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I have heard that contrary to what we see in movies, bullets are often not removed from gunshot victims. Is it true that the bullet is only removed if it is blocking a blood vessel or causing some other problem, and that by trying to dig around in a patient to find a foreign object often does more damage than just leaving it be?

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The stereotype of alcoholism on the reservation I feel runs quite strongly whenever the topic of Native Americans comes up. Is the problem of alcoholism on the rez as bad as people make it out to be?

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Bruh, what about their R&D costs, bruh? They have to recoup those by raping his asshole for $147K/year on medication he has no choice but to take.

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What is your favorite Digital Audio Workstation, and what DAW would you recommend to someone who is new to editing and creating their own music but wants to start?

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If you haven't done so, I would consider consulting with a learning specialist and scheduling an appointment at an ADHD assessment center. ADHD is an incredibly misunderstood condition that is neuro developmental, meaning that it's there from birth. Also, the majority of people with ADHD who go undiagnosed are females. It is seriously worth investigating.