I've worked for Victoria's Secret for three years now as a store manager. I've been a redditor for over a year and I'm well aware of the dismay you have for the brand. I frequent r/abrathatfits.

I'm not here to promote anything. It just seems like a lot of the AMA's are by associates who are new and inexperienced.

I will be 100% honest about marketing, products, public relations, inside information, EVERYTHING.

Edit: I've had a lot of requests to know exactly how we measure. Here's the training guide I use when hiring new associates.



Edit: thanks everyone, I'm checking out! I've had a lot of fun with the AMA and I've been over on r/abrathatfits and have seen that my AMA wasnt very appreciated and insulted a lot of people, that certainly was not my intention. I answered every question honestly. I'm not trying to sell anything, Reddits opinion on Victoria's Secret has always been pretty clear, and I knew I would receive some backlash. This doesn't bother me, just try your hardest to be nice to the girls who are just doing their jobs out there. Thank you!

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CapersandCheese134 karma

Why do the sale girls try and sell me a 36c bra when I turned out to be a 32g?

She measured my upper bust only while I was fully dressed and declared it. I was so outraged that I made her come see what that bra looked like on me... it was disgustingly under sized in the cups and the band just sagged...

For a place that specializes in womens wear, what the hell?

vandlorian65 karma

Not all associates are going to be the best fitters. And to be honest, it all depends on how closely the managers actually enforce practicing and learning how to do it. You may have gotten a poor fitter. I also know that the general census among redditors is that Victoria's Secret associates are a bunch of idiot monkeys with a measuring tape.

Some people are good at what they do and some are not. I've had to let people go because they just can't figure it out. The bottom line is that you shouldn't leave without being seen IN the bra. That responsibility doesn't rest with the customers, we should be encouraging you to show us.

I can honestly say its very rare that I have a customers complain about their fitting. I always ask in the final bra size I choose,"how do you feel? Are you comfortable?" Maybe 1/15 times do they say no. I've been doing this for a while, so this might have everything to do with my accuracy. I can tell you that retail has younger associates who are sometimes unmotivated and unwilling to learn. There is also the simple fact that turnover is VERY high in retail, so in any company, its difficult to find a true expert. Especially in a larger company where there's not a lot of incentive to move forward in your development, such as good pay, advancement, and benefits. This is not offered to our part time employees, which is 95% of the people you're being helped by.

Lastly, we don't have a giant selection of sizes. So a lot of associates are confused or nervous when they're faced with a size they aren't familiar with. If you truly believe you are a size that Victoria's Secret doesn't carry, or you can't find a store that will fit you correctly, go to a boutique. They tend to spend a lot more time finding your EXACT size and will go smaller in the waist and larger in the cup to create a more personalized fit. Some people need this extra attention to their size. Some people don't.

I have associates who can't wear our bras because they just don't fit them. I also have plenty of associates, including myself, who don't agree with the way we measure. But it's what we're paid to do, so we do it. And then when you're in the bra, that's when we try and make the right things happen.

-Misla-53 karma

Lastly, we don't have a giant selection of sizes

Then why does your marketing say this?

The problem with VS is not that the fitters are bad - it's that the fitting method is wrong. Overbust is a joke, and +4 also. You say you don't agree with the way you measure - why do you work there?

If someone is a size you do not carry, which is probably like 70% of the female population, will you still try and fit them, or will you be honest?

vandlorian43 karma

I'm not going to up and quit my job because I disagree with the way we do something, or I would never have a job!

The most we can do is pass forward feedback when corporate visits. And most of us do. We're given a certain way to do things, and we do it.

If a customer doesn't fit our sizes, i AM honest. That's what I would want as a consumer.

And I also don't necessarily agree with percentage of women who wouldn't fit our sizes. That seems remarkably high.

I don't think the way we MEASURE is as accurate as it could be. Neither do half of our associates. Hopefully, they'll listen to us, and let us start doing it the way we all agree is more accurate.

ButTheBoobies37 karma

Come hang out in /r/ABraThatFits. Maybe that'll change your mind about how many women have been poorly fitted into your company's size range.

I am not saying that sub is an adequate sample to establish overall size distribution, but instead think that you can apply knowledge gained on that sub to the experiences you have had. I would be incredibly surprised if you hadn't poorly fitted someone accidentally.

vandlorian21 karma

I'm over there all the time! A frequent poster. I appreciate the invite!

Peregrine2159129 karma

I also have plenty of associates, including myself, who don't agree with the way we measure. But it's what we're paid to do, so we do it

This kind of irks me a bit - I live in the UK, so VS isn't exactly a common brand to me, but La Senza sizes in a very similar way - it's this apathy toward making a change that makes it so difficult to get people into the correct sizes

Have you ever spoken to your higher ups about the fitting methods?

vandlorian33 karma

Of course we do. Unfortunately, company wide changes don't just happen because we request it. It sucks, but that's business.

They hire me and pay me to do things their way. My personal preference doesn't matter to them, sadly.

estizzle91 karma

Have you ever run into a man who was very clearly buying lingerie for himself?

vandlorian550 karma

Yes! We have two regulars. One is very open about his purchases and one is pretty shy. He used to come in an men's clothing and pretend to shop for his wife. He's come a long way though. I personally work with him once a month. We size him and let him try on bras. He comes in on Mondays when it's slow and takes the very back room. He personally requested to have me tell him when the fitting room is empty so he can exit. He doesn't want to make other customers uncomfortable. He went from being Phil when I met him, to Sarah today. I've been honored to be a part of his transformation.

beautifulevil118 karma

I think that's fantastic what you've done for a client. It definitely takes that extra special person to understand how to help someone make them feel more comfortable in their own skin. :)

vandlorian480 karma

Everybody deserves to feel good.

oneAngrySonOfaBitch1 karma

they have a men's section ?

vandlorian15 karma

No. I've always joked that they should come up with a similar product as the bombshell that adds two cup sizes.

A man thing that magically adds two inches to your dick. They're still stewing over the idea.

Feline_Fatale62 karma

Why don't you stock smaller bandsizes since many of your models clearly need them? If not, why not use models who actually fit the size?

vandlorian33 karma

I know this question is asked in EVERY AMA that has ever been done since the beginning of time.

Models are ALWAYS small. Unfortunately, this is what our country deems "sexy". We very rarely have customers who come in who are the size of supermodels. We have a lot of average sized customers. Not too skinny, not too full. We have customers who come in who are on the fuller side. They are ALL beautiful. As a woman who has curves, and appreciates them, I hate that we (society) has an infatuation with small waists and big busts. You see it in every ad for every designer. Who wears double 00 jeans? No one. But models do! And if you actually happen to BE the size of a model, good luck finding that size.

We have small waisted models because that's what it takes to successfully market a product. It's bull shit, and as someone who will NEVER be that size, sometimes it upsets me to have to stand next to those models all day long. We don't carry those size the models do because honestly, not a lot of Americans are THAT thin.

Feline_Fatale5 karma

Plus size models exist. Why not use them? I'm not what I would call skinny, I'm a size6/8 and I need a 28 or 26 band! I see plenty of women my size and smaller, some of them would also need this size. It's not that uncommon at all, yet people are having to make do with uncomfortable bras because stores just aren't stocking them and are using fitting techniques that don't work very well. By measuring above my bust I would be in a 36 band! I mean by doing that you're actually measuring breast tissue to work out the underband, no wonder hardly anyone is a 28.

I have no problem with small waisted models at all, but if you are going to use them, at least use bras that fit them. If not, use women who fit the bras you do sell.

vandlorian4 karma

Plus size models DO exist. And I love it.

I believe I already answered why I believe we use smaller models. Everyone else does, and retail marketing is always about who's thinner and more fit.

Of course, if it were up to me, some women my size would be in those pictures. I don't disagree with what you're saying, just providing a truthful answer.

Fortytwoist3 karma

As a model sized individual, seriously tiny, where should I look for a bra that will fit? 32B is the closest I get from VS and it still falls down my chest.

vandlorian10 karma

Since Victoria's Secret starts at a 32 and you may be smaller than that,, I would recommend a boutique that sells smaller band sizes, or even Nordstrom who carries a larger size selection. :) also, r/abrathatfits has great suggestions for small boutiques. I don't have any near my area, but they're. Very helpful giving you location specific suggestions.

jwoodsutk37 karma

How much do you hate the word "panties?"

vandlorian43 karma

I hate it. I sound like a valley girl when I say it!

adanine27 karma

Any interesting stories come to mind?

How often would you sell lingerie to people below the age of consent?

vandlorian102 karma

I can honestly tell you that I have sold lingerie to customers under 18 maybe two-three times in the three years I've been there. It's painful. We don't like to see it. Some oft associates try to offer a bra and panty set instead of the hardcore lingerie just because its more mellow. But we have to cater to the customer.

We had one gentlemen who masterbated into our pants drawers for a week straight. After filing 7 police reports, they sent in an undercover detective to catch him. He was 65.

NotNaturallyOccuring68 karma

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why you should always wash new underpants (or any new clothing really) before wearing.

vandlorian48 karma

Very good instructions. You should always wash any clothing because you never know what's been tried on.

adanine17 karma

That's less then I would have thought. But obviously not a good way to measure the statistics of sex before Age of Consent, since Lingerie isn't required.

That being said, I actually hoped it would be more then that as well. I feel that lingerie is one way a girl/women can feel good about herself, and if anyone needs a boost to their self-esteem these days... We may have different views about sex, as the Age of Consent laws for where I live limit the age to 16, but it's legal below the age of 16 so long as the older party is within 3 years of age to the younger party.

Also, ew. Just... No.

vandlorian22 karma

It's also important that I add that a lot of young women are uncomfortable purchasing lingerie. About 40% of theft is IN lingerie. Who knows how much of that is being taken by our younger customers.

oh_the_humidity8 karma

pants drawers

You must work in the VS in London?

vandlorian14 karma


I work in the northwest. :)

Ginamichelina1 karma

Who had to clean that up? :/

vandlorian4 karma

Me. We just dumped the whole drawer in a garbage bag and damaged them out!

irrationalteengirl25 karma

Why do you guys always take my expired coupons? Also, thank you for that.

vandlorian53 karma

You're more likely to spend more if we bend backwards a little. Whats the harm in giving you a free panty? We make millions of dollars everyday.

Also, its not necessarily your fault if you couldn't make it in on time. I would want someone else to do it for me.

poppets25 karma

Do you know if there is a chance your size range will expand in the future? If so, would it be in band size or cup size? (please say yes, please say yes!)

vandlorian22 karma

Yes. We're now doing DDD in every band size. We're constantly requesting 28, 30 , 40, and 42 band sizes. It might take a couple years but so many people have written in requests that I'm hopeful.

mouthie23 karma

I'm a plus size lady. Once I was shopping with my daughter there. I always buy your hair products whenever I'm able as the closest store is an hour away. Anyway, the sales girl offered to do a bra fitting for me. I knew 100% that no bra in the store would fit me. I typically wear a 42/44. She measured me and suddenly I'm able to fit a 40. I call bullshit! If this a sales technique to get people to purchase the bras anyway?

vandlorian35 karma

The motives of sales associates is never very clear. I have one associate who is a plus size lady who loves to size other women who are similar to her. She fits them, recommends a size, and if they buy a bra from another brand and want to make sure it fits, they come back to the store and have her check it.

My district manager hates that we do this because we know we're not going to sell a bra, but it creates loyalty in other departments.

I do hate that we stop carrying sizes after 38. We commonly request a size expansion when corporate asks for feedback. After all, we are the ones who get the back lash:).

As far as that specific associate, she may have been doing it just to make a sale. Sales plans can be aggressive, and the associates do try to make their quotas.

mouthie8 karma

Yea that makes sense. I mean it kind of irritated me since I was there to buy products and would have appreciated an accurate sizing. Plus I buy products for gifts etc. But I would be the first customer in line of they included a plus size section, even if just online! We want to look sexy for our men too! :)

vandlorian12 karma

I'm right there with you sister. I just had a baby and my current size is drastically different than what it was. Nothing at work fits me right now. :(

noys18 karma

VS doesn't have very knowledgeable fitters or actually any real training. I'm not surprised that you get different results and can bet you none of them fitted you in your real size. VS fitting training is about one afternoon at best while lingerie fitters in your local Nordstrom have had a minimum of six weeks of training.

Hop over to /r/ABraThatFits!

vandlorian22 karma

I was a lingerie manager at Macy's and Nordstrom. I can confirm this statement is false. Macy's gives you a four hour class. Nordstrom gives you about six hours. Vs gives you 16.

MadNax22 karma


vandlorian47 karma

The corporate answer to this question is....

The lingerie!! Victoria's Secret is the lingerie she wears every day to make herself feel sexy, sophisticated, and forever young.

You're probably laughing, but that's the truth. Haha

oh_the_humidity6 karma

It really confuses me that you use the word lingerie. I worked in VS for 5 years and we hardly ever used that term. Traditional "lingerie" was known as sleepwear. And the focus of Victoria's Secret definitely isn't lingerie, it's bras. And the company never refers to bras as lingerie or sleepwear.

Is this your own terminology, or your store's, or....?

vandlorian25 karma

This is the terminology I'm using in this thread because people who don't work for VS wouldn't understand what I meant if I referred to their idea of lingerie as sleepwear. If a customer heard "sleepwear" they would think "pajamas". If they heard "lingerie" they would think corsets, silk slips, etc.

Our terminology used in business wouldn't make sense to the average customer. It just helps us differentiate between categories.

imeabhi18 karma

the biggest selling item that men seem to buy most often than not that women really do not care for ?

vandlorian27 karma

Teddy's. They're always returned.

MysticMagicks16 karma

How many guys do you find looking around the store by themselves?

vandlorian48 karma

It's actually pretty common. Middle Aged men shop more frequently and more comfortably. I would say I get 1-2 male customers a day. Of course this is much different during the holidays.

Male customers are also the bright spots of our day. Their honesty and bluntness is oddly refreshing.

c_perezi19 karma

Just out of curiosity, what are they honest and blunt about? Like who for or why they're buying it? As a woman I've never had to be "honest or blunt" in a lingerie store (never gotten a lot of questions buying a bra before) so just kind of an interesting concept.

vandlorian77 karma

They're strikingly honest about what they find sexy or interesting. They will tell me right away if they like something vs. saying, "I don't know...maybe." They're also honest with pricing. They will say,"I only want to spend $75", so we know exactly what to show them.

They will also tell us if they aren't having any luck. I had one guy tell me, "No offense, but everything you're showing me is hideous. She's 35, not 21."

We found something he liked 5 minutes later.

Hotpeanut16 karma

How often do customers need help in the dressing room fitting a bra? Does this result in your employees seeing a lot of boobs on a daily basis? Do you have any male associates? If so, do customers feel uncomfortable when a male associate is helping them pick out underwear? Are there store policies about men being restricted on who they can help in the dressing room?

Thank you for the AMA!

vandlorian50 karma

I help 15-20 customers in the fitting room daily. I see a lot of boobs. I have three male associates. They are restricted to back room work or cashiers. They are not to assist in bra shopping or underwear shopping, but they are able to show customers where an item is located and have a female associate meet them at the table to step in.

This isn't necessarily a policy, its just an unwritten rule. It keeps the associate and the customer comfortable.

silly_jimmies14 karma

Are there really security cameras in the dressing rooms, and if so, who watches them?

vandlorian30 karma

There are not security cameras in the dressing room. Most of the time, the security cameras in the store don't even work. If they did, there would be no one watching them. They would be stored in the back and if an incident happened, corporate would pull the tape and review it.

This is very rare though. All the man power and energy goes into sales.

RohypnolPickupArtist11 karma

Inclusion makes us stronger. Former visual merchandising manager just coming to say hello

vandlorian11 karma


dallywolf11 karma

How often have you caught people trying to have sex in the changing rooms or bf sneaking back there?

vandlorian13 karma

I could count on both hands. Not very often. Maybe 8 times.

Aqpwod10 karma

Have you ever caught someone staring at the pictures around the store?

vandlorian18 karma


embean10 karma

Do employees have sales quotas they must meet? If so, do you not agree that there's plenty of motivation to incorrectly size women just so they can be sold something? Because the majority of women will not fit into A-DD 32-38. Chances are, most women who walk into a VS to get sized should NOT fit into your size range. It's just statistics!

vandlorian3 karma

Associates don't necessarily have the quotas. The managers do. Which I think is better. Gives managers incentive to work as hard, if not harder, than employees.

Der_Bosewicht10 karma

What is your opinion on the controversy over the "Bright Young Things" campaign being marketed towards middle-schoolers?

vandlorian45 karma

Bright young things isn't meant to be marketed towards teenagers. It's meant to be marketed towards college aged girls. The problem is that our customers are getting younger and younger every year. It's crazy to see 13 year olds buying Lacie underwear.

We get complaints ALL the time that our merchandise isn't sized small enough to fit younger girls. We have middle schoolers and high schoolers who come in and can't find pink yoga pants or clothing small enough

Bright young things is a slogan that represents our spring break collection. I can see how the wording can cause some craziness. We see it all the time. Our customers are getting SO young and we haven't really changed the brand to accommodate that yet. For example, we still sell an awry of thongs and "sexy" bras in PINK. It started out as a brand that younger women wore, and every year our customer gets younger and younger.

So it becomes an issue of," will they change their brand image to accommodate the shift in clientele" college women wear thongs. They wear lingerie. But it's taboo for teenagers to do so. Our marketing just isn't reaching the people it used too. We need to adjust.

I don't think it should be an issue. I don't see how it's sexualizing younger children. If you don't want your daughter wearing the PINK or VS brand because you feel like it represents a sexual mindset, that responsibility lies within the parent.

I do think it would be a smart move on the company to make some adjustments in the PINK brand to accommodate our younger customers though. They're a big chunk of the business.

crazynotions10 karma

Do you like your job? Favorite/least favorite parts?

vandlorian21 karma

I've worked in retail all my life. I do love my job.

My favorite is my employees. They're the best thing about my job. I love seeing them grow personally and professionally.

The worst part is the organized retail crime. And the fact that its virtually out of our hands, but used as a tool to assess my performance and pay.

sourdsmokin9 karma

What is the average profit from selling a pair of panties or a bra?

vandlorian12 karma

That's an oddly worded question, I might just not understand.

If you mean the average cost of these items, we make about $60 if a customer buys a bra with a matching panty.

As far as the percentage the company actually makes as a straight profit after paying its employees, marketing costs, production costs, etc. I have no idea.

KateEJHS9 karma

Why are the salesgirls SO DAMN PUSHY?!?! I hardly ever shop at VS anymore because every time I go in, I feel like I am attacked by every employee in the store.

vandlorian4 karma

If managers are too pushy with their associates, their associates will be to pushy with their customers.

Most sales associates as a whole with any company aren't taught to be pushy, but pressured too much to make sales plans.

My_Username218 karma

Your answers seem to be great but someone needed to ask for proof.

Send a message to the mods maybe?

vandlorian18 karma

Just sent the Mods my LinkedIn account. Should hear back shortly.

manskies8 karma

My sister used to work at Victoria Secret. One time she said there was a father that was shopping with his daughter and she wouldn't let the guy in the fitting room to see if what his daughter was wearing was appropriate or not. The guy got all mad. Was my sister in the wrong or is this kind of a rule?

vandlorian18 karma

If its a father and daughter, he should have been allowed in there. If it was super busy, the associate may have just been trying to avoid the load of complaints we get from other shoppers when males are in the fitting room. It happens all the time.

ihastenbucketsnukkuh7 karma

I worked at VS last summer. I am a straight male. A good friend of mine was the merch flow supervisor for this particular store, and she kept bugging me to apply so I did, haha. It started as a joke- I had joked with some guy friends that I would work there, and asked my manager friend what their policy is on hiring males. It seemed like their entire management team wanted me to work there, so I did.

I never got any awkward vibe, even after most of my coworkers found out I'm heterosexual. But, I always wondered why they hired me. Has your store had any straight male employees? Why do you hire us?

I worked in the back pushing merchandise, and a good chunk of my time was spent just buttoning my lip because I'd hear so much gossip that it could make your head spin. A lot of the girls would bash each other, then turn around and be the sweetest things to each other. It was really confusing. Does your store also have a high amount of drama?

vandlorian6 karma

We really don't. It's hard for the sales associates to even have time to talk because we're a busy store. When were not busy, they're cleaning and folding panties, which is a never ending job. A lot of the gossip and issues is reserved to the back room because they're there before the store opens and it's a small group that's stuck in a small room with nothing else to do.

We hire men for the same reasons we hire women. They're qualified, they're approachable, and they're fun to work with. Men are also nice to have around because there's a lot of lifting and things that require physical activity. It's not that women can't do these things, its just nice to have a male who can lift entire tables.

JJohn87 karma

As a male, what is proper etiquette when following my SO around the store? I usually just play on my phone and try not to giggle too much.

Also, there should be a male lounge area in one corner where we can sit down, read some car magazines and feel manly instead of feeling like a pervo skeezer following a woman aroud a store while looking at unmentionables.

vandlorian6 karma

You don't have to do anything special at all. Feel free to help her pick stuff out and ask questions

I joke with men all the time that we should have a couch, a tv, and a fridge full of soda to ease the experience. Haha.

screebles7 karma

What's the best, or most comfortable way I as a guy can buy stuff for myself there, without making other uncomfortable?

vandlorian8 karma

If you ask an associate for help, they're more than likely totally fine helping you to shop by yourself. If they're newer, or less comfortable, you can just ask for a manager or call ahead and explain the situation.

Hopefully, no matter where you go you're treated like anyone else though!

fingers1446 karma


vandlorian3 karma

We hire men all the time. Go for it.

SLProtoman6 karma

As a VS employee, did you ever have to go through some sort of training session that was geared towards making male shoppers more comfortable with shopping around in your stores? No matter what I do, I always feel shy when I'm walking into my local VS store to shop for my girlfriend (she LOVES your stuff, and my wallet has been suffering for it as a result), but the employees there always make me feel welcome and confident when shopping for her in the end. I swear its either your staff receive some sort of psychological training or its magic.

vandlorian17 karma

We do get training monthly on how to interact with men. Every time we launch a new product, actually. Our two most loyal customers as a brand are men. Together, they spent 2 million dollars last year.

They either have very happy wives or a LOT of girlfriends.

SLProtoman7 karma

I'd be lying if I said that I'm glad it wasn't magic, but thank you to you and your colleagues for going through that training and for not making me feel like a shy, tongue-tied elementary schoolkid whenever I buy something nice for my girlfriend.

vandlorian14 karma

No problem. I'm glad you buy her stuff. My husband qualifies for a 40% discount but refuses to step into the store!

sparkletealfuzzypaws4 karma

Really? When I used to wear your brand (and I had about 15 bras) my boyfriend would frequently shop for me there. Every time we went into the store together, he would be glared at and harassed every time. He would just stand in the corner staring at the floor waiting for me to try stuff on. I got so sick of it because he was just trying to be nice by buying me a bra that made me happy! Now I'm a 32G so I don't shop there anymore anyway, but it still erks me. Nordstroms was nothing short of accommodating to him.

vandlorian3 karma

I think it depends on the store. There is no black and white policy about it. If the managers are cool with it, then associates will be too.

Sorry to your boyfriend. My husband also had a scarring experience. Won't shop for me at VS, even with a discount!

whatsupvt5 karma

Can the cashier actually look up how much money is on my Secret Rewards card without me having to forfeit it? Are they basically all $10 anyway?

vandlorian6 karma

Yes. We can check it like it was a gift card.

adanine5 karma

Has there been any scandals within the franchise lately about any "Invasions of Privacy"?

Has your staff ever "hooked up" with any customers to your knowledge (In the store or out of it)?

vandlorian12 karma

The only scandal involving invasion of privacy recently has been when someone hacked our email database. It was fixed pretty quickly and it was only a few hundred emails that saw any issues.

As far as scandals, no. There is a guy who works at the jewelry place across from our store who is slowly making his rounds though.

There was way more scandal when I was a manager at Macy's!

adanine7 karma

You can't drop that bomb on us and not tell us...

vandlorian26 karma

Associates hooked up all the time. Myself included. When I was a manager. In the stock rooms, in the bathrooms, it was ridiculous.

AwesomeVark5 karma

What's the weirdest thing a customer has asked?

vandlorian7 karma

Someone asked me to try on a bra because I was the same size as his wife, and then show him, to see if he liked it.

whyihatepink5 karma

So, when I was trying on lingerie for my honeymoon, an employee told my fiance (now husband) that he could come into the dressing room with new if he liked (he didn't ask, it was offered, but we were taking about the honeymoon so they knew we were engaged). Is this a common policy at your stores? If so, have you ever seen it backfire?

vandlorian14 karma

If its slower, we offer. If its busy, we ask them to wait outside the fitting room. A lot of women just want their husbands opinion. But if you're already dry humping on the sales floor, I'm certainly not going to let the two of you in the fitting room. I do not like cleaning jizz off of the walls. Also, customers will complain if there's a man in there. It can make them uncomfortable.

gutterandstars3 karma

How often have you busted shoplifters?? Is VS a popular place for it??

vandlorian21 karma

We have a very strict no contact policy. I have watched thousands of dollars walk out of my store and I just had to sit there and gather a description to file a police report.

Theft at Victoria's Secret is a huge issue. You can steal anything and return it for store credit. 99% of the time, you'll get full price back to you. I've done fraudulent returns for over $800. One day, I did so many returns, our store ended in the NEGATIVE for our sales plan.

Last week, one of our employees was maced when she ask a shoplifter if she wanted a fitting room to try and get her merchandise back.

We don't see as much shoplifting as we do organized retail crime (ORC). It's a very dangerous and serious issue, made worse by the fact that we feel unsafe, and our advancement and pay depends on the frequency of fraudulent returns.

kojef3 karma

ORC? What is this? Do you mean the theft or hijacking of whole truckloads of lingerie on the highway? Or just a coordinated sort of shoplifting? How does it work and how has it gone down?

vandlorian9 karma

ORC is organized retail crime. It's a business that profits solely off of theft. 3-6 people come in to distract the associates by pulling them towards the back of the store while 2-3 people load bras into garbage bags and then they run.

Often, they resell them or return them for large value gift cards, which they also sell.

These people make more in a week then I do in a month.

bayls1233 karma

Why do you take back items without a receipt?

vandlorian3 karma

It's the policy. I have to follow it. Most retailers are doing this now.

kojef2 karma

wow... and this happens frequently? how crazy. is your VS in a mall of some sort, like is there any security present that could potentially stop this?

vandlorian3 karma

We aren't allowed to call mall security. We do, but since that's risky enough, they won't interfere. They just stand there.

kojef2 karma

Wow... So people are just free to steal without fear of punishment?? What a crazy situation. Do these thieves wear masks or do they not even bother?

vandlorian2 karma

They don't even bother. We know most of them by name because they have criminal records.

fastescape3 karma

If I know that someone is shoplifting from your store (or any store, I guess) what should I do? I've got a roommate who is a habitual shoplifter.

vandlorian5 karma

Tell someone. If we know what's been stolen, we can call it in and report it with a description of the shoplifter. We don't get penalized as much of we know it happened.

WorksAtGL2 karma

My girlfriend absolutely ADORES VS, so I like to shop there for her occasionally. Sometimes we go in together so she can try on a few things and then I can buy them for her. However at most stores I've been to they won't let me in the fitting room with her, and so I can't see what they look like for myself, and give her positive encouragement on how things look.

Is that corporate policy, or is it just a case of the store making a decision not to allow that?

vandlorian3 karma

There isn't a black and white store policy. It really is a grey area. If the store is busy, we don't allow men in the fitting rooms because we get too many complains from other customers that they aren't comfortable with a man being in the same fitting rooms where they're naked and walking in and out of rooms and opening their doors so frequently.

If its slow enough to where I can put a couple rooms between the couple and the rest of the customers, I let him in.

Sharkictus2 karma

I have to wonder...can a man work there? Is it possible?

Because I imagine it have to be.

vandlorian6 karma

Men work here all the time. They're just restricted to the cashiering or back room work.

cheviot1 karma

Are you the amazing roller skater that I think you are?

vandlorian2 karma

No. I'm a terrible fruit booter.

bustedupbenz1 karma

I'm a former mall cop. I worked at a mall for two years and we never got called to Victoria's Secret once for shoplifting. I asked one of the girls that worked there about it. She said it was corporate policy to not prosecute. Is that true?

vandlorian2 karma

True. Unless its a frequent shoplifter. And I mean FREQUENT. We have to call on that specific person 50+ times AND have numerous police reports.

Dizzydubby1 karma

Do you feel the bras you sell are overpriced? Are they really worth the 50+ dollars? Or are we just paying for the brand?

oh also why are most of your bras padded? I am 5'2 with a 32 DDD. I do not need anymore push up!

vandlorian3 karma

I do feel the price is a little too steep, considering our lack of sizes.

DDD's are expanding right now. You should see more soon!

brvheart1 karma

Is every single store manager a female?

vandlorian2 karma

No. The most successful store manager in my district is a male.

brvheart2 karma

Is he attractive?

vandlorian2 karma

He's average looking. Very nice man. Has a wonderful wife and two children.

brvheart2 karma

Why do you think he does so well? Just kindness?

Certainly there are going to be women that would feel awkward with him around. How does he overcome this?

vandlorian2 karma

He's very kind and easy to approach, so customers are easily taken to him. He doesn't work in bras. He kind of roams the store, asks for feedback and then relays that to the bra teams manager. So be still gets to manage, just from a distance.

bornagainredditor1 karma

My wife works in VS in the North East. She is also super pissed about the theft and how it's handled.

Why don't you and other managers get together try to do something? At some point corporate has to listen. It gets to the point where I get angry because of what my wife has to deal with.

vandlorian4 karma

We can be sued and fired for even the smallest altercation when it comes to shoplifting. It sucks. And quite frankly, it's dangerous. Corporate is running our company into the GROUND because of how much money they allow to walk out of the store. And not even just that, they force us to refund it, even if we know its stolen.

Sometimes we take matters into our own hands, and ask someone to leave. But we do this with great caution because we have to decide if its worth potentially losing our jobs.

Also, saving a couple panties is not worth getting your ass kicked by someone who makes a living doing this shit. It's their only source of income. They steal, return it, and sell the gift card for cash. Some little blonde in a head set will not stop them for anything. I've seen how violent our customers can be. It's terrible.

And corporate doesn't seem to give a shit.