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We have a very topical and amazing episode of my show “The New Normal” airing on NBC tonight at 9.30pm EST/PST called “About a Boy Scout." You get to see The New Normal take on the controversy surrounding The Boys Scouts of America. You also get to see me in short shorts. I hope you all tune in and share your thoughts on the episode and/or how my legs remind you of the movie Cocoon.

You can hashtag #NewNormal on Twitter tonight and get this important topic trending.

Update: I'll be answering questions today starting at 10AM PST/1PM EST here:

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whoviangirl771 karma

I don't actually have a question for you, but i just wanted to say that you're awesome and you made National Treasure, you were by far the best actor/character.

JustinLBartha426 karma

Thank you

GodlessEndeavor415 karma

How much were you paid to do Each hangover Movie?

JustinLBartha1324 karma

first one not enough, second two way too much.

Nebbiolo358 karma

Is Zach Galifianakis weird outside the screen?

JustinLBartha653 karma


pwniess326 karma

You're my celeb crush so naturally, I can't think of anything good to ask. Damnit.

JustinLBartha702 karma

You're my fan crush, I can't think of anything either. Damnit.

Dem827311 karma

You were in national treasure with Nicolas cage right? What was he like?

JustinLBartha557 karma

Godly works.

MisterSquidz142 karma

You were definitely my favorite character from those movies.

JustinLBartha141 karma

Thank you

ev_n285 karma

What does it feel like playing a gay man on television and on NBC of all channels? Does it feel like you are a visionary of some sorts? I also want to take this time to thank you for playing a non-typical gay role on television. As a gay man myself your character reminds me of myself a lot.

JustinLBartha873 karma

Playing a gay man feels the same as playing every other role. David isn't defined by his sexuality, he is defined by his morality. I am not a visionary. Just doing my job as truthfully as possible.

Cymry_Cymraeg780 karma

Gayest answer ever.

JustinLBartha722 karma

Thank you

NoRaMo278 karma

Are you going to be conscious in Hangover 3?

JustinLBartha655 karma

Conscious and hanging with the great John Goodman!

brandalini51 karma

How freaking cool is THAT?!

JustinLBartha101 karma


colemetzler262 karma

What is the funniest thing Zach Galifianakis has said/done outside of the screen?

JustinLBartha601 karma

He's unbearably serious off screen.

pwniess234 karma

This makes me sad.

JustinLBartha914 karma

Don't be sad, I was kidding.

artegos260 karma

have you ever asked ken jeong for medical advice? If so, what?

JustinLBartha327 karma


artegos86 karma

please tell me he then cursed you out

JustinLBartha197 karma


mytoeshurt229 karma

I have no idea why but the first thing that comes to my mind when I see you is National Treasure instead of The Hangover.

Is Sean Bean as badass as I imagine him, and did he display excitement at any point over the fact that he made it through a movie without dying?

JustinLBartha343 karma

Sean Bean is the ultimate badass and he never shows excitement because of that very reason

aricantthinkofaname205 karma

What was it like to make out with Catherine Zeta-Jones?? Please use as much detail as you see fit. or alot. you could also use a lot.

JustinLBartha537 karma

amazing. My lips touched her lips and then they didn't. Pretty standard stuff.

Babushka5187 karma

How was it working with our One True God Nicholas Cage? I need to also know whether you are also a Nicolite. Surely you are. No one can resist after meeting Him and His godly blaze. Also, have you kept in touch with Him? If you have, does He know He is being worshiped?

JustinLBartha516 karma

It was heavenly working with the God amongst men know here on Earth as Nic Cage. Nicolite till the day I die and hopefully go to Heaven where ironically Nic is the boss too.

beastbass161 karma

Do you feel cheated for not being part of the Big 3 in the Hangover?

JustinLBartha351 karma

Nope. The Big 3 is all in your mind.

IntellegentIdiot161 karma

You are 1 month older than your co-star Andrew Rannells. Do you pull rank?

JustinLBartha602 karma

That's not the only thing I pull. (sorry, couldn't help myself)

Rambling_Giant216 karma

Really?! Your mother is here!

JustinLBartha629 karma

she left

smokenslugg144 karma

First off, thanks for doing this AMA, big fan. What is your favorite film that you have been a part of and why?

JustinLBartha298 karma

I really do love them all in different ways but I would say Gigli because it was my first film and I learned many a thing.

iminthesafe142 karma

Can you open the safe?

JustinLBartha113 karma

Only if it's mine

sparcos141 karma

Do you think people who act in movies deserve millions of dollars for it?

JustinLBartha526 karma

In a perfect world, no. Teachers, soldiers and charity workers should make that money. As you know we do not live in said world so in that case...depends on how much money the movies make.

B33mo140 karma

What initially got you into acting and what has been your most challenging role thus far?

JustinLBartha395 karma

I broke my wrist trying out for my high school tennis team and needed something to do. Saw that there were a bunch of cute girls in the drama department so I tried out for A Midsummer Nights Dream.
I think my most challenging role was probably Max in Lend Me a Tenor.

cuntpuncherexpress127 karma

  1. Do you have any funny stories from filming the Hangover movies?
  2. Who of your co-stars in the Hangover movies is the nicest person?
  3. The first movie I saw you in was National Treasure. How was working with Nic Cage?

JustinLBartha428 karma

First please explain your handle. I must know.

Auntiebrybry113 karma

Did you like kissing Andrew Rannels?

JustinLBartha333 karma

Depends on what he ate for lunch.

jwhatts111 karma

I think my favorite bit from you ever was "Albuquerque. See? I can do it too. Snorkel." Such great delivery.

JustinLBartha145 karma

THank you! I made that up! tidbit.

heartdeco110 karma

Did everyone know that Gigli was an awful film when it was being made or did that just become apparent during the fallout? As a supplemental question, have you ever incorporated the phrase "it's turkey time; gobble, gobble" into your own repertoire?

JustinLBartha217 karma

Nobody sets out to make a bad movie and nobody involved thought it was bad until there were studio forced reshoots and the original cut was taken away from it's brilliant director.
As for the supplemental question, yes, as much as possible.

TheVeryGoodPal93 karma

What's your most favorite song that you've ever sang? Be honest!

JustinLBartha297 karma

on stage or in the shower? I've been singing a lot of Kendrick Lamar in my car these days.

NotMathMan82184 karma

This question is for your mom. Can you tell us Justin's most embarrassing childhood story?

JustinLBartha171 karma

Mom left the building but I'm sure she would love to do a Reddit at a later time

noblee9381 karma

Can you give us any new scoop on the final Hangover movie?? :) Very excited!!!

JustinLBartha266 karma

The scoop is that you will be satisfied and that it is the last Hangover. (And we will be back in Vegas)

nomansland33380 karma

Who is your favorite actor to work with?

JustinLBartha241 karma

Jesse Eisenberg

Calikola72 karma

Do you have any regrets about being in Gigli?

JustinLBartha153 karma

No regrets. One of the most amazing experiences of my life.

jimmy_the_tulip72 karma


JustinLBartha146 karma

First scene of the movie with Zach in the jockstrap. No way!

pronouncedshavon60 karma

You've been my celebrity crush ever since National Treasure. I'd take you over Nicholas Cage any day.

JustinLBartha309 karma

That is very sweet and fiscally irresponsible

MotorCity31360 karma

I know you are a WB.Michigan native just want to let your know... its 30 degrees and gray here in Michigan... Enjoy that sunshine. (sarcasm)

JustinLBartha168 karma

Michigan 4eva! Midwest is the best.

soffredo55 karma

How are you doing today?

JustinLBartha127 karma

Really good. Thanks. Hope you are the same.

jessicaepro43 karma

What's it like working with Andrew Rannells? I imagine him to be very nice.

Also thanks for doing an AMA. Love you in The New Normal!

JustinLBartha56 karma

He's a very nice man. THANK YOU!

Keelan11741 karma

Hi, I think you are just awesome. Will you have a more central role in the Hangover film? I'd love to see some more Doug this time round!

JustinLBartha123 karma

THank you so much. Doug is the only character with his feet firmly planted on the ground. He has too much common sense to always be there.

auae37 karma

My friend is convinced you get paid more than Andrew Rannels because you are not 'obviously gay' yet have to kiss men. Can you state for the record that this is not true?

Also, I love David and the show. Can't wait to see more of it!

JustinLBartha85 karma

That is not how it works. Your friend is waaaayyyy wrong. And thank you

Cremax36 karma

What's your fondest memory while working on The Hangover movies? Any funny stories?

JustinLBartha62 karma

My fondest memory is just going through such a rare experience with such a great group of people. The funny stories are all in the movie.

notsaej34 karma

What are your views on being gay & gay rights ( born or chosen, marriage equality or not )?

JustinLBartha192 karma

born and equal because we should all be born equal.

madrose2932 karma

I saw you on broadway in "All New People" awhile back and you were great!! Definitely one of my favorite actors :)

How is stage acting different than acting for tv or film? Is acting for tv much different than film?

And thanks for doing an AMA!!!

JustinLBartha50 karma

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Stage acting is immediate and you get to play a character from beginning to end. TV is faster paced than film. You are very welcome.

Accent1231 karma

Hey Justin! Thanks for doing this. Can you give us any idea of what it was like to portray Stiv Bators in the upcoming CBGB movie?

Has there ever been a role that you just didn't enjoy the project? Doesn't have to be about others involved, but maybe you just didn't like the filming format, the subject matter, location, etc.

Thanks again!

JustinLBartha49 karma

It was surreal to play Stiv. I was nervous because I wanted to do him right and excited to be as close as I probably ever will get to being a rock star. There's no role I haven't enjoyed. I'm too lucky to not find some kind of pleasure in each one.

Olga_Ap31 karma

What the most important things you will be missing after the last The Hangover movie?

JustinLBartha75 karma

Laughing at work

Jackandahalfass63 karma

Headline: Studio Shocker! Bartha Sez set of New Normal is Devoid of Laughs

JustinLBartha266 karma

Headline: Nobody cares what Bartha sez.

shainasz29 karma

I hope you had a good Passover! If not, I hope at least 'David' had a good Passover. :) Have a lovely day.

JustinLBartha64 karma


jonyi8928 karma

Hey Justin, automatic points in my book for doing an AMA. What is your favorite stage memory, and who was your favorite person in the theater community to work with?

JustinLBartha63 karma

I was doing a scene with Tony Shaloub in Lend Me A Tenor and a mouse ran across the stage. Tony and I improved something about calling housekeeping. I would say Tony, Stanley Tucci and the everyone at Tenor was my favorite.

ManiacKK3428 karma

Do you have any funny stories from the set of the National Treasure movies?

JustinLBartha65 karma

Many but most wouldn't be too funny to you I'm sure.

MusicnMoviesRock26 karma

Is THe New Normal on tonight after The Voice?

JustinLBartha64 karma

YES! THE VOICE, then go on, THEN THE NEW NORMAL! Great episode tonight. I promise.

Theappunderground26 karma

Hi my name is justin. So cool name ya got there!

JustinLBartha99 karma

Thanks Justin. I never liked the name much.

ejk6324 karma

If there's any actor/actress you would like to work with who would it be?

JustinLBartha77 karma

There are way too many to name. Deniro, Duvall, Shirley Maclaine to name a few. I really like Adam Driver on Girls.

iMachado2313 karma

How's it like working with Ryan Murphy?

JustinLBartha36 karma

He is very sharp and very passionate and very talented. So...great.

JayCrisss20 karma

Is there any role which you haven't gotten and were really gutted about? Or is there a specific role you'd love to play in the future?

JustinLBartha91 karma

Never gutted, only dissapointed and then onto the next. I'd love to play Bob Marley.

larryhoover220 karma

Who has been the most interesting director or actor that you have worked with?

JustinLBartha37 karma

I was lucky enough to work with Sidney Lumet on an HBO movie that never aired. That was a dream come true. Also, Martin Brest is amazing.

Chrissi-Mcfly11 karma

Would you also like to sing on The New Normal like Andrew?

JustinLBartha24 karma

I would but you wouldn't want to hear it.

Gleek2460111 karma

Hi Justin! Is Andrew Rannells as awesome as be seems?

JustinLBartha37 karma

You would not be disappointed

whitegirl969 karma

If you could pick any old movie to have been a part of, what would it be and why?

JustinLBartha11 karma

Il Sorpasso. Italy, 50's, Gassman.

lastborndinosaur9 karma

I was so obsessed with you in high school, from Failure to Launch and National Treasure. I just remember being pissed that in National Treasure II, you did not, indeed, get to call the shots after finding a treasure that redefined humanity like NicCage promised. This is the shit that keeps me up at night.

JustinLBartha11 karma


familiar_man6 karma

Does Mike Tyson's face tattoo look good in person?

JustinLBartha13 karma


Olga_Ap2 karma

Just for fun =) Would you rather live in the world of Harry Potter or the world of Hobbit?

JustinLBartha4 karma

Happy Potter for sure. I'm short enough already.

MusicnMoviesRock2 karma

Are you on Twitter?

JustinLBartha3 karma


UofMtigers20141 karma

What the hell is on Page 47?

JustinLBartha3 karma


noblee931 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck???

JustinLBartha3 karma

1 horse sized duck for sure