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Is Zach Galifianakis weird outside the screen?

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Mind you they are all very offensive...

Neurology = Agriculture (Taking care of vegetables) Pediatrics = Vets (Taking care of small beings that cant talk) Angiology = Plumber Urology = Aviary (Looking after the eggs) Gynecology = Bakery (You see, you touch, you cant eat) Obstetrics = Goalkeepers Radiology = Bats (Always in the dark) Gastroenterology = Poop-ology Dermatology = External medicine and finally, Neurosurgery = Gods (The only ones that can turn a mammal into a vegetable).

They vary from place to place, these are some I heard throughout the years. Sorry if they sound offensive.

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This! Pediatric anesthesiologists give kids a sedative hours before going in to the OR, while still in the bedroom with the parents. She did not give up, kids seldom do.

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Where I live, only if a EMS doctor pronounces everyone, meaning the ambulance got there first. The police has a special branch to remove the deceased.