime).

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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The episode when Maeby takes me to the school dance and leaves me for Steve Holt, we shot a scene after that, where I'm surrounded by a bunch of pretty girls and dancing with all of them (that never made it to air, lol). That scene wasn't even in the script, but it was an impulse idea on set, so we decided to shoot it.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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It depends where I am...if I'm around universities then I get noticed a lot more. It doesn't bother me when people say Annyong to me. I appreciate that people are fans of the character.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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