Thanks for your questions im out this thread is way to large for me thank you :).

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Its not really tribes In canada. Its nations. There are 6 of them, oneida, mohawk, cayuga, tuscarora, seneca, and onadaga. I am mohawk we also have a number of clans. I am mohawk turtle.

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Canada? Sounds very upstate new Yorkish. We spell it Onondaga.

obscurenaledge114 karma

Lol it kind of is and you are right its spelt Onondaga my bad lol

pteroso58 karma

My father is a judge for a Native American nation. ;).

obscurenaledge139 karma

Lol good.

motionless1988 karma

Where does Ojibwe fall under here ?

obscurenaledge169 karma

There is a ojibwe reserve on my reserve. But they come from up north in canada I should of been clear in the area I am in there are the 6 nations. All around canada more up north are different aboroginals

pteroso3 karma

Is that the Alwesasne reservation? How close to the USA are you?

obscurenaledge2 karma

Awkwesasne lol the closest border would be niagra falls or buffalo. So 45 minutes to a hour

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What was it like killing Jack Nicholson, breaking a window with a water fountain, and running off into the sunset?

obscurenaledge566 karma

Well see me and jack go way back. So for me it was crazy. As for the window I had to pay for it. And as for the sunset it was beautiful that day.

GaikokuJohn145 karma

So majestic.

obscurenaledge554 karma

Yes you are. Remember that..

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Question: Why do you downvote your own comments? Almost every single comment from you, you have zero upvotes.

EDIT: Well, obviously he doesn't have 0 upvotes anymore.

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Lol me myself I feel that is kind of loathing and bein cocky about what I said. I'd rather see upvotes come from elsewhere.

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I listened to a recent This American Life segment about people/families being kicked out of tribes, primarily due to financial reasons. Has this happened at all in your tribe? Do you have an opinion about it?

related link:

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No that's america.

obscurenaledge184 karma

I think that is kind of wrong to do. But on my reserve this doesn't happen.

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What are some stereotypes that drive you crazy, because of how untrue they are?

obscurenaledge338 karma

Around where I'm from its stealing vehicles. Some people do steal them where I'm from but white people from surrounding communities are the ones to say things about it.

anxietyslayer117 karma

Have racist people ever done or said anything to you?

obscurenaledge250 karma

No I ain't being tough but they know better.

anxietyslayer130 karma

Hope it stays that way. Thanks for answering!

obscurenaledge587 karma

You're beautiful thank you.

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The stereotype of alcoholism on the reservation I feel runs quite strongly whenever the topic of Native Americans comes up. Is the problem of alcoholism on the rez as bad as people make it out to be?

obscurenaledge425 karma

Of course this comes up. On my reserve there are natives that have no goals yes and are bums who drink all the time. But I personally have no alcoholic family members. I personally don't drink myself. But alcohol is a problem.

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Can you give us a run through of a normal day on a reservation? I'm just curious as to how much different things really are between a reserve and an average town. I'm from Michigan and I've always been interested in Native American culture.

obscurenaledge244 karma

A normal day isnt really normal for me. I work nights lol. But its like any other small communties. Wake up bake up go to work come home and do it again ya know.

mtreef2101 karma

right on. Speaking of 'bake up' what are the rules on weed/marijuana on a reservation?

obscurenaledge187 karma

Its illegal lol if your caught its the same as anywhere else.

aussum_possum69 karma

Is it any more accepted/unaccepted on the reservation than it is in another places?

obscurenaledge129 karma

No lol if you get caught your done.

engrishosophy99 karma

Sorry to be the one to ask, but can you provide any proof? :)

That aside, is there anything you'd like Reddit to know (ie. misconceptions, cool facts, etc).

obscurenaledge95 karma

Working on the proof right now sir lol, how do I put A pic up lol

UpbeatMelon92 karma

How old are you?

What do you do in your spare time?

Do you have spare time?

What can you tell us about yourself and your way of life that we will most likely not even think to ask you?

What does being a mohawk turtle mean?

Is that your status in your nation? Do you change from a turtle to something else. or are you always a turtle?

obscurenaledge297 karma

I am 20 years old, in my spare time I mostly get high off weed only and life. I love playing basketball also.

obscurenaledge107 karma

You go by your mother and you can't change who you are so whatever your mother is you are. I'd have to say even though alot of people may think that were poverished . A good number of us are well off, even some millionaires on my reserve.

obscurenaledge89 karma

And mohawk turtle is just a nation and clan just shows what you are. Being this really doesn't mean you have to do anything because of it. Its just who you are.

Rediculous239863 karma

Do you have a feather bank like US tribes?

obscurenaledge41 karma

No we do not.

xxmiss82xx62 karma

I'm transgender myself and am intrigued to know how gender variance exists in different societies. I know there are 'Two-Spirit' people but wasn't sure whether they exist / are accepted across all Native American cultures. Does your reservation accept such people? Do they have any other name? Either way how are they viewed? Wishing you well from the UK :P

obscurenaledge144 karma

I can only talk on behalf of my culture not others. But yes anything you are will be generally accepted and loved. We love you for who you are not what you do.

obscurenaledge70 karma

They arent viewed as any different nor called by different names.

clobbered57 karma

What a good one. How are you doing?

obscurenaledge64 karma

Lol how are you

clobbered51 karma

OK, I guess.

Keep rocking.

obscurenaledge69 karma

I'm all about pleasing. You don't seem pleased do you have another question.

clobbered63 karma

Wait, please.

OK, I am an old man. Everyone I know is sick or dying. Things are way hard for me right now. My health is not good either.

I had no intention to offend you, I just thought I'd spare you my old man sob story.

obscurenaledge161 karma

Lol I ain't angry or offended sir. I said I am to please. I'm here to try and make you happy. Because knowing I made a tiny difference or helping someone just is what people are put on earth for. Sir I hope you have a great life. Think of all the beauty around. Sometimes things may be dark, but brighter days come eventually. You sir have a great day :) . And I have all the time to listen btw. Stay up.

obscurenaledge64 karma

Your health may not be good. But stay in positive light. There is always a chance of things turning around. Do stuff that makes you happy.

clobbered97 karma

OK, my young friend, I will take your advice. I want to go to New Orleans. I want to go to Brennan's for breakfast. I want to take my girl, she is ridden with cancer, but she loves New Orleans.

How about I get off my dead ass and take that girl to New Orleans?

obscurenaledge91 karma

You sir are a hero. To me and her.

obscurenaledge0 karma

Lol you'll never guess but my name Is brennan

pteroso57 karma

Do you consider yourself patriotic for Canada?

obscurenaledge147 karma

When it comes down to it yes I love my country canada. I don't know if I would consider myself patriotic. But there is nowhere else I'd rather be.

AbortionHeadbutt52 karma

I have one.

How is your view of (EDIT: Canadian) history different to that which is taught to you at school?

obscurenaledge67 karma

We were taught what was in the books. Weird you ask this question. History really became my thing in highschool. And I like to expand beyond horizons. So I learned about american history on my own. But I wouldnt say we were taught differently.

shnebb75 karma

So you were taught the same lies that we were then?

obscurenaledge82 karma

Lol to some extent yes

AbortionHeadbutt33 karma

I didn't mean you were taught differently on the reservation, I just wondered to what extent the US History books 'gloss over' what the European settlers did to the native population.

obscurenaledge47 karma

They didn't really gloss over. We always learned how european settlers had arrived here and all.

MonteCool40 karma

American here...Whats the difference between living on a reservation and just being a normal Canadian Citizen?

obscurenaledge78 karma

Basically living is the same. Just we have no regular businesses like eg. Mcdonalds, wendys. My reserve is the largest in canada. So its pretty hard to say I know everyone. Everything os privately owned.

deletionpending30 karma

What's your opinion on Assassin's Creed III? Have you yourself played it, and what did you think of Ubisoft's decision to create a Mohawk character? Personally, I thought the character of Ratonhaké:ton was very well-created, as well as his relatives and fellow tribesmen - I kind of got immersed into his worldview and customs, but then the Multiplayer kind of spoilt it by having a fetishised "Native" woman as a playable avatar. Thoughts?

obscurenaledge77 karma

Yes I own this game. And I do love the story and gameplay. I find it amazing that they integrated a language I know into it. I have never played the multiplayer mode though

pixie_k27 karma

I was wondering if you could tell me how common these are and if this one is old enough to be worthwhile donating to a museum or something?

obscurenaledge31 karma

A beadwork necklace huh. Well, how old is it. Because usually no they wouldn't be worth much they are very common among i'd be pretty sure every reserve. But then again how old is it?

mopester26 karma

-- As part of the next generation, how present or tangible is the trauma of residential schools in your community? Is it something that is talked about? Have your parents or parents friends been a part of any of the major residential schools class action settlements?

-- What do you and / or other members of the community see as the best path going forward? Does abolishing the "Indian Act" risk losing too much?

-- What do you think is the most pressing problem facing the first nations communities of Canada at this time?

-- Do you and the people you know tend to vote?

obscurenaledge41 karma

I see what the residential schools did to some of my people.. mostly elders. But no none of my family or friends have been involved with residential schools. But, people on my reserve have been apart of the mushhole which is in brantford a community close to my rez. Google Mush Hole brantford. I really can't speak on other members because I am to myself person, and never asked that anyone express their opinion about it. And to me abolishing doesnt risk losing to much, I think changing it would be for the better. Land rights is the most pressing problem. Not the people I know No don't vote.

rockenrohl19 karma

Can you recommend any Canadian Native American writers? (I'm a big fan of Native American Literature - Momaday, Silko, Welch, etc. - but I'm not aware of any Canadian in my book collection). Thanks.

obscurenaledge42 karma

Try Daniel David Moses sir.

kasur_kush17 karma

Since you are in canada. Are you called Native Canadian? Or all of north america it is "Native American"?

obscurenaledge61 karma

I knew that question was going to come about and its american because we are in north america and we were founded here. Yes I live in canada. But my peoples were known as native americans.

Cheneyeatsbabies11 karma

Do you have tax-exempt status like NA's in the US?

theCardiffGiant36 karma

In many cases, Native Americans are not tax exempt in the US. The general notion of freeloading is largely a myth. In some instances they are exempt, such as a sales tax that isn't imposed when an enrolled tribal member purchases and receives a product on the reservation- makes sense. Enrolled members living off reservation pay federal taxes.

obscurenaledge17 karma

I was going to say I didnt think they did

obscurenaledge14 karma

Yes we do.

invalidusernamee5 karma

My friend is 25 percent hochunk. is there any stereotypes about the hochunk nation?

obscurenaledge7 karma

That's in Wisconsin im from Canada unfortunately I can only tell you about where im from. There is a lot of reserves in the US, I know nothing of.

krkon4 karma

What do you think about our world?:)

obscurenaledge9 karma

Lol the reserve is truly a different world. But being as intrigued as I am with other things going on around the world. I think the whole world in its entireity is beautiful. Always something new to see or do. All you have to do is venture forth and experience.

krkon4 karma

Well said. Greetings from Russia and have a good day:)

obscurenaledge4 karma

You too sir.

aza99993 karma

Do you or most native Americans you know actually find the term "Indian" offensive? Or is that just overly sensitive politically correct people?

obscurenaledge7 karma

Some may find it offensive, because they look at indians as asia indians lol. But indians is kind of what white people came up with themselves. So it may be offensive. More so to some you know.

m1llwall2 karma

Does this piss you off when people whine about immigrants?

obscurenaledge3 karma

Not really. I mean it should be done the right way but, no complaining.

pteroso2 karma

Is there something equivalent to IGRA in Canada?

obscurenaledge1 karma

No gay rodeo here aha

gl862 karma

  • Why do a majority of first nations youth choose not to go to university or college even though it is completely free for them to do so?
  • Do most first nations choose to stay on reservations because leaving means giving up many of the financial subsidies that are provided?
  • How do you feel about the Aboriginals Act and how it impacts the first nations societies? Do you believe that the imposition of reserves and the benefits that come with them are holding first nations back from self-sustainability and advancement?
  • How transparent are the finances in your nation? This has been a sensitive subject and also quite controversial lately, and it would be very interesting to get the perspective of a member of one of the first nations communities.
  • As a 20 year old, what are you plans for your future with regards to taking advantage of the educational and vocational programs that are publicly funded for the express purpose of empowering the first nations youth?

obscurenaledge7 karma

Sorry I'm answering your questions seperately but I have to reread them lol. As a 20 year old I want to finish school. And empower myself to be successful and happy. There are other people doing things for my community. That's just not the person I am. Ill always have my hometown on my back. But personally I have to do things for myself.

gl863 karma

Is this a common sentiment? The mainstream media sends the message that the first nations don't WANT to do things for themselves because they are constantly reporting that it is unjust to have first nations members leave their communities to look for work, even if there is none to be had on the reserve. It almost seems to me that this viewpoint is proliferated to such a degree to try and keep first nations on reserves rather than providing the incentives for them to leave and stand on their own two feet.

Do you think the government policies are creating a dependence that will be harder and and harder to overcome? I have worked in close proximity to several northern communities where we employed many of the people, and one of the issues we had was that at certain points in the year people would stop showing up to work because if they made more than a certain amount in a year they would not get their government subsidies. It is an extremely controversial topic, but would systematically reducing the subsidies to first nations and creating the environment where they had to support themselves potentially alleviate some of these issues?

How do the band leaders feel about this as it seems they are always demanding more money from the government rather than trying to find ways for there to be more cross-cultural integration (and I don't mean diluting of the first nations cultures, but rather less segregation of the groups).

Finally, as I said, I have worked with many first nations and have always found them to be some of the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met. Much luck to you in the future.

obscurenaledge8 karma

Thank you for your question. I think the government does make the ''real world'' look scary to natives. Especially if growing up they were shut out of the world or didnt get off the reserve that much. They will try and stay around to try and find employment. Mostly to their dismay they won't find any. And venturing out off the reserve scares them, so they would rather be jobless on the rez and on welfare. Its sad sometimes to see the people on welfare, when there are so many juste opportunities to be had if you just were to go and look.

obscurenaledge1 karma

I don't think my views are shared as much as I like. I think most people would love to keep things the way they are. But we need to advance as a people. We have been fighting to long for what reason lost land and lost time. I think some people need a reality check. And I can't really speak on behalf of the council. Because they are baffoons. Lol

obscurenaledge1 karma

And as for government policies some do effect us in negative ways. But there are some positives to come by this. We need to give our head a shake. And really start becoming more I'm depth with the world. Or else well be another forgotten peoples.

obscurenaledge5 karma

I think a lot of aboriginals are scared to leave in light of what theyll lose. They become to dependent on what's giving to them. And personally yes I think the indian act is holding back a certain degree of sustainability and definately advancement. It needs to be changed for our people to really thrive.

obscurenaledge4 karma

I think a lot of the kods not choosing to go to school is most of them get jobs straight out of highschool. And get accustomed to the money, and once that starts flowing in for them there is no reason to go to school. But I have been to college.

obscurenaledge1 karma

Of course like anyome else I think finances arent being spent like they are supposed to be. I find a lot of irrelevant things being done for us in which we dont need.

TerroristFighter2 karma

Have you read or are you interested in reading the famous speeches given by famous Native Americans (e.g. Chief Joseph, etc)?

obscurenaledge3 karma

Mostly pauline johnson is the only one around where I'm from. And the only one who's speeches I really know. I don't really look into others.

dirtymoney2 karma

what kind of deal on untaxed cigs and illegal fireworks can I get on your rez?

obscurenaledge3 karma

Fireworks I dont really know. For untaxed cigs the deals differ around here sad to say. We are overrun by smoke shops lol.

Alexandros922 karma

What do you know about Bigfoot? Have you ever seen one? serious question I know a lot of Native Americans accept their existence

obscurenaledge4 karma

No I have not seen a Bigfoot before, there are some crazy lores around here though lol but, don't we all. I do accept the existence of some crazy things, but for me I don't think Bigfoot is one.

r_plantae2 karma

From what little I understand of native culture they believe they have a very close link with nature (stop me here if that's incorrect). If that's true why is it that native americans over-fish to the extent they do? Our government tries to keep fish populations in check so that everyone can continue to use the fisheries, but native americans can fish as much as they want and with nets. If they care about the environment so much why is it they are destroying it in this manner? It boggles my mind.

obscurenaledge2 karma

I couldn't answer this question. I'm not around a fishing rez. Where is this one you are talking about. Thats the same way with our hunting season though.

beardthe2 karma

on average, how many whiteskins do you scalp per week?

obscurenaledge9 karma

Meh I quit. Just kidding lol kill count at 0 sorry for the letdown

23117772 karma

Is it true you guys don't have a lot of body hair?

obscurenaledge3 karma

Lmao well I don't, now that I think of it's true lol

pteroso2 karma

Do you have a rival nation? If so, what are the stereotypical differences?

obscurenaledge2 karma

No rivals really. Just basically myself personally don't like the ojibwes on my reserve that's it.

Mates_with_Bears1 karma

How did you guys divvy up the beads we traded you for all of this sweet sweet land? Was it like.. Everyone gets a bead, or did the leaders take 'em all like happens here in non-reserved America?

obscurenaledge2 karma

Lol I couldn't tell you brother. Sorry.

Mates_with_Bears2 karma

haha I'm glad you took that for the joke it was meant to be and didn't get offended. That is how Reddit is played. Well done.

obscurenaledge2 karma


dmol1 karma

Whats your favorite animal spirit.

I like the domestic house cat.

obscurenaledge9 karma

Lol animal spirit .. Uh if were talking all animals then a lion spirit.

TheBatRastard1 karma

Are there people who aren't native on your reservation?

obscurenaledge1 karma

Yes though it is not allowed. Only white people and black people are the only ones no others.

vkurchz0 karma

Why the fuck do you drink hairspray?

obscurenaledge1 karma

Ugh, don't do that -_-

anonymeowz-2 karma

Curious, what kind of women are interested in? Are you partial to Native American snatch, or do you sometimes prefer white meat?

obscurenaledge3 karma

I love all women I really do. Maybe its my reserve but it seems we don't have to many beautiful native women but there a gorgeous women here. I absolutely love white girls and they love us too well where I'm from.

anonymeowz2 karma

That's some Bella and Jacob shit.

obscurenaledge7 karma

Lol fuck shark boy and his tan

anonymeowz2 karma

Really? I was Team Jacob. Edward was a creepy and pasty son of bitch.

obscurenaledge2 karma

Lol I was team actual natives on the movie lol jks

westoneng-3 karma

How many Indians did you lose on your last raid?

obscurenaledge5 karma

I dont know ask your grandma how many native relatives you have. Because she was probably raided and trained ;)