echa73227 karma

Jonathan and Andy - I don't have a question, but I wanted to tell you that my boys and I have watched Deadliest Catch every season. You have helped instill in my boys (now 17 and 13) that every job is worth doing, and that there is no sin in leaving home clean and coming home dirty (admittedly, with some help from Mike Rowe too). Stay safe out there!

TheHillstrands158 karma

Andy,John- Thanks a bunch

TheHillstrands218 karma

WE're on the chat:

Peglegmoney_Jenkins190 karma

Best ship prank?

TheHillstrands518 karma

Jonathan - The truck on Phil's boat. We tied a truck to his buoy line. He thought it was a crab pot, but he pulled up a truck!

ClaudioRules188 karma

Hi Jonathan and Andy! Have you ever said to yourselves This Catch is simply just too Deadly!?

TheHillstrands199 karma

John-a few times

horse_you_rode_in_on180 karma

If you had to fight one hundred crab-sized Sigs or one Sig-sized crab, which would you choose?

TheHillstrands346 karma

John-I'll fight either one

BandGwith175 karma

Do you guys regularly eat crab?

TheHillstrands270 karma

John- who wouldn't

Teek23171 karma

Is having the camera crew on board more of a hindrance to work, or do you all put them to work every now and then too!?

TheHillstrands253 karma

JOnathan - no, they have a really hard job to do keeping up with us! Trying to get a story out of a non-scripted show.

theextramiles167 karma

Have you guys been to any industry parties where you feel really out of place because, well, you're the fucking Deadliest Catch cast?

TheHillstrands221 karma

Andy- Yes it's weird seeing the famous people you see on tv or the movies

TheHillstrands190 karma

John- everyones been pretty nice

TheHillstrands161 karma

An all new episode of Deadliest Catch begins tonight at 9 PM on Discovery Channel. Ask anything!

TheHillstrands145 karma

UPDATE: We're taking turns answering your questions

JustUs3K130 karma

Now that Josh has been able to tell everyone he bought the CM can you tell us if he has been coming to you guys for advice and if so about what.

TheHillstrands170 karma

Andy- Yes josh has asked for alot of advice and we help him anyway we can.

dltra121 karma

If you could 'borrow' a crew member from another boat, who would it be and why?

TheHillstrands217 karma

Jonathan - Wow, that's a tough one. If I stole one off every boat it would be.. Dream team...

  1. Freddie 2 Edgar
  2. Jake Anderson
  3. Crosby

fern24491 karma

What is the biggest difference you've noticed in the filming process of Deadliest Catch since you started in Season 2? The biggest difference in crab fishing since season 2, asides from the dropping quota?

TheHillstrands125 karma

-john go pros and high def theres not much they dont catch now days

crabby189 karma

Do you guys still have the hot tub on the TB?

TheHillstrands204 karma

Andy- No a crane fell on it and smashed it

fragem87 karma

What's your favorite midnight snack while working?

TheHillstrands153 karma


jeb93677 karma

How bad as the influx of greenhorns been since the popularity of the show? Has there been increased competition from random people buying boats thinking they will make it big?

TheHillstrands130 karma

John- there's been greenhorns since the first crabpot got pulled.

nexus_ssg72 karma

I love the show. What's the hardest part about the job? I can't imagine ever doing what you guys do. Props, and keep it up.

TheHillstrands104 karma

John- Everything about the job is hard thanks for the props.

Tangential_Comment72 karma

John and Andy, about how much per season do you guys spend on fireworks? I was just watching the episode where you guys talk about the history of your dad and The Time Bandit, it was great seeing you guys light them all off in honor of your dad!

TheHillstrands122 karma

Andy- Spend lots on fireworks, love to light fireworks.

Larry_Sellers_Hmwrk69 karma

What age do you plan on retiring? Who is in line to inherit the Time Bandit?

TheHillstrands108 karma

Andy-We look at all options like anyone else but just will keep crabbing for now.

sisterleonella63 karma

What are your plans for after you retire from crab fishing? (but please don't, I love you both)

TheHillstrands129 karma

Jonathan - Find a nice place to winter. And fish salmon in the summer.

graffiti8163 karma

How is the health of the fishery? Are the quotas directly related to that health and does the quota system actually make sense?

TheHillstrands108 karma

Andy- The fisheries are the most managed fisheries in the world for sustainability. The qoutas are based on the stock size of legal males.

Dakkonfire62 karma

Does anything get cut from the show that you just don't want shown?

TheHillstrands127 karma

john we wish haha

Firespray60 karma

How are the Harris brothers doing now?

TheHillstrands77 karma

john another damn good question

CaptWendi51 karma

Watching you on the show is always fun. Really enjoyed the Time Bandit special not only for the info on the vessel and your family but because it really showed other sides of both of you. Fair winds and big catches to you from the Gulf coast.

TheHillstrands54 karma

Andy- Thank you very much

KennetaD47 karma

Have things calmed down between you two and Keith/Monte of the Wizard

TheHillstrands64 karma

john- yeah can't go around being mad at each other like we said before leave it at the beach.

TheHillstrands57 karma

Andy-All good

chipguy3245 karma

Can you comment on the stories that Discovery chops the footage to make things look worse than it actually is? Im not supporting these claims, but it seems to come up in discussions about Deadliest Catch alot.

TheHillstrands95 karma

john- Probably somebody who's never been on a boat in their life. I think it's worse than they can show sometimes

brewcrew7045 karma

Do you guys work only on the crab boats or have another job?

TheHillstrands96 karma

Andy-owning a crab boat is a full time job.

whstableboy42 karma

As catchers of many types of crab and fish, what is your favorite type of seafood to eat? Do you prefer it cooked in any particular style?

TheHillstrands80 karma

Andy- I like halibut alot

TheHillstrands69 karma

john-any kind of seafood is great but prawns are one of my favorites.

mikefromengland38 karma

Hi guys, big fan, one of a small number in the UK I'd bet.

What do you think Deadliest Catch has that has allowed it to succeed where a lot of similar shows have failed? There's a relatively small number of TV shows that make it anywhere near 9 seasons.

TheHillstrands87 karma

Andy- Only around cause of all you guys watching

marauderhex36 karma

To John, What was worse: Cracking the ribs on the bull ride or on the motorcycle drop?

TheHillstrands72 karma

john punctured lung on bull

kathyyoho36 karma

• What’s Capt. Andy’s average run mile time?

• Worst practical joke ever played on each other (either)?

• Did you inhale (either)?

• Biggest lie you have ever told?

TheHillstrands160 karma

My fastest average run time is never I walk.

TheHillstrands112 karma

me and Bill Clinton smoked once but we did not inhale (John)

TheHillstrands92 karma

Worst practical joke was Guys on Northwestern put dirty underware in our pot.

TheHillstrands57 karma

I never broke the window when i was 5 ( John) Don't have much use for liars.

Toadmaster35 karma

Who of the other captains on the show do enjoy spending the most time with?

TheHillstrands71 karma

john - Andy

yeeeeeehaaaw31 karma

I don't recall what episode or season it was but I remember that you guys were stressed out or something and just brought out some AR's and started shooting shit.

Is there any legitimate reason to have rifles on-board? Pirates? Greenpeace? Or just for the sake of being 'Murican'!

TheHillstrands114 karma

Andy- The reason we have guns onboard is if the boat ever sank and you were shipwrecked you'd need a gun to survive.

cyberbillygoat25 karma

On average.. How many hours of sleep, would you say, that your crew gets of sleep?

TheHillstrands42 karma

john not much 4 hrs at one shot if your lucky

crabby124 karma

Have either of you read Josh and Jakes book on their dad? If so, what did you think of it?

TheHillstrands69 karma

havent read it yet.might be hard to read that

jarsonic23 karma

It seems like, with reduced quotas, boat repairs, etc., it gets more and more difficult to break even, much less make a profit, catching Alaskan crab. Where do you see the industry / fleet in 10 years? Will it just be a few huge boats who have purchased all the quotas from other boats, or do you see things easing up a bit for the boat owners / operators?

TheHillstrands70 karma

Andy- wow that's a whole bunch of questions for a crabber to type. We'll be just fine

Lindell8222 karma

Andy- what was the meanest prank you ever pulled on John?

John- What was the meanest prank you pulled on Andy?

TheHillstrands41 karma

Andy- wasn't a mean one but john blew a seal bomb up when i was cleaning windows and i lit a seal bomb in a frying pan in the wheelhouse to get him back.

bcabano31221 karma

What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?

TheHillstrands64 karma

john halibut 545 dresssed

USMC8120 karma

Where either of you guys in the military or has it always been on a boat?

TheHillstrands52 karma

Andy- I thought about joining the Marines but the Fishing got me first

disconinja12720 karma

Will you guys be back in Kodiak any time soon?

TheHillstrands38 karma

Andy- not too sure boats working all the time to pay the bills.

jarsonic19 karma

What are the things you most want to pass on to your kids and the future Hillstrands once y'all are gone? What do you want your legacy to be?

TheHillstrands60 karma

John- work hard and be honest

Danny83118 karma

Hey Guys, I heard the rumor, that Andy is gone from the Boat, is that True?

TheHillstrands89 karma

Andy- I'm right here that's why they call them rumors.

baitshopboy17 karma

Other than crab fishing, what other types of fishing do you enjoy in your spare time?

TheHillstrands32 karma

John- Any type of fishing love it all.

Maxisepic17 karma

What is the average overhead cost for the boat for a season?

TheHillstrands30 karma

Andy- Can vary so much based on how long it takes to catch them

Wmdalford16 karma

What is the longest you have been on the water for one period of time?

TheHillstrands25 karma

Andy- 3 months

TheHillstrands26 karma

john 6 months

JeepMcMuddy16 karma

First things first, I'd love another Catch-Con in Seattle!! Secondly, do either of you play any Video Games in your off/down time?

TheHillstrands31 karma

John- i don't like video games Andy does though

crabby116 karma

Johnathan will you be coming to Virginia Beach VA this year?
It would be a great place to promote your books and the classic car shows here are awesome, would love to see your 55 chevy!!!

TheHillstrands26 karma

John- would love to but will have to see

Lindell8215 karma

Being that you guys have the HARDEST jobs EVER... if you could have gone in a different direction (career wise) what would you have picked? (Either)

TheHillstrands85 karma

john- President of the United States

jmartin70415 karma

Is your crew as high strung as you guys are?

TheHillstrands39 karma

john everyone is like they are on the show

TwinClover14 karma

How is it working as brothers? You see Sig and Edgar have some problems but you guys always seem good. Do you find it puts a strain on your relationship?

TheHillstrands28 karma

Andy- we do fine but that's because we've grown up running boats for ourselves or different people. Everyone argues though

G3514 karma

What do you do when you're not on the boat?

TheHillstrands51 karma

same stuff as everyone else.except everyday is saturday


Andy why are you so hard on Scotty?

TheHillstrands40 karma

Andy- Don't think i am what some people see as hard others see as love keep watching the show.

whats_a_kimball14 karma

how much alcohol do you bring on board before you hit the seas

TheHillstrands61 karma

Andy- None

je7ome12 karma

Hey, guys. I mainly encountered you in Tucker Max's book, though I love what I've seen of Deadliest Catch. How did you feel about partying with him/his portrayal of you? Accurate, or did he fuck it up?

TheHillstrands35 karma

john light weight haha

mastermeat1412 karma

what do you guys do with your spare time when you aren't out catching crab?

TheHillstrands30 karma

answer is same things as everyone else.but everyday is saturday john

hoislady10 karma

I just want to say my husband and I are huge fans of you and you brother, and close second are the Hansen brothers. We religiously watch every Tuesday for the new episodes.

TheHillstrands21 karma

Andy,John- Thanks very much

jarsonic9 karma

What does the Time Bandit do for its summer / off-season tenders? Can you tell us what life on the Time Bandit looks like / what y'all are doing on the boat from season to season over the course of the year?

TheHillstrands21 karma

John- The boat working all the time not really any down time.

sugarplum4209 karma

  • When do the crew get to eat, sleep, etc?
  • What is a typical day schedule-wise while crab-fishing?
  • How are chores set?
  • What is your favorite prank on others?

TheHillstrands19 karma

Andy- Never sleep 24-7 everyone works

bigdubb24918 karma

How much of what you guys do is legit or just showboating for the series. e.g. the lighting of the last hook, firing off fireworks etc.

How was the production crew effected by the loss of Phil?

How prevalent is drug abuse in that industry?

TheHillstrands19 karma

Sigs always bit herring and lit the hook and we've always loved fireworks

wolfzr28 karma

Do you guys see the crab fishery surviving in it's current state beyond the next 5 years? Would it ever return to derby fishing vs quota? Could it be fished out?

TheHillstrands26 karma

Andy- Fisheries have cycles like anything else in life of course it will survive unless a giant meteor takes us all out.

david-me8 karma

I love you guys. I feel like I know you! I heard somewhere that you guys were gonna have your own show. What can you tell us about that.

TheHillstrands25 karma

john ?

PhilGarber7 karma

Will you be at the Morris Community Theater this Friday?

TheHillstrands15 karma

john where's that at

latiena836 karma

Hi guys, we come from germany and we see the show from the beginning. we are very big fans of the time bandit and the cornelia. we don´t have any question, but we want to say you made a very good job and all of the guys are soooo cool. very good luck for the next seasons. greetings from CUXHAVEN/Germany

TheHillstrands8 karma

Andy- Thanks Danke

shaysch6 karma

Jonathan and Andy, I would like to thank you for the many hours of entertainment. My husband son and middle daughter get so into your show especial when your boat is on. I crack up watching them. Thanks so much for the memories you have given them. If ever need a deck hand I’ll send you my husband and son ;0) Shay

TheHillstrands19 karma

John,Andy Thanks alot we had a good time answering all the questions here today. Going on Conan Tonight on TBS at 11EST Make sure too catch the new episode of deadliest catch tonight on Discovery.

Wmdalford6 karma

What is the biggest crab you have ever caught? And what is the weirdest thing you have caught by accident? Thanks for the AMA! Huge Fan Love the show!

TheHillstrands17 karma

Andy- !6 inches across the shell so about 16 pounds

Wmdalford4 karma

Hey guys big fan! Do people recognize you a lot in public now? Thanks!

TheHillstrands7 karma


TheHillstrands6 karma

Andy- Sometimes people recognize you sometimes not

GaperMaker242 karma

How far apart do you usually set the pots and how much time does it take to get to them? How long should it take a good crew to pull a pot, get the crab out, rebait, send it back down, and then sort the crab? I don't think the show has ever explained how this all works. Thanks

TheHillstrands2 karma

Andy- That's a whole other story for another time It all varies and would take to long to explain.

Sicks662 karma

So Andy, heard you were from Indiana. Do you remember living in Gaston? My mother says you rented from My Great Grandmother.

TheHillstrands4 karma

Andy-No not from there and never rented sorry about your confusion