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Respect. That is all

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What is your response to all the critical reports about the movie being inaccurate

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Can you comment on the stories that Discovery chops the footage to make things look worse than it actually is? Im not supporting these claims, but it seems to come up in discussions about Deadliest Catch alot.

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I was in a Union for one year, I paid my dues weekly. When my company laid me off, the Union sat on their hands and did nothing. I violated none of the rules, and I did everything I was supposed to do. Any insight on why the union was cool with taking my money, but not protecting me?

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I worked for Wonder Bread at the time. It was during their first round of major layoffs. When I was convinced to join the Union, I was assured I would be taken care of and they would fight to keep my job. Being 22 and stupid, I agreed. It cost me like $40 a week for nothing basically. When I got the news of the layoff, the shop steward didnt bother responding to me when I sought assistance.