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sushinfood11 karma

I would love to see Vito and Wilhelm kiss but a best bros manly hug would be awesome, too. I love these guys so much.

As for a question, we've seen that Vito has medical know-how in how he patched up Wilhelm in the short. Does Wilhelm often have to rely on Vito's knowledge or are they both fairly up to snuff on wrapping and tending to injuries?

cozz1 karma

ahhhhh too perfect this makes me so happy. you just wait for the influx of wil/vito slash when this gets funded :)

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

That would be awesome indeed!

Suncreaturestudio4 karma

Vito is more like chansey. He heals and plays a lot. Wilhelm cannot heal wounds.. he becomes all awkward when he tries to heal... and he is not as confident around girls :)

array_multisort7 karma

On the request side : I request for the both best buds driving in some kind of manly hot rod, some mustang kind of car. Either them driving off into the sunset, or a low point frontal view, driving onwards to adventures.

On the question side : What inspired you into creating The Reward? Do you guys consider yourself as much bro's as the main protagonists? What would you prefer most, a full length big movie or a longer running short series?

Also, how do they get the "Keep off the Grass" sign on the grass?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Coming up ;)

Suncreaturestudio3 karma Hahaha, hope this will do. Okay. SO, we got inspired to make The Reward because of our intern humour and adventure lust. Yes, the bromance is deep, and it is very much like me and Kenneth ladekjer in real life (I'm Mikkel Mainz). What is the "keep of the grass" sign in this context?? lol. we would prefer both. right now, we are going for a series that takes place right after The Reward, but a movie is also a big dream of ours :)

zekemcnees7 karma

I requests Vito and Wilhelm fighting a whale. From the inside. Also, I'd be interested in what inspired this animation. Care to go into detail about what sparked the idea?

Taigitsune1 karma

I approve of this request!

Suncreaturestudio9 karma

Angepillowcat6 karma

oh my god this is like from my dream aaahh Can you draw Vito and Wilhelm as kids?

Suncreaturestudio3 karma

Coming up! ;)

Angepillowcat2 karma

i dont know am i screaming or crying senpai noticed me

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Hahaha ;) thanks my friend!

cozz5 karma

in regards to female characters: will we see some who are created as actual characters and not genders? a lot of comic writers (mainly ones in DC) don't know how to write women and for one simple reason: they see their view of females, not characters who just happen to be female.

edit: forgot to add sketch request!! Wil and Vito as their spirit animals haha

Suncreaturestudio8 karma

In The Lands of Alethrion there are plenty of female characters who are strong, inderpendent human beings. Some are leaders and some are gods. In general, our plan is to open up a complex universe with all kinds of characters with different attitudes and mindsets.

We are actually having a couple of very cool female characters in our mind, who are complex and strong. But also weak ones, because we think it's important to portrait both scenarios to fulfill the show.

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

same for the men of course ;)

demented-florist5 karma

Could you perhaps draw Vito and Wilhelm cross-dressing? :)

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

cross dressing sketch

subject45 karma

Vito and Wilhelm standing fantastically astride a vanquished dragon quaffing an ale. And, your stuff is awesome btw.

LitAFartOnce4 karma


Suncreaturestudio3 karma

LitAFartOnce0 karma


Suncreaturestudio1 karma

You are very welcome :)

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

coming up!

kelsbuns4 karma

Could you draw wilhelm with flowers please!!!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

coming up ;)

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

haha, he is a bit shy

lululandia4 karma

I know you cosplayed as Wilhelm and Vito. Are the characters based off your personalities at all?

Suncreaturestudio9 karma

Yes! I (mikkel) am dressed as Vito, who is very much like me and Kenneth is Wilhelm. The shole team just looked at us and laughed when they needed inspiration for Vito and Wilhelm, Hahaha

sushinfood0 karma

Your dress-up photos are really wonderful, though! they are definitely an inspiration!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Thank you!

arborday4 karma

I love your guys' kickstarter and am hoping for the best for you. I was wondering if you booked a whole orchestra and everything for your music or is that Mathias Winum just really good at using ProTools?

Now for a shameless drawing request:

Can I get some rad-ass Dogs on Skateboards!

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Coming up ;) thanks!

Suncreaturestudio5 karma Here it is ! Vito Wilhelm dogs though, Lmao

Suncreaturestudio4 karma

Btw people if you want it will help us so much if you would share this image:

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

All right people! We are going to sleep now! it's way past the suncreatures bedtime and we have to put it to sleep now. Thanks for all the great drawing requests! We hope we got around to most of you and you also had fun! Thank you for your support and for being great people!



Taigitsune3 karma

Let's see some Reward/Portal crossover. Vito and Wilhelm would make an excellent Atlas and P-Body!

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Sorry we didn't see it before! very fast, here it is:

joshuran3 karma

I love the work you've done so far, and am excited to see more!

What are your favorite D&D classes?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Bards because of their amusing social skills and Wizards because of the fact they can scribe scroll.

thimblesworth3 karma

I send a hefty high-five to all the people behind The Reward - they have given us all a taste of adventure and we must surely have more of a main course.

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Thanks buddy! you know we love you ;) wink

husbando2 karma

Carl Sagan using star stuff to battle a centaur!

pls respond (´・ω・`)

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

On it's way ;)

nic0lk2 karma

Draw vito and wilhelm on the moon, smoking cigars, with a giant giraffe and a giant letter A fighting in the background. There is a flying unicorn puking rainbows above them. Oh, and it is all being drawn by bob ross.

Martabo2 karma

I am applying to the Animation Workshop right now! Still waiting for the response, my heart is killing me jaja. Anything you can tell me about the school or student tips? Also, the best of luck to you guys on the kickstarter, I chipped in :)

Edit: Not necessary, but a meetup between the Vito and Wilhelm with the warrior that inspired them in the first place would be sweet!

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Ah! Good luck! I remember it was a hard waiting time! seemed like the watch was broken! The school is awesome! It has been three great years with a fantastic learning curve. As a student at the school, you have to have fun while studying. It has been three heavy years for other students, who are too focused in the individual assignments and not being a part of the fun at the same time! Go to the Friday pub and meet some people! :D

Your drawing is comming up.

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Sorcerer_Blob2 karma

I absolutely loved the video. It was beautiful and inspiring and made me pick back up my pencil and sketchbook after a few months of not drawing. So thank you for that, gents!

I'd love to see a pic of Vito and Wilhelm riding Falkor the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story!

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

the creepiest and cutest of all dragons. I will give you your request! And thank you very much! it is great to hear that we inspired you to pick up the pencil again! highfive!

MentallydissectedAli2 karma

Hullo there! :D I requests Vito and Wilhelm in Snowy mountains and wearing an exotic furs...only thing is that these fur coats are ALIVE and Glowing :)

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Coming up ;)

Suncreaturestudio2 karma here it is . wild... AND glowing!

shadowcrazy2 karma

probably a long shot but I'd love to see Vito and Wilhelm either fighting, arm wrestling, or maybe high fiving this lovely shadow gent right here:

meh...long shot but it couldn't hurt to try I guess...

also good luck with the campaign, gonna be close but I have faith in you guys.

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Not a long shot at all! it's coming right up! ;)

PhatSoxx2 karma

I loooove that short. Draw a pokemon battle!

Suncreaturestudio6 karma

Why do a single drawing, when we can show you a whole animation battle done by Kenneth and Mikkel! :)

bittybumblebee2 karma

I would absolutely love to see Vito and Wilhelm genderbent to ladies! Magic spell perhaps? How would they react to it?

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

That is Vito, Wilhelm will come in 1 min.



Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Maybe they were handling something that was getting too wild. It was going beyond their grasp and as the universe and series was starting to form it's own life and controlling it's own destiny they had to come up with a clever plan to make it conclude itself in a way that would make season 2 impossible. But it's just an idea

clockstrikes111 karma

wilhelm and vito drawing pictures of you?

xellphy1 karma

Ooooh, Vito's right-handed and Wilhelm's left-handed?

Suncreaturestudio5 karma

As any warrior would Wilhelm has trained both his hands to obey his comands

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

good idea! on it's way

[deleted]1 karma

Why did you give a special thanks to Pokémon?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Haha, we thank Pokemon because we played a lot of pokemon when me (Mikkel Mainz) and Kenneth Ladekjer decided to direct a movie together. We even animated pokemon battles together which I am sure you can find if you google: Sun Creature Studio Pokemon.

EpicNailStepper1 karma

Creators of dat Epic movie of THE REWARD??????!!!!!! AWESOME! Can you draw Whilhelm arm wresting a giant bunny while Vito is cheering for him??

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

It's coming up! and thank you haha :D

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

the bunny was winning, Vito had to interfere ;)

RunningDuck1 karma

Hi there! I absolutely loved The Reward and was thrilled to see you guys doing a Kickstarter - here's hoping the campaign stays strong!

I have a picture request and a question: For the picture request, could you please draw Vito and Wilhelm surrounded by goblin-like things and preparing to fight them? For the question, what have you enjoyed most about your work on The Reward/Tales of Alrethion so far?

Good luck guys, and thanks for doing an AMA!

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Thanks a lot! We hope so to!

What we have enjoyed the most is being able to tell our own stories. Mixing all the elements we love and burn for into a project that is very "personal" and then see it succeed. And ofcourse just being friends along the way and having fun with what you do!

And ofcourse! classic DnD scenario coming up!

zekemcnees1 karma

How bout drawing this guy in your style?

Suncreaturestudio2 karma Cool style you have!

Perls1 karma

I would love to see Wilhelm and Vito as 80's glam rockers!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

sjminervino1 karma

Hello there! As a fellow animator, I'm curious, what was the most challenging part of creating such an epic animation? How did you get the music? What prompted the decision to only use grunts and other basic sounds to convey dialogue? so many questions...

Also, I would like to see Vito and Wilhelms magical love child. Or them actually fighting the skeleton guy at the end...

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

The most challenging part was definitely time management. Planing every shot and be sure to to run out of time is something that was tricky sometimes! Each group get around 1500$ to spend on music and actors - if this is needed. We hired an awesome Bard called Mathias Winum who made all the lovely music! We also tried dialogue but quickly found out that cutting it seemed better. We loved the idea of having people communicate without words. It simple seemed more strong!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma you get.... BOTH! But since Alethrion is too powerful and too out out your mind awesome.... wilhelm and Vito instantly kneeled ;) as a reward "the skeleton dude" granded them a child :)

95pizzabuns1 karma

I would like to request Wilhelm and Vito trying and failing at using each others weapons please?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Coming up! ;)

Suncreaturestudio1 karma here are two very confused heroes ;)

trinhetalian1 karma

you should draw Vito and Wilhelm up against a Beholder!! O:
but I'd also like to ask when you guys got into art/animation, and when you started seriously honing your skills, or if all of that was started at TAW??

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

My bard character from DnD was killed by one of these...

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

We started very early to draw and some of us picked up the animation a little before heading to TAW. Kenneth used to animate a little in a program called EZtoon. but mostly we started from scratch with animation at TAW. The drawing is coming up!

xellphy1 karma

Might I request a highly intoxicated Vito attempting to woo a lady with the power that is music?

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

xellphy1 karma

Oh Vito. You tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, you just weren't metal enough.

Suncreaturestudio1 karma


Suncreaturestudio1 karma

coming right up!

Veeta1 karma

I would love to see those two kids (who get the map) with Vito and Wilhelm. Hanging with their celeb adventurers. :D (And thank you guys so much for doing this- it's so cool. I'm looking forward to your future project!)

sushinfood1 karma

Aaah! This is a really lovely picture!! Do those kids have names?

Veeta1 karma

I wondered that as well! I wasn't sure if I had just missed where they were announced or not. But I would like to know that as well. :)

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Their names are Kenn and Mick

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Ha good idea! coming up!

IcedNewt-Z1 karma

Just wondered, I have backed you on Kickstarter and am praying for the money to be raised but wanted to know, what is the future of Vito, Wilhelm, and the series if the kickstarter doesn't work out. (sorry if this is a repost, didn't see this question anywhere)

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

We will do our best to make it happen anyways. we will just have a harder time doing it, and we might have to compromise some things. But overall we have gotten some really really good connections because of the kickstarter ;) and its been great just being able to reach out to you guys and feel that what we do is loved by others as well.

sabisaotome1 karma

If Vito and Wilhelm were Pokemon, which ones would they be?

Suncreaturestudio3 karma

Wilhelm: bulbasaur definetly! Vito: ... probably jigglypuff

sabisaotome4 karma

Suncreaturestudio3 karma

WHOAAA that's super coool!!! THANKS! the greatest gift

iamnotoriginal1 karma

I just wanted to chime in that I fucking loved the animation. Let's to give us some details on what the series would entail? Why should I donate my "hard earned" money towards it? Will you also draw Sir Oscar, Knight of Astora from Dark Souls being not dead?

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

In the first episode, we'll tell the story about the creation of the great Land of Alethrion. We don't like to spoil anything, but can asure you that you will be introduced to a bounce of new characters living in different corners in the universe! Ofcource we don't force you to donate, but only wishes to continue to make fantasy epicness to this world!

I_am_the_Leaf1 karma

Hi, I loved The Reward, it was amazingly inspirational! I hope the Kickstarter works out as well, I'll be donating to it soon, I promise!

In terms of writing the story, I was wondering how you'd plotted it out; after an initial idea did you get down to working on a script, did you try and do rough storyboards first and how late in the whole process did you change the story? I'm slowly working on my own final animation project and the story just doesn't seem to come together, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on that part of the whole process.

As for a drawing, would it be possible to have Vito and Wilhelm running away from a tiny dragon? At some point they must have been scared of something before realising it wouldn't hurt them!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Hello there. Well, we did a lot of writting before we started to storyboard. We never had a finished scripts, but used tons of yellow posters next to small thumbs. We swapped things around very often - actually almost till the very end of the film.

wubwubub1 karma

I saw that earlier you drew genderbent wilhelm and vito, so may i request that you draw epic wilhelma and epic vita?

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

WAIT.... that was an absolute mistake. the link I pasted, LOL, was from the drawing before you.. here is the right link ;)

jekkemenn1 karma

I'm at the TDA (at TAW) and I met two of you guys after your film was released at the party in the student house, was awesome to meet you both - was quite inspiring!

I really hope the Kickstarted gets funded in these last few days, wishing you the best of luck - but my question is, what are your plans if the funding is unsuccessful?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

If the Kickstarter is unsuccessful we will keep on fighting and aim toward the stars bringing great stories. But with the kickstarter we will have more freedom to choose what to do;)

Seathing1 karma

as a current art student studying illustration, I just want to let you know what a huge inspiration you and your film is! It's gorgeous, and I'm looking forwards to a gorgeous show!

The only question I have is, do you have any job openings? ;)

No, just kidding! What I really want to know is, are you planning to tell the story start to end with the focus being on the plot, or as a sequence of smaller adventures? Or as a mix? Also, will they talk? Best of luck to you guys! You're living the animation student dream!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Hello there. Nice questions! We would love to have job openings, but we simply need to get the Kickstarter money before anything can happen. - What we would do with the series is to create different stories in the Land of Alethrion, following all kinds of characters and races. We would love to create a world where you feel a difference in culture and personalities instead of being trapped in only a couple of main characters. So basically, the universe could be the "main-character", if you can said it like that.

Though, these differences that we portrait in the universe are all connected, since their ways of thinking are a projection of the great hero Alethrion's actions and deeds, as he inspired people to believe in heroes instead of gods.

Epiculiar0 karma

Wilhelm and Vito as fat.....on an unusual holiday!

potatolad_fuckbeard0 karma

Love your stuff! My Q: Boxers, briefs, or magic wizard undies??

My R: this guy and this guy in Reward style if that is possible! Please and thank you oh gosh wow

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

drawing is coming up!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma Hope you like it!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

No doubt, briefs!! The Reward is a mix between fantasy and modern world - and briefs are this worlds magical fashion undies! :D

accela0 karma

you guys are great! :D the reward was amazing; totally looking forward to everything y'all make in the future!

what inspired the name "sun creature studio"?

as a request, can y'all draw vito and wilhelm as... some sort of monsters? :D maybe a spell went wrong or they ran into some bad magic

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

We counted to three, and two of us said a word. One said "Sun", another said "Creature". It sounded like some kind of a fantasy creature which we had never really heard of. Why not?

Suncreaturestudio2 karma Hahaha, that.. was a spell that went really wrong ;)

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Coming up!

Sayrielle0 karma

oh my gosh hi!! Thank you for doing this AMA! I really love t he Reward and it's been a great inspiration for me and many of my friends. Questiontime: Did you ever imagine that your animation would take off in popularity like this?

Also, if you're still taking drawing requests I was wondering what this guy might look like in your style

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

To be honest, we had a feeling of doing something that was new and fresh. But that kind of feedback was a great surprise!

Sayrielle1 karma

You guys totally deserve it though!! I am super proud of you guys :D

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

hey man! I'll try to remember to draw it when I'm back at my tablet :)

readingrambo0 karma

Whats the plan if the Kickstarter doesn't succeed? As it stands now, the Kickstarter seems like kind of a long shot to get half of the requested money in a little over a week.

If that doesn't pan out, what is the backup plan?

Best of luck either way, from the short and the animation jams, you guys are talented enough to make something work.

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Haha. yeah. it is a long way! we sure hope we will make it and have some card up our sleeves still.)

zekemcnees1 karma

From my experience on Kickstarter, it seems like a lot of people wait till the last second to donate. Especially if they see it just inches away from succeeding. I hope that this is the case...

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Well, we are also driven by this thought these days! ;)

BikerMouseFromMars0 karma

how much did your life change, due to the success of your awesome shotfilm?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Well, because of the succes of The Reward a lot of different doors has opened up in front of us. Some of the people from the industry whom we love and saw as untouchable legends and gods are now within reach. The whole Kickstarter-campaign and further development of The Reward would probably not have been a possibility. Chatting with you right now would now have been a reality!

subject40 karma

On a question note, are you avid roleplayers and what system(s) do you play if so?

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

We LOVE to roleplay in DnD Pen and Paper - and mostly the good old 1.5! That's an all time winner! :)

sabisaotome1 karma

Which classes do you favor, if any?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma


starbuckviper0 karma

are you guys going to draw anything we ask? :)

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Yes, shoot us down

starbuckviper1 karma

sweet - how about her >

wonder what she'll look like in your style

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

she's a cool character!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

right on!

BikerMouseFromMars0 karma

Can you recommand any good tutorials/books/??? on learning to draw?

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Go to life drawing sessions! This is the very foundation of drawing and something that you should never stop doing! We can easily see a lack of quality on our drawings if it's long time ago since we did some croquis and sketched random people from street.

Else, we love to watch blogs from different artists! They are all over the place! Sometimes, if we need to be inspirered we even sit down and copy some of their work to find out how they are doing so well! Ups!

askrembla0 karma

Ooh, this is exciting! I hope this brings more exposure to the kickstarter. I really want to see it get funded.

For drawing: how about Vito and Wilhelm in most embarassing outfit that they think they'd be in?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Haha, yes here it comes!

dilansigt0 karma

OMG. >Please draw a dog running in a field feeling happy. It is one of my biggest dreams ever. When my mom died it was one of the first things i saw. It was such an emotional moment. The happiest day of my life.. Please draw.

smores_180 karma

fhsdjk-- Wait, so you're drawing /any/ request? Not just The Reward-themed ones? ahhhhhh my boyfriend and I are such HUGE fans of your work and and and just... could you possibly draw our characters (these two brats or ) in the style of The Reward? :'D It would mean a lot to be able to surprise him with a doodle of these two by you guys uwu <3

Suncreaturestudio2 karma

Hope you like it :)

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

of course! And thank you! coming up ;)

Niladhevan0 karma

Just dropping by to say hi ! Best luck with all the requests and have fun :D ! Stay awesome, guys!

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Awh, hello Niladhevan! Thank you very much. Lovely with these supportive comments! Stay awesome youself! :)

elany270 karma

Once again I'm just here to wish you good luck with the kickstarter and to say that the way you're handling this is absolutely superb and thank you for the time you're spending with your fans even though I'm sure you have crazy amount of work. No request from me, think you have enough of those already ;D Good job, guys, good job claps

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

you are too sweet. thank you! we appreciate it :)

Angepillowcat0 karma

no need to draw this but one request more. Im really interested to see her -> in your style

also a question.What inspired the most you guys while making/getting ideas for The Reward?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

With The Reward we basically wanted to tell a story that most of us can relate to - to go on a journey with your friends. So the inspiration and ideas are drawn from many of these moments! Else, we are very inspireted by FLCL, Mindgame, Pokemon and DnD! :)

MissRedditor0 karma

As a lady that wants to get in to 1st year animation, you guys really inspire me! It's great! I'd like to ask; how did you guys get into animating, and how about a drawing of Wilhelm and Vito drawing you guys?

My DnD group loves your work so far.

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

We loved to draw and then found this great school here in Denmark. So it just became a natural way to go in order to live by drawing :)

toxichedgie0 karma

can you guys tell us about your experiences at TAW?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

TAW, The Animation Workshop, is the school we gratuated from for two months ago. It has been three great years with a fantastic learning curve. Most people who come to the school love the atmosphere and open-minded students and teachers who are a part of the environment. It's simply impossible for us to say anything bad about this place.

Though, living in a bubble like this for a long time is something that you shall not get used to. We are looking forward to open our eyes towards the whole world after living in such a small town.

Moabalm0 karma

Who would win in a fight, a polar bear with a chaingun on its back or a grizzly bear with chainsaws for hands? Love your work by the way guys, I just wanted to legitimise my compliment with a question.

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Hahahahaha. I vote for the polar bear! but I am also from the north ;) and I am also more for ranged weapons. they always do great damage before the melee warriors come in!

katester17980 karma

can you draw wilhelm and vito with switched personalities?

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Coming up! haha, great idea!

ThiZ0 karma


Suncreaturestudio1 karma

Yep! coming up :)

Suncreaturestudio1 karma Here they are!! They found some new weapons though ;) and then they decided to kill the thieves if they found them ;)

rolfv1 karma

something seems smaller...

Suncreaturestudio1 karma

you know... he is a magician and has his ways of getting his will behind the bushes...