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vetro61 karma

Peter, does Big Mac play any big roles in Season 4? Perhaps maybe another episode for himself like Hearts and Hooves Day?

dogman1551 karma

I don't think he can answer that. He'll only report that he recently spotted a moose.

RealPeterNew66 karma

Correct. Moose are usually suddenly in evidence when I'm asked about things I may or may not know that may or may not be a spoiler. That stuff's off the table, alas.

dogman1529 karma

Serious question: Have you ever actually seen a real moose, and how close was it?

RealPeterNew53 karma

Several, at varying distances. Once too close for comfort.

Not_a_blimp52 karma


RealPeterNew79 karma

One of the greats! How fun to take a normally monosyllabic character and Schmoopy doopy puddin pony pie with him. Super!

titanisiam31 karma

Thoughts on re-vamping the Star Wars franchise?

Is it better to burn out or fade away?

RealPeterNew72 karma

Without me in it, it's sort of pointless, don't you think?

Vrilix27 karma

This question is for Peter New; How do you feel about the way that some of the fans of My Litlle Pony, can make a parody of the show and basicly turn everything upside down?

RealPeterNew59 karma

One of the things I love about the fans is their depthless creativity. If that manifests as parody I think that's as marvellous as if that manifests as trinket-making. Brony on!

IAmArique26 karma

Why are you two so awesome?

PatrickGilmore73 karma

I took a class.

RealPeterNew88 karma

You still owe me for that, by the way.

JedTheKrampus25 karma

Peter: What are the chances that we're going to get a Big Mac song in season 4?

RealPeterNew88 karma

The chances are --LOOK A MOOSE!

clairec00724 karma

What was your favourite TV show as kids? And now?

RealPeterNew36 karma

As a kid? The Dukes of Hazzard. And now? I realize it was terrible.

Kusanagi2k523 karma

Also, verification for anyone concerned:


RealPeterNew27 karma

Can we get patrick verified too, please so he can be more active in the conversation please? https://twitter.com/PatrickGilmore

564080222 karma

To Peter: How did you get involved in My Little Pony and who was your favorite character to voice act?

RealPeterNew45 karma

Pretty unglamourously, actually. I was sent for an audition - pretty routine - and was lucky enough to book it.

My favourite character to voice act was probably DeSanctis the chicken from Dreamkix. Or Mary Francis the pig from Littlest Pet Shop. But my favourite Pony to voice is Big Macintosh, without a doubt.

RealPeterNew21 karma

We're going to wrap it up now everyone! Thanks for all your great questions. If you enjoyed this (or if you've been trying to spam this with hatred - whichever) go to www.cinecoup.com/alienabduction and vote for us to win a million bucks! Up to 40 votes each! See ya!

warriorkime21 karma

hey Peter and Patrick, i didn't know you worked on Stargate (peter) until you posted about it on your facebook, what was it like working on such a well known and big show like Stargate? and Patrick any idea if Stargate will ever come back? they left Universe on such a bad cliffhanger. Thanks!

PatrickGilmore38 karma

Stargate will be back. It's an intellectual property that has a potential for making $. So, one day they';; dust it off and revamp it like Star Wars and Star Trek. I have a feeling SGU will never be seen again, unless a Netflix kickstarter campaign starts.

RealPeterNew38 karma

I'm hoping for Stargate: Space Corn Addict, because that's what I played before and so I think my shot at the lead is pretty strong.

YupTDO20 karma

Hey guys,

What drew you both into making this film, and what do you hope to accomplish with it? (besides a million dollars.)

Also, for Peter: Pony Pony Pony.

RealPeterNew32 karma

I'd worked with Matty and Mikey Granger before, and they're a hoot to be on set with. So it was a no-brainer. When they asked me I said yes.

And also: Eeyup Eeyup Eeyup

Megdadragon18 karma

How many times have you had to say shmoopy doo since the episode came out?

RealPeterNew26 karma


Weatherhoof15 karma

For the case you receive the 1 million syrup-flavoured CAN$, would you also show the movie at international film festivals or just in North America?

RealPeterNew17 karma

I think the hope would be to fire it around the whole world, as well as screen it on Flaarnax, where my character is allegedly from.

dogman156 karma

Are both you and Patrick on the same computer?

RealPeterNew12 karma


Though now I'd like to see some fan-art of the two of us giddily sitting at a single laptop.

luvurwork14 karma

Patrick, is there anything you would refuse to do as part of a role?

PatrickGilmore36 karma


RealPeterNew64 karma


kushisama14 karma

The question to Peter: Who came up with that Big Mac says "Eeyup"?

RealPeterNew31 karma

Lauren Faust.

Tizy13 karma

Peter, one very simple question:

Brohoof? /)

RealPeterNew22 karma


The_Velour_Fog13 karma

Did Big Jim get the Big Mac painting to you after Everfree?

RealPeterNew15 karma

I'm not sure. I'd have to be reminded what it looked like.

Dyronkus12 karma

Do you have any comments on Bronies?

RealPeterNew35 karma

They're among the kindest, most generous people I've ever met.

Giant_Hat12 karma

Who are you and what have you done with Peter Old?!

RealPeterNew19 karma

You've got it backwards. I'm gradually becoming him.

jakielim12 karma

Hi Peter! Good to see you here.

  1. How did you get to work with the Granger Brothers in Alien Abduction?

  2. How will the film be expanded / improved if Alien Abduction wins the Cinecoup?

  3. Who came up with 'I'm a Pretty Pony' image macro?

  4. Who is your favorite MLP/LPS staff member?

  5. How does the recording session for MLP/LPS usually go? Lots of joking around?

  6. Any plans for Big Mac songs in season 4?

  7. Just discovered through Wikipedia that your father was a poet! How's he like, and did he being a poet affect your life in any ways?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

RealPeterNew17 karma

  1. I'd worked with them before and had a blast, so said yes without hesitation.
  2. It will be feature length, shot with a professional crew and expanded equipment pack, and be awesome.
  3. I was experimenting with meme generator, had the picture, stuck the silly background on it and then realized I had no idea what to say. So I put it out to the Bronyverse and blammo. I'm a Pretty Pony came back.
  4. Why would you make me CHOOSE! Too many awesome people to pick from, so I'll say... me.
  5. Always a super good time. I have made a mental note to tell you all a story about my stomach after season 4 airs.
  6. The Moose is a beautiful animal, sometimes measuring six feet at the shoulder!
  7. My dad was a professor of Canadian and Commonwealth Literature at UBC while I was growing up, and didn't come to be a poet until he was in his 50's, and I was around 20. So it's not affected me in any formative way. But certainly an appreciation for words and language was instilled in me at a very young age.

Sylverstone1412 karma

Of all the MLP conventions you've attended, which one was the best?

Also, do you go moose sighting with Tabitha St. Germain on occasion?

RealPeterNew14 karma

Each of them - even Unicon - has a fond place in my heart, but I'll single out two that your question makes me think about. 1. Bronycon 2012 because it was my first and it was so overwhelming and magical. And Canterlot Gardens, because Ohioans know how to have a ripper of a party.

Screw_Loose12 karma

Thoughts on a merging of the Marvel and George Lucas universes? (given that Disney is now overlord of both franchises)

RealPeterNew37 karma

I'm waiting for them to realize they can call it Mucus now.

PendragonDaGreat12 karma

Peter, I understand that you do Shakespeare, what's your favorite role that you have done?

RealPeterNew23 karma

I love that it's gotten around that I "do" Shakespeare. I've "done" Shakespeare, which is different. My favourite role I've done was a guard near the beginning of MacBeth.

PendragonDaGreat5 karma

Fair enough, I was under the (obviously false) impression that you still did.

RealPeterNew9 karma

I -would- but there's honestly not al that much opportunity to do that here, but for the one summer festival, for which I'm often not available. Kyle Rideout (Vinny on LPS) did that festival last summer.

dontuforgetaboutme2311 karma


RealPeterNew19 karma

A) thanks for that. I have it set up to blink a light at me whenever I get Googled.

B) No.

silly_jimmies11 karma

Peter, can you tell us how big this moose you saw was? Any defining characteristics perhaps? And if you could have anything for a pet, what would it be?

RealPeterNew10 karma

I will sometime soon post pictures of my road trip to Halifax and back from 1991. And you will know the fearsomeness of the moose.

Gibstov11 karma

I am a big fan of Big Mac. Peter this question is for you, "Do you still do stand up comedy?"

RealPeterNew12 karma

Not anymore, no. I was never very good at it.

clairec00710 karma

Worse ever audition experience..for both?

RealPeterNew20 karma

I had an abjectly terrible audition for Bard on the Beach, a local Shakespeare festival once. I blanked. Found my lines. Blanked again. And just kept on blanking. It's like being in front of your boss with no pants on. ...I mean... I guess it is.

Kusanagi2k510 karma

Great trailer for Alien Abduction, I'm looking forward to it! You've definitely got my vote!

Question for Patrick: If you could go back and be in the original Stargate movie, which character would you want to be?

Question for Peter: Eeyup? (Also translated to, "How much are you looking forward to season 4 of Friendship is Magic?")

RealPeterNew14 karma

I can't wait!

Dwarflord10 karma

What was your favorite show/movie to work on?

RealPeterNew10 karma

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It was only a day, but I got to work with one of my heroes.

SourChewyGummi10 karma

How did you feel about the .MOV series? Particularly PARTY.MOV. Even more particularly the Big Mac scene?

RealPeterNew15 karma

I don't think I've seen it.

dogman159 karma

Peter: You already have shown that you're a great singer as Sunil Nevla from Littlest Pet Shop. If Big Macintosh was given something to sing, would you want to sing for him, or would you rather someone else did his singing voice? Patrick: Have you done any singing yourself?

RealPeterNew19 karma

Yeah, I would hope that in that event, I'd be the one chosen to do it, for sure. Or-- I mean: Eeyup.

kushisama9 karma

Another question for Peter: What is your favorite song on MLP:FiM?

RealPeterNew24 karma

You haven't heard it yet.

boggykb9 karma

Peter, will any aspect of Equestria Girls spill into S4 of FiM?

RealPeterNew28 karma

Never honk your car horn at a stubborn moose. The animal will sometimes mistake the sound as a territorial challenge and ram the car with its broad antlers, damaging both the animal, and the car.

RealPeterNew20 karma


DessaDessa9 karma

Littlest Pet Shop question: Where did you pick up the Indian accent? Just from "around," or did you know someone with that accent?

RealPeterNew10 karma

I worked with some talented and wonderful folks from Bombay and Delhi when we were all in Uganda in 2011 participating in the Maisha Film Lab. I modelled the accent after them.

Gunner28938 karma

What do you think is the craziest thing you've done as part of your career?

RealPeterNew18 karma

I get asked questions like this: "How would you feel about driving a stagecoach tomorrow?" And I say "Sounds great!" without having any freaking clue how to do it. This one time I dressed in a skin tight blue bodysuit and pretended to be an alien. That was pretty weird.

Danielson5248 karma


RealPeterNew16 karma

So it can fly the day off into the night. Sorry, did I misunderstand the question?

clairec0078 karma

Porn name....i.e. first ever pet name and your mum's maiden name?

RealPeterNew4 karma

Maurice would be my first name.

xiratania7 karma

All good cult alien films have a drinking game. Any suggestions on rules for a drinking game for alien abduction? For example; every time Dave shows someone his bum drink!

PatrickGilmore10 karma

Every time we reference another movie or TV show. I think that may get you pretty drunk.

RealPeterNew11 karma

I was just about to say the same. This means something.

danielguo947 karma

Which hockey team do you guys support?

RealPeterNew9 karma

CANUCKS all the way to the second last final! We riot if we get to the final and that's not ok with me.

IngwazK7 karma

will Alien Abduction be widely available through some service when it's finished?

RealPeterNew9 karma

Go Vote! It may not even get finished unless it wins this contest. Go to cinecoup.ca/alienabduction and you can earn up to 40 or so votes to help us on our way. If we DO make it, however, it's guaranteed a theatrical release in Canada, which my guess is we'd hope to spin into US and INt'l distribution of some kind. Failing that, there's always the YouTubes.

Dwarflord7 karma

Boxers or briefs?

RealPeterNew10 karma

Depends on the day. I go by feel.

Fpmolina6 karma

I didn't even join Reddit for my boyfriend, but I did to ask you questions: how do you like your salsa?

RealPeterNew17 karma

Hotter'n boiling pig fat.

Rob_Saget6 karma

Would either of you be interested in coming on my podcast to nerd out about movies, anime, cartoons and more?

RealPeterNew10 karma


MegaSuperAwesome12146 karma

To Peter, what characters do you play, in all, on MLP? And which is your favorite to play?

dogman1510 karma

Here are nearly all of his voice roles: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Peter-New/

RealPeterNew9 karma

I was just going to share this same link. I loved doing Magnum, and Jet Set and- all of them really. But Big Mac is definitely the fave.

clairec0076 karma

Been watching Continuum as there is no SGU :( and my fav current question is if you both had the chance to go though a Stargate to another planet or use a Time machine, which would you chose and why?

RealPeterNew7 karma

I'd go to Mars. Perhaps a dull answer, I know. But it's the new frontier and there's nowhere more exciting. Plus I hear the club scene there is off the HOOK!

PCsNBaseball6 karma

My dad's name is Patrick Gilmore.

Are you my daddy?

RealPeterNew11 karma

No. My name is Peter New.

Crombinator6 karma

My question is for Patrick. When am I allowed to tell people this is my true story? I mean my name is Dave, an alien probing did untold damage to my anus, and my secret plan saved the world! And a comment for Peter. You are very believable as the alien, I actually had flashbacks to the real events when I saw you. Are you sure you aren't really my alien abductor? Damn.., I guess that was a comment AND a question.

RealPeterNew8 karma

I cannot confirm nor deny anything.

Crombinator6 karma

Hodor? Hodor!

RealPeterNew10 karma

Good for you.

neku2336 karma

What has been your favorite role and also what do you guys do in your free time

RealPeterNew9 karma

It's so hard to pick a favourite. Kevin the Bald Wolfman was super fun. But so is Sunil. But they're both so utterly, totally different that it would be impossible to choose.

aemantaslim6 karma

What do you think you will be if you both aren't actors?

RealPeterNew11 karma

I'd be interested in climate study.

delynn6 karma

Patrick, can you talk a little more about DADS? Is it a pilot as in we will get to see more? Because I can't see it fitting in on TV very well. But I would like to see more! Too many parenthood-themed shows gloss over the messier parts of parenting! http://youtu.be/wLOMWbxPsqE

PatrickGilmore6 karma

It's like Alien Abduction. If it gets enough support, it'll get made. There are scripts. The plan is to be on TV. Would love to have it go further. Thanks for watching it. :)

RealPeterNew8 karma

I should add here, that my character appears in episode 2. Which won't ever get made unless it gets the support. So please go watch it. Please?

Vmoney13375 karma

Just wondering, what can you tell us about what happened with the ending of season 3.

RealPeterNew8 karma

Not a whole lot. I wasn't there, and they stopped consulting me on the show's overall direction back when there was still no internet.

xiratania5 karma

A question for both of you. What clip from the Alien Abduction trailers is your favorite? Is there one moment that always makes you laugh?

RealPeterNew3 karma

'What are you doing dave' always makes me laugh. And when Patrick empties the beer on the floor while I look on perplexed is a hoot for me.

INebelung5 karma

What was the transition like from SGU to My little Pony? I normally don't like Scifi but I loved SGU

PatrickGilmore4 karma

Thrilled that you liked SGU...I've never done My Little Pony. Peter?

RealPeterNew8 karma

I've never done SGU. I did SG1 once, for an afternoon in an episode that Peter DeLuise may or may not have called "Worst Episode Ever" after I reminded him which one I'd worked with him on.

RealPeterNew7 karma

Oh: and the transition was... well there really wasn't one. The two types of work are quite different, despite both being 'acting.' You approach each part independently and bring to it whatever you need to to represent it in the way you think is fittest. I guess what I'm saying is: I wasn't thinking about Stargate when I auditioned for Pony.

canadagraphs5 karma

First, great that you guys are doing this.

For Both - When would you guys expect to start production on Alien Abduction, the trailer makes me want to see it badly already.

For Patrick - I loved you in The Killing. Sad they didnt bring you in for any Season 2 episodes. Did you know in Season 1 they werent bringing you back?

For Peter - You've guest starred in almost every favorite Vancouver show of mine (Psych, Dead Like Me, Robson Arms, Fringe just to name a few) . Whats been your favorite guest star spot?

Also, can 1 or both of you put some pressure on Aaron Houston to get SUNFLOWER HOUR out on DVD for the love of god. Impatiently waiting here.

RealPeterNew9 karma

Thanks! I think we'll be shooting this summer if we win. My fave guest character of the ones you mention is Paul from Robson Arms. I had a running joke with the producer Susin Nielsen, that Paul was a liar (as in his first appearance) and that all his subsequent jobs were just him acting out his lies. I can tell you I was hoping for more seasons of that show, alas.

Fpmolina4 karma

Would you go into space in on a rocket, or would you hold out for inertial dampners?

RealPeterNew9 karma

I'd hold out for the dampeners, obviously. Unless of course someone said to me, "hey Peter would you like to actually go into space," in which case rocket because HELL YES I WOULD.

xiratania4 karma

Peter New, I love your alien costume, especially the head piece. How comfortable were you in the blue makeup and spandex? Any wardrobe malfunctions?

RealPeterNew7 karma

Pretty comfy, actually. That suit was made to order (the only thing I've ever had tailored now that I think of it- weird). We broke one of the detachable head-sticks near the end of the shoot, and one of the zippers on the back of the boots broke, which meant I was in safety pins for a few hours, but beyond that it was stellar and made me feel quite sexy, to be honest with you. I think when one is so bizarre-looking, one makes a subconscious decision to go all in. The blue makeup was a pain, though, because you have to use a straw for everything.

dogman153 karma

What do they do with the straw?

RealPeterNew5 karma

Well, they encase it in amber and preserve it so future generations can worship it, of course.

Screw_Loose4 karma

What are you looking forward to, in the newer seasons of the show your in. OR what would be the one show you would love to be a part of?

PatrickGilmore4 karma

I'm looking forward to Breaking Bad! You just know it's not going to be a happy ending. I'd love to show up, even for one line in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

RealPeterNew8 karma

I'm looking forward to all the bits that I can't tell you a shred about yet. If I could be in anything it would be Arrested Development. Yes please.

PlutoNightwalker3 karma

As a Vancouverite myself, I would like to know some of your favourite things to do here.

RealPeterNew4 karma

Vancouver is such a great city for restaurants and outdoorsery. I love to combine the two with eating and drinking on patios. In the winter I pine for when I can get back outside.

wanderingbishop3 karma

Question for Patrick and/or Peter: You're quite well known for your roles in SGU and MLP:FiM... however, are there any roles you've played (live-action or voice-acting) that you feel didn't get a chance to shine? Ones that you were pleased with the work you did on them, but which, due to obscurity, no-one ever brings up?

RealPeterNew3 karma

Ha! Most of them, to be honest.

TwilightShadow13 karma

How did you guys get your feet in the door for your careers?

RealPeterNew11 karma

Theatre and Sketch Comedy. I'd still be doing it if it paid- wait. What did Patrick say to this?

clairec0073 karma

Did either of you do the Grouse Grind and if yes, how long did it take?

RealPeterNew4 karma

Never done it. But I did the Chief once, which is almost as steep and way prettier and less crowded. Also: you have to walk back down, there's no gondola. And if you want beer at the top, you have to cart it up there.

AlmightyMexican3 karma

To Peter: Do you ever get tired of being asked the same questions at every pony con?

To Patrick: I don't know you, but I would like to change that with this project. It looks very interesting, but is there any way to help out without having to have a facebook account?

Also, a little advice: Redditors are typically lazy so it would probably help if you guys fixed your link: http://cinecoup.ca/alienabduction

RealPeterNew4 karma

No I don't. I try to answer every question anew. Sometimes it makes the answer wildly different and possibly a complete contradiction to some answer I may have given previously, but I'd rather have it that way than rehearsing a pat answer and regurgitating a practiced response.

Also: the link seems to be working perfectly.

diceblock3 karma

What question have you always wanted to be asked, but never were?

RealPeterNew15 karma

This one.

VicCee3 karma

How do you feel about the "Brony" fanbase? The internet and pop culture entirely seems to have acquired a "love-hate" relationship with them, and I was wondering what thoughts you had on this occasionally controversial fanbase?

RealPeterNew5 karma

Like anyone who finds Bronies before they watch Ponies, I initially found the notion of them to be curious. I wondered: i thought, "at they very least they must be approaching this show with irony." But the overwhelming reality is that they're by and large extraordinarily kind-hearted, generous, and loving individuals, who as a group also happen to be hugely creative. My conclusion, then, is that any 'controversy' that exists about this group exists only in the minds of the uninitiated. I question which is more perverse: those who find joy in something colourful and admittedly girlish, or those who find glee in being anonymously cruel.

ZenLikeCalm3 karma

Do you ever forget to take your hat when you go out?

RealPeterNew4 karma


OMGitsDSypl1 karma

Two Questions for Peter:

  1. Is there any lines for Big Mac you would want to do, but haven't gotten to yet?

  2. Who do you think Big Mac's R63(genderswap) voice actor would be?

RealPeterNew3 karma

  1. Speaking only of lines to the end of season three, and without insinuating anything about lines I may or may not have had in season four, I'd love to say Maybe.

  2. Andrea Libman.

Dragonfire131 karma

What, would you say, has been the greatest influence in helping you to become an actor?

RealPeterNew3 karma

All the sketch comedy troupes of my youth: Python, the Frantics, SCTV, SNL, Kids in The Hall.