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This is only for a limited time. I will try to answer everything as quickly as possible :)

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Do people recognize you more often as 'that Korean guy from Arrested Development' or as Justin Lee?

And how often do people approach you and just say "Annyong" ?

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I'd say it's about 50/50. I get "Annyong" quite frequently, lol.

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Will you be in any of the upcoming episodes for AD? What was your favorite episode/ moment on the show?

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Everything is very hush hush, so unfortunately I'm not at liberty to disclose anything. I can say that my favorite moment were the scenes that Tony (Buster) and I are wrestling.

-Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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Which member of the AD cast is most similar to their character off the set?

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That's hard for me to say because, personally, I saw all the actors as two completely different people, but that's just how my process works (when I act).

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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How did it feel having one word as a line for so long?

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It was challenging, but a very good experience. I had to find other ways to be interesting and I learned that words really don't matter. In fact, most Oscars are won off a look:)

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What got you into acting?

Moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this"

Anything you can tell us about this new project?

Three things most people wouldn't know about you?

What brought you to Reddit?

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Some good questions!! What got you into acting? -I've always wanted to be an actor since 1st grade, so for my 7th grade birthday present I asked my parents to put me in acting classes, and that's how I got my start.

Moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this" -The moment I stepped onto the set of Arrested Development in a model home that wasn't a real home, but in a sound studio. I was amazed and all the actors I had the pleasure of working with are absolutely amazing. Anything you can tell us about this new project?

-It's a fun web series titled, "One Warm Night." The episodes are available for free at http://OneWarmNight.com. The web site answers a lot of questions, has meet the cast interviews, and directs you to our social media sites, where all your questions can be answered. Here is a message from the creator/producer of One Warm Night, Steven G. Lowe: What many of YOU don't know is - Due to its growing popularity, "One Warm Night" has helped the cast find their voice. Many opportunities have been presented to the actors individually & collectively to help in the community - reaching out to worthwhile charitable organizations. Now that's what a series should stand for. Thank you to everyone that has supported us on IMDb - rating our show a "10", followed us on YouTube & Twitter, found us to be "Funny" on Funny or Die and of course "Liked" us on facebook!! The cast and crew worked so hard to bring you a laugh or two. Funny what a laugh can do. "Please "Like" this post if you agree... and pass it on. "One Warm Night" has more purpose then you might think and you're a part of it! ~ Steve (Creator/Producer)

Three things most people wouldn't know about you? 1. I love sports, I love playing sports and watching sports. I actually do train and fight Mixed Martial Arts. 2. I eat like a starving child. I love food Happy Hour deals and always end up ordering the entire menu, lol. 3. My business partner, Ryan Tsang and I are Production Executives at, Black Canvas. What brought you to Reddit? I think it's a great way for me to connect with all the fans. I am truly blessed, thankful, and humbled by the support. I may not be able to keep up with all the questions, but I will certainly try my hardest.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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I eat like a starving child

Wouldn't that mean you don't eat?

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Correction: When I eat, I eat as if I was starving.

-Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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You ever get to party with David Cross?

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Unfortunately, I was too young at the time to party, lol.

Thanks, -Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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Very rarely do I watch the projects I am in, mostly because I just like to go in and do what I love, which is act. I don't act to watch the final product, I act because I love the process of acting and being on set. After production is complete, I'm looking for another challenging character. That said, I watched, Arrested Development, not because I was in it, but because it really is in my opinion, the funniest TV show ever. I don't come in til half way into the first season, so when I watched the pilot, I was hooked and forced to eventually watch myself on TV, lol.

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When you were on Arrested Development did you want to take a break from the show or was your characters disappearance planned long in advance? Thanks for doing this and good luck in your new project!

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I trust in the writers of the show and understand that they have a purpose for everything. Yes, being on more episodes would be fun, but it's not about me, it's about a large group of people coming together to make something entertaining for the world to see. I think Annyong being gone made a good set up for his return in the season finale. Thank you for your question and support, I greatly appreciate it.

-Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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My dog is named Annyong. How do you feel about that?

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Haha, that's funny. If it makes you happy, then that's all that matters.

Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee

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Why do you think Arrested Development has such a huge cult following? Did you know when making it how special it was?

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I think it has a cult following because it took time for people to catch. I feel that this show was ahead of it's time and more people everyday are enjoying the series. Netflix I think had a big part to do with it as well. I definitely knew and felt like we were doing something special, but I appreciated it more as I got older and rewatched the series (I was pretty young when I first started watching it, so some of the jokes just went right past me, lol).

-Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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How far ahead of time did the writers tell you the truth about why Annyong was really with the Bluths? Was it only before the finale, or did they know much sooner?

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I didn't find out until the day of shooting the season finale, I definitely appreciated it and felt that the role was a compliment. Jessica (Lucille) always put in a good word for me and that I need to be in the season finale, lol. She is a sweet heart.

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Did you do this AMA just to promote your website?

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No, I'm doing this for a limited time as way to connect with my fans. I appreciate their support and figured the least I could do is offer some of my time back answering questions to show my gratitude.

Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee

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What was it like working with Michael cera?

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Awesome!! He is one of the nicest guys ever and I was always comfortable working with him or just chit chatting.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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Dude. I have a tattoo on my arm that says Annyong in Korean.

Here's a picture.


I love Arrested Development and this is how I wanted to commemorate it on my body!


GODDAMMIT! I just realized this was 14 hours ago. FUCK! You'll never see it!!!

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Hahah, that's hilarious!!!

-Justin Lee

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Do you have any idea if Netflix is open to bringing back other cancelled-too-early shows, or if what they're doing with Arrested Development is a one-shot deal?

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I'm not sure, but I definitely wouldn't be surprised. Web content is the way!!!

-Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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Will you have your revenge?

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That I'm sorry to say is a question I can not answer. But thank you for your question.

-Justin Lee

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Justin, I love your onscreen battles with Tony Hale. I'd really like to see the two of you in a buddy cop movie. No question -- just wanted to put that out there.

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Thank you I appreciate all the support and I think that's a fun movie idea.

-Justin Lee

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Hi Justin, I've been rewatching Arrested Development on Netflix today to be prepared for the new season and just saw that you were doing an AMA! Just wanted to say hi and thank you for the work you've done :)

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Thank you for all the support, it means a great deal to me, and I really appreciate it.

-Justin Lee

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What happened to your character? You just sort of disappeared for a while and were referenced as well, but there was a point where you just were gone and there wasn't really an explanation. What's up with that?

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All I can say is that it was the writers decision and what he thought would work best with telling the story or setting things up for story.

Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee

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Thank you very much, you're support and kind words are greatly appreciated!!

-Justin Lee

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This is a dream come true. Thank you for doing this!

Who made you laugh the most on set, and why do I love Jeffery Tambour so much?

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You're very welcome. Everyone made me laugh on set for different reasons, but I shared the more laughs with Tony (Buster), probably because we had more scenes together. My guess, because Jeffery Tambour brings this sense of charm to his character and you can't help, but love him regardless of the choices "George Sr." makes.

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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Hello! What was your favourite aspect of working with the cast of AD? Any cool stories?

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Working with the whole cast and crew, especially Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard. They are all amazing to work with.

Thanks, -Justin Lee http://OneWarmNight.com

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Where can I get one of those sweet haircuts?

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Haha, you grown your hair out. Take a bowl and put it over your head. Then cut the hair around the edge of the bowl. Viola - You have a bowl cut:)

Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee

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I would work with any one of them on any day of the year. They are all amazing people and very talented. I don't normally do this, but I really can't pick.

Thanks for you question, -Justin Lee