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How do you feel about the Undetectable Firearms Act (which is scheduled to expire at the end of the year unless renewed), especially where 3D firearms printing is concerned?

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Well, I only hope you land the tackle, because if Bradshaw's the quarterback, and the duck makes the catch, it would be...

(wait for it)

... the Imquackulate Reception.

And with that said, I'll thank you for the answer, and show myself out.

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That reminded me a lot of Frank Castle.

You should do another AMA in /r/books when you get published.

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The article contains a potent clue:

Michael Karson, Max Karson’s father, told the Boulder Daily Camera that his son’s comments may have been misinterpreted. The elder Karson questioned whether his son’s free-speech rights had been violated. “I would have hoped that state officials would know their First Amendment better than they seem to,” he said.

It appears that the dingleberry doesn't fall far from the asshole tree.

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This is only the second time I have spoken publicly about the whole affair.

Given the face on how poorly the first time went for you, why are you doing it again?