I'm Cody Wilson, founder and director of Defense Distributed, a non-profit organization that develops and publishes open source gun designs for 3D printing. I was recently featured in a documentary in which I discuss my political views, my ideas about gun control in America, and also where I showcase how 3D printing firearms works. Ask me anything about Defense Distributed, 3D printing guns, the future of gun control in America, the recent documentary, or anything else.

Watch the Motherboard documentary: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/click-print-gun-the-inside-story-of-the-3d-printed-gun-movement-video

And please check out: http://defcad.com

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SpacemanD13292 karma

Do you think its a possibility that your actions could unintentionally lead to knee-jerk government restrictions on the 3D printing industry by those who see your actions as dangerous and provocative?

CodyRWilson266 karma

Yes. In fact, I've heard there are legislative working groups that are right now studying how to regulate and license printers or materials.

We won't have the luxury of going unnoticed. I share some blame, if you want to think of it that way, but I hope the community can band together with civil liberties groups and defend its technology.

nabaker105 karma

Watched your VICE special. Fuck that NYTimes guy. He tried to play off what you're doing as some 'rebellious teenager' acting out. Keep up the good work, man.

EDIT: Also, check out the various gun-related subs, if you have a chance. You can find a list of them HERE.

CodyRWilson143 karma

Yes, his commentary is dismissive in the extreme.

Faceh93 karma

In a perfect world (by your definition of such) how would a legislature respond to the existence of printable weapons?

CodyRWilson255 karma

They'd respond by disappearing.

E7ernal86 karma

Hey Cody, I've been following Defense Distributed for some time and was happy to see you start to get some major attention.

I run a small radio show based out of the /r/anarcho_capitalism subreddit where you're a fairly hot topic (and would probably fit right in!). We're called Decline to State (http://declinefm.com). I got a bunch of people from the community together to do a cast almost a year ago now, and we've had guests on ranging from Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux to Judge Jim Gray (libertarian VP candidate).

If you'd be interested in joining our podcast, let me know and we'll work something out. We've been hoping to have you on for a while, and now that I know you're aware of Reddit's existence, so you're on the radar!

Also, stop by /r/anarcho_capitalism and hang out with us down there. If anyone's gonna be buying your stuff, it's us.

CodyRWilson42 karma

Email me, bud. [email protected]

execa83 karma

Was the staff of Vice high all the time?

CodyRWilson189 karma

Just angsty and dark.

el_metro72 karma

Why do you think people are afraid of you, but not the DIY chemists who can make homemade cryogens, vitriol, explosives, and poisonous gas for harmful purposes?

As a side note, your political commentary has been a nice thing to listen to to get a break from the little child's playpen we call political correctness, so even though i do not always agree with you, thank you for helping to bring the more complicated issues into the light.

CodyRWilson164 karma

People are afraid of what they're told to fear.

They don't know to fear DIY chem haha.

Pacifistering68 karma

I don't really have a question right now but I will say that while I don't necessarily agree with what you are doing I do think it is important.

CodyRWilson71 karma

I appreciate your honesty.

jwahba68 karma

As a philosophical matter, why are you an anarchist?

CodyRWilson164 karma

Because I naively think that people are good, and that markets are good, and that equality is good, and that force and injustice are bad.

pppurple52 karma

A few things, are you using 3D printing because it is a hot topic? For instance can't this same thing be done using a CNC machine to build fully functional rifles? And if you're representing the futility of prohibiting firearms, aren't there more examples to exploit such as the vast amount of guns already available?

CodyRWilson67 karma

I hear what you're saying, but no this project began as an experiment in 3D printing specifically. We didn't think it would be so big, and we aren't making claims that 3DP is the best way to do this, but it seems to be connecting with people in a new way.

Parictis51 karma

We've all seen the birth and growth of the open source software movement. Do you believe you may be at the forefront of the coming open source hardware movement? If so, what do you envision for the future?

CodyRWilson87 karma

I think the guys at http://opensourceecology.org/ are at the forefront of open source hardware, but we hope to be friendly peers. They've reached out, and we're happy to work together.

mxjohnxm49 karma

Political philosopher here. Re: questions on anarchism: there are two main branches--individualist and collectivist. Individualist anarchism wants freedom (usually) due to individual rights, while collectivist anarchists have a fundamental concern for equality in terms of wealth and domination. Anarcho-capitalists, and OP, are individualist anarchists. They share the common anti-state, pro-voluntary agreement foundation for human interaction. But collectivist anarchists focus on the domination inherent in social structures within capitalism--along the lines of Marxist exploitation and restrictions in freedom that result from being in wage-labor--while individualist anarchists only care about the state (the collectivists care about both). Libertarianism, as understood today, is rooted in individualist anarchism, while Occupy Wall Street and other on-the-ground progressive movements are more rooted in collectivist anarchist principles (especially with the combination of belief in change from below and equality) in practice.

Gun control is obviously opposed by individualist anarchists but interestingly, there's some tension in collectivist anarchist thought. In principle, they oppose all forms of coercion and see that via voluntary agreement people will come to more egalitarian and "fair" social arrangements, but given that we live within a coercive state, many collectivist anarchists endorse gun control in the name of promoting human well-being and protecting people; they think gun control would be taken up voluntarily in a collectivist anarchist society, but since we don't live in one, they seem to compromise and say we should have gun control that everyone doesn't agree to. The same is the case with social welfare. This issue of applying collectivist anarchist principles to American politics is definitely a source of tension for American collectivist anarchists.

If interested in individualist anarchism: check out Nozick, Rothbard, Hayek, and Stirner, among others I'm not that famliar with. If interested in collectivist: check out Kropotkin, Proudhon, Bookchin, or Colin Ward, among others. It's a really rich tradition that's relatively unknown, even in academia.

CodyRWilson18 karma

I identify with Proudhon. People should upvote your comment and check out C4SS.org.

majorpaynei8646 karma

Not a question, just a comment. I have been following defense distributed from nearly the beginning and saw its potential as a means of providing firearms access to individuals around the world. It is truly revolutionary since these files can be transferred (nearly) instantaneously to every corner of the globe. It diffuses power from centralized government or rogue states to individuals, creating a world where individuals will no longer live according to the whims of others.

CodyRWilson64 karma

I want this to be true. And thank you for following us.

passandmove44 karma

There's a thread of disdain that runs through a lot of the commentary online about you. People basically see you as a weirdo loner: a guy who's a law student but doesn't really go to law classes (not that that's rare), who has no friends, and displays no interest in anything beyond the printable gun project. So: do you have friends that aren't 3D guns or somehow associated with the 3D project broadly understood? What do you do to have fun? Why are you bothering to finish a law degree?

CodyRWilson153 karma

I think there's an interest in painting me as a marginal and lone figure to explain me away, but this just isn't accurate. I'm an affable guy. Class president in high school and college. You might like me if you met me.

But I'm still happy to let that lone weirdo thing stay out there. Spooking progressives is valuable.

CompelTechnic42 karma

It's been possible to make AR lower receivers at home (with an equipped metal-working shop) for decades- milling it from a block of steel. Takes more work than 3D printing it, though.

The big revolution isn't that it is now possible to make your own weapons. That's been true for a long time. What's important is that it is now easier (less investment of time, money, and skill) than ever before- I think a lot of people aren't really aware that this is the change your work is bringing.

Do ya think people have a different conception of 3D printed weapons, given the fact that they are don't know it's been possible to make your own weapons for decades? How do you think they react differently?

CodyRWilson65 karma

Yes, a great deal of media-driven confusion over this. I genuinely think many journalists were unaware people were making their own guns before this story popped off.

brepettismbot35 karma

fuck you for calling me out on how Makerbot doesnt give a shit about open source and the community

CodyRWilson66 karma

Ahhh I needed this.

RasputinPlaysTheTuba33 karma

What is the advantage of printing a gun versus purchasing a registered one that has a better build quality and is less prone to failure?

CodyRWilson105 karma

I don't think there's a direct personal advantage in printing a gun versus making or purchasing a traditional one. Printed guns aren't even proven technology, and are extremely impractical devices from my experience. But there is a symbolic advantage to the individual in being at least capable of printing one.

passandmove32 karma

What is your objective, overall? (I know others have danced around this question but it's still not clear to me.) Is it simply to demonstrate the limitations of this legal regime of control (which are similar to the limitations of any legal regime of control), or do you want to turn this into something that will make you money once the demonstration is complete, or what?

CodyRWilson52 karma

I don't see a clear path to money, to be honest. And the goal is more strict than you would think- we want it to be true statement that a firearm is printable. Turns out this takes a lot of work, and we've only just got the license to begin trying.

perposterone30 karma

In the interview where Glenn Beck gets frustrated at not being able to corner you politically you used the phrase "the self under siege". Did you take this idea from Rick Roderick and if so has he been an influence on you?

CodyRWilson61 karma

Yes! Roderick is a fantastic and accessible teacher. And though it may not have been conscious, I know I was taking from his lectures, which are preserved for us all on YouTube.

Thanquee29 karma

Would you consider making illegal designs and spreading them anonymously through torrents, darknet etc? You know, if this all gets illegal too fast, or if you are overcome with a desire to design silencers without a license or, shit, even automatic firearms?

CodyRWilson50 karma

Definitely. That's going to happen.

chbtt28 karma

How much hate mail do you get? Judging by some of the posts here, I imagine it's a lot.

CodyRWilson57 karma

Yeah quite a bit, but it has really died off after 2012 and Sandy Hook.

AnCapConverter27 karma

I believe you've referred to aspects of the project as revolutionary in nature. Do you make any sort of distinction between a traditionally physical act of revolution involving a physical overthrow of an established power structure (to whatever degree is irrelevant) verses the technologically-driven process of decentralized human empowerment?

In other words - because DefDist involves enabling people to utilize emerging technology rather than some sort of physical resistance, is there any sort of valid distinction to be made? Is it even the same thing at all?

Also - just want to let you know that I really appreciate what you're doing and where you're coming from.

CodyRWilson56 karma

The revolutionary imagination is led toward real violence, but I think this project is powerful because it shifts the struggle into the symbolic realm.

The physical resistance is to now unnecessary. You make everyone with a 3D printer a possible criminal, creating suspicion. Can the system handle such a challenge as 3D printing reaches into suburbia?

Avidskater1825 karma

Will defcad.com still be launched even if it does not meet it's final goal? Support the idea 200%

CodyRWilson47 karma

For sure.

chinapop24 karma

If you had to guess, what action would the government take if they feel threatened by Defense Distributed, regarding 3D printing weapons?

CodyRWilson45 karma

This is what bothers me personally. I'm not sure this is a subversive project specifically because I'm not experiencing more public-sphere opposition.

Then there's the point about CNC milling. This project to be most engaging in an abstract sense.

CodyRWilson23 karma

Guys it's been real. Hope I actually answered some questions that haven't been asked out in the media.

Check out defcad.com when you can. I'll be seeing you later.

hiddensauce22 karma

What made you think "I'm going to print a gun"? Was it the challenge of seeing how far you can take a new piece of technology? Or just a fuck you to those who are anti-assault weapon?

CodyRWilson51 karma

We had the idea before the AWB was back in the news. The ambition was to kill the spirit of gun control entirely. We haven't won yet, but we're getting there.

nitronerd22 karma

I've been following defcad.org for a few months now and have seen a few of your interviews. What I find most interesting about what you are doing is how it isn't so much about just "3d printable receivers/firearms" as it is an ideology of true freedom of information and the empowerment that can have. I truly applaud what you are doing!

CodyRWilson24 karma

Thanks so much for that. The project is a cool way to unpack these ideas.

Lav1tz22 karma

Your philosophy video on youtube was very interesting and enjoyable to watch. You seem to be erudite and well read with an eclectic library of philosophy and literature. You read from Anthony de Jasay to Slavoj Zizek and everything in between. What draws you to read certain literature/philosophers (also recommend ones you would deem essential)? Why do you also seem muted about your philosophy when doing interviews?

CodyRWilson35 karma

Pure curiosity. It's funny to see you say muted. I feel like I name drop too much in interviews, to be honest.

Often I find whatever I'm reading is relevant to what I'm doing.

testu_nagouchi19 karma


CodyRWilson22 karma

Yes. And it's a worrisome analogy. What do you think of it?

Brad_Wesley19 karma

Have you looked into printing cartridge cases at all? The problem of course is the pressure.

CodyRWilson39 karma

Yes, in fact I've got a license to do ammo as well. More on that soon...

Halaku18 karma

How do you feel about the Undetectable Firearms Act (which is scheduled to expire at the end of the year unless renewed), especially where 3D firearms printing is concerned?

CodyRWilson38 karma

It's an Act that keeps you from making a printable gun. But not a "manufacturer" of firearms. So a subtle irony is that a wiki weapon bill wouldn't stop the wiki weaponeers.

libraiscariot17 karma

What do you think will happen when gun manufacturers start losing money? Will they begin to push for restrictions? What about gun shop owners?

CodyRWilson29 karma

I wonder how realistic this is. Definitely no push right now, the tech just isn't there.

CodyRWilson32 karma

I accepted and will shoot him. We've worked it out, tell your friends.

Mighdas16 karma

What would you think if people started printing your gun/accessory designs en masse and selling them for profit? (Federal licensing aside). Would you be happy that they were being proliferated or would you want some kind of compensation?

CodyRWilson47 karma

I'm down for that. That should happen. Do it.

Murph78516 karma

Do you have any regrets about forming Defense Distributed?

CodyRWilson47 karma

In the sense that now has its own life, that gives you pause. It's a thing with or without you. That's heavy...

But I don't regret what we've done so far.

Thedudesbro16 karma

Does does Defdist have any plans to make something like a beta c-mag or a bump stock? Those would be conversation starters.

CodyRWilson36 karma

We were looking at slide fire stocks and bump stocks. I think we'll do it, just not itching to violate a patent yet.

adp212415 karma

Who are your biggest critics? Essentially, what group or lobby is giving you the most problems considering your overall mission?

CodyRWilson88 karma

I don't see a clear oppositional group forming. Anti-gunners have the same responses as ever, and so they're essentially not engaging. Congresspeople think the internet is a series of tubes and so are in disbelief or are disinterested.

I see no convincing enemy yet.

GeneralJohnnyRico15 karma

Who is funding your operation right now?

CodyRWilson43 karma

Donors and google ad money. Why, thinking about giving me a mil?

permanenttemp15 karma

Go do Joe Rogan's podcast Cody!

CodyRWilson23 karma

Totally willing.

by_32114 karma

Why haven't you (or have you) tried to print a .22LR suppressor ? You can easily try different baffle designs. Is current low-end 3D printing technology good enough to print threads that can screw directly onto a threaded barrel ?

CodyRWilson45 karma

Well it's basically illegal to do this without filing some paperwork and paying a tax to the ATF first, so if anyone sees this... don't print a suppressor and go talking about it.

We're pursuing class 2 manufacturing status though, so I fully intend to see what SLS/SLA and other tech can do with suppressors.

delta_operator13 karma

I completely support everything you are planning on doing. Besides further financial donations, how can I help? I also noticed on Alex Jones you hinted about a fully functional gun that might be happening within a month. Care to share anymore details?

CodyRWilson26 karma

Haha, not yet. Fun stuff though.

grumpysquare13 karma

Do you have plans to develop or use stronger polymers when printing? Do you see the use of plastics as more or less advantageous to the more traditional metals used in manufacturing parts?

CodyRWilson42 karma

Materials development is so expensive, we're just not in a place to be those people. But I have got access to some experimental materials that are rolling out... Metal does seem to be a mental roadblock for some people. Why shouldn't we be excited about new materials families?

BenBernankeIsGod12 karma

What are DD's biggest challenges right now? Funding, regulation, media, technical stuff?

CodyRWilson31 karma

I'd say the compliance costs and time are KILLER. Takes so much mental effort.

We have enough money and resources to get a printed gun done, I'm pretty sure.

Faceh11 karma

If there was one person from all human history you could meet and converse with, who would that be?

CodyRWilson45 karma

Jesus of Nazareth most likely.

argoff10 karma

Don't you worry that the ATF is going to just kick down your door one night and haul you off to gitmo, for no legitimate reason?

CodyRWilson41 karma

Not exactly. There's at least the fig leaf of law and order, so the ATF has to wait until I make a mistake.

IAMELROB10 karma

Do you have plans to develop other printable firearms besides AR15s?

CodyRWilson27 karma

For sure. In fact, we've done about as much as is possible on the AR platform in fused deposition ABS. .223/5.56 is a high pressure round, and doing an upper and barrel is not realistic.

Wiki Weapon is the original idea of Defense Distributed. This is essentially a one shot firearm firing a common handgun round. That is what we're working on presently.

TCKaos10 karma

I know it's got shit-all to do with the political statement of making lower receivers easily accessible for everyone to create in their home, but have you ever thought of expanding this kind of technology for other things? In the realm of airsoft and paintball, I mean. Stuff for shits and giggles.

And while I'm here I'd like to say that this idea is pretty awesome and I hope you guys get an entire rifle out there pretty soon.

CodyRWilson24 karma

For sure. This is what I imagine defcad.com to be- a place for digitized things

SorensonPA10 karma

So how long you think it'll be before you start getting C&D dogpiled by established firearms manufacturers, if not just eliminated by some corporate hitman?

CodyRWilson26 karma

Not this month. Perhaps if we rip off some glock stuff.

DevsAdvocate8 karma

Engineering related question: thus far you've made parts for existing firearms patterns like the AR-15... however, wouldn't it make sense to build a firearm which can make the most of the strengths of a 3D printed material? Designed in such a way to reduce stresses and improve longevity and durability?

I believe that as long as you are going to try to replicate existing firearms which rely on other materials, you won't be tapping the potential of building one from the ground up to be 3D printed.

For example: a 3D printed handgun that can use existing barrels (like a Glock barrel), and action, and 3D printed magazines.

CodyRWilson21 karma

Yes, the project is actually all about a printable gun- not replicating existing platforms. But while we waited for our license to come through, we wanted to make important demonstrations during the gun control debate.

mnocket8 karma

Shouldn't the real headline be "3D Printers Fail At Making Practical Guns"?

CodyRWilson16 karma

Depends on who's writing. And "practical" is a slippery term isn't it? The jury remains out on printed guns as well. Only a few people are in a position in this country to do it legally. Let's wait just a bit.

MrLemzington7 karma

I'm actually writing a research paper over this topic for my college composition class. So, my question to you is this: How do you think 3D printed weapons will affect American gun laws? Do you think there will be massive uproars against these weapons due to the Sandy Hook and Newtown shootings? Thank you so very much for this AMA!

CodyRWilson21 karma

Massive uproar if there can be a successful media event surrounding use of a printed gun- definitely enough to pass a regulation or law.

But the Undetectable Firearms Act likely governs printed guns already. I wonder what will happen. I think macroeconomic trends are pointing toward real problems for enforcing even the current gun laws.

BreakinCombos7 karma

Besides donations, what can I do as an individual to help further the cause?

CodyRWilson17 karma

Print the files at defcad.org. Upload pics and reviews.

TomBolton507 karma

I understand your point, but you kind of seem like a douche. What, exactly, are you trying to prove? How does going public with all this shit under your real name and getting a federal firearms permit jibe with your "crypto-anarchy"?

CodyRWilson25 karma

Being uncompromising and douchy is, to be honest, a decision I made early about the personality I thought this project should have. Unapologetic, open to discourse sure, but contemptuous of politicians in the extreme.

TomBolton507 karma

I sort of admire that in a way, and you're obviously very bright. But you've already proven your original point. Why not move on to something more productive? I say this as one asshole to another. Game recognize game.

CodyRWilson7 karma

Hahaha much appreciated. There is the matter of actually printing an entire gun to attend to, then I'll be open to other things.

mightbdextersbrother7 karma

What do you think is the best consumer printer out there for someone that wants to print lower receivers and magazines?

CodyRWilson15 karma

We're using used dimensions with some success. $6-8k But those are commercial.

I'm still not comfortable making a retail/consumer recommendation.

mogadishupimp7 karma

Why do you think more guns in the world would make things better?

CodyRWilson58 karma

That's not the calculus. The goal is to get you to ask why you think using state power to restrict access to property is worthwhile.

rulerofnations6 karma

I've seen the plans for them online, but would you ever start printing drop in auto sears?

CodyRWilson7 karma

Well the rules are tough there. I may not do this yet.

110percentcanadian6 karma

I just saw the vice documentary on your project, it looks super cool and an awesome idea that can have implications all over the world. My question is:

How much harassment do you face, if any, from people who are pro-gun control? In the vice video one guy helping out didn't want his name known, was that to stave off harassment?

CodyRWilson26 karma

Not very much harassment, to be honest. I think pro-gun control advocates, or at least the professional ones, aren't prepared to talk about software. It's like they were ambushed.

nomad20065 karma

It seems that for the time being, the "assault weapon" ban has been halted, at least on a federal level.

What do you think the next big anti-gun push will look like?

CodyRWilson34 karma

I think the Senate is about to sell you out on "comprehensive background checks." Just another expansion of the panopticon. Your documentary individuation continues as slowly everything interesting you own and do is written down somewhere.

StateExempt5 karma

I guess there's far more important questions I'd like to ask, but for now when are you guys shipping the AR mags you guys have put up for sale?

Ordered one a couple weeks ago when the store was first started.

CodyRWilson10 karma

They're out for shipment now! And thank you.

pauloh1105 karma

Where do you see yourself and DEFCAD in 10 years?

CodyRWilson14 karma

Man, too big a question. I don't want DEFCAD to be something safe. But I'm not sure physibles are in demand like music was.

GorillaAds5 karma

I'm a college student in the Bay Area, what can I do to help you? I don't own a printer so I have to use the ones at various hackerspaces. I do, however, help run an alternative advertising agency (thats a fancy way of saying illegal graffiti advertising, I guess) and we try to promote shit we think will change the world in a good way.

Whether or not I can help you out, I think what you're doing is incredible. Have you heard of CamOver, and do you have an opinion on it?

CodyRWilson14 karma

Sharing. Seeding the torrent files. What is CamOver?

Northwait4 karma

Do you ever see a future in which printed weapons will help an occupied people fight back against an oppressor? (thinking something along the lines of the FP-45 Liberator or Deer Gun)

CodyRWilson11 karma

I actually see this project as FP-45 2.0.

Murph7854 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses? You can have a 3D printer to prepare.

CodyRWilson9 karma

The one duck. Those hundred would fuck me up.

maduce4 karma

New Defcad megapack coming out today! :D Come visit the defcad community on freenode #defcad.

CodyRWilson9 karma


EconHacker4 karma

Can I 3D print a grenade? Where do you think the line should be drawn?

CodyRWilson14 karma

Yes. The plans are at defcad.org.

Diabetesh4 karma

Is it cost effective to 3d print a lower or magazine? What kind of msrp would be seen and if it were to be sold through other retailers what online prices would we see (about 5% markup would be right)?

CodyRWilson13 karma

Sure, FDM printers can make cheap magazines for the AR, for example. Our AR mag at defcad.org can be made for $15-20. Disposable mag?

waitnate4 karma

Your printed lower can't be made on a low cost extrusion based printer like a makerbot. I've been toying with the idea of using my printer to to print a mold, and casting a lower out of a plastic resin. Do you think this is feasible?

CodyRWilson14 karma

No, the lower can be made on a makerbot. I've seen pictures from other printers of the v5 being made.

Vandilbg4 karma

Any chance we'll see a 22lr derringer?

CodyRWilson19 karma

So it turns out that 22 has a pretty high chamber pressure. It's a rifle round. But a .380 derringer????

sixth_motors3 karma

Just watched your vice piece. I hope the unstoppable availability of firearms drives gun control reform. What vision do you have for "best case scenario" weapons printing legislation?

CodyRWilson18 karma

That there is no legislation. That they have nothing to say and we aren't interested anyway.

xLite4143 karma

Have you thought about how this could affect other countries? The United Kingdom, for example, where we don't share the 2nd amendment right with you guys across the pond.

How would you feel if this work fuelled every guy capable of pressing "print" to wield an AR-15 and spark an influx in nationwide gun crimes in nations who have minimal to no gun-related crimes?

CodyRWilson4 karma

I just don't find this to be a realistic outcome. I really don't.

charbie923 karma

Would you rather print 100 duck size AR-15s, or one AR-15 sized duck?

CodyRWilson2 karma

Printing the duck for sure.

texican883 karma

can I have one, please?

CodyRWilson12 karma

Only selling mags at the moment. shop.defdist.org

BenBernankeIsGod2 karma

Do you see a 3D printed ak47 lower being made anytime soon? Also how is the work on the barrels going? Your still alive so I assume not that many have blown up on you.

CodyRWilson12 karma

I don't, actually. Not in polymer anyway. AK receivers aren't comparable to AR's. Now in metal or ceramic, why not?

Barrel work is going very well. Actually we've exploded and broken a few! But I'm a survivor.

Maverick32232 karma

Do you believe that 3d printing of guns, will become a household thing? If so, do you feel this will affect gun control laws?

CodyRWilson4 karma

Not yet. But maybe that's just because we feel quite alone doing this.

stereocide1 karma

I work at a company that does 3D printing (FDM and SLA) and recently I was asked to quote on extended magazines for a customer, I declined for a few reasons; one, I didn't want additive manufacturing like FDM or SLA to be tarnished on the news and have a negative view brought upon it, and two, I would be devastated to know something I grew turned out to be used to hurt others. What are your thoughts on this?

CodyRWilson2 karma

Well, heavy assumptions involved there. "Tarnish" is not the word I would use, but I don't share a sense ownership or responsibility in the industry like you must. But it seems you may also be motivated by social/industry expectations.

We print magazines on SLA machines all the time for people. It's legal in Texas. It's your right.

jonjones3958931 karma

Cody, could you speak to the quality of materials used, esp. for your AR lowers? I worry about the strength and construction of them. What would happen in a pop/dud misfire?? ie. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=481_1181023978

CodyRWilson7 karma

Duds/misfires happen all the time with the AR. These lowers handle problems just fine. Haven't had a hangfire yet, but the lower is built well and I would not hesitate to try one yourself.

AbramsLullaby1 karma

Why would you mount a sight at a 45 degree angle?

CodyRWilson3 karma

Good question. Tacticool.