As some of you may know - pre-martial sex is extremely restricted in most of the Arab countries or unaccepted - not to mention getting it on tape. As most of the Muslim world believe that this dishonors the family reputation. I own a website streaming 700 videos of those kind - which are very rare and getting them means knowing the right people who know has the right connection in local places. For those who are curious the website is

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KnavishSprite24 karma

What is the punishment if you - or those on the site - get caught?

hornypiso45 karma

Me, I'd go to jail for good. The ones on the site it depends, if it's gays it could mean execution, if it's normal sex it would just mean going to jail.

mitcheh22 karma

For some reason I have always wanted to talk to a porn site owner...XD

Firstly, how does the video making process work; Since its clearly illegal how do you find people to appear in videos? What kind of people show up? How much are these actors/actresses paid?

Do you have a family or wife who knows about your business? If so what do they think of it?

Now, about the money... Do you get much income off this? Whats your lifestyle like? Are you a happy person?

hornypiso23 karma

1) No actors - it's all amateur home videos since no one will risk being an actor and it's illegal. 2) My family doesn't know about this business only some close friends that were shocked in the beginning but I guess they got used to it. 3) I don't make any money out of it so far. my income goes to hosting resources.

aNonSapient13 karma

How do you feel realizing that you might be responsible for those people going to jail in the future?

hornypiso29 karma

No one steals those videos, the people that make them are the ones who spread them. it's their actions, I'm not responsible for it, I just take advantage of it.

flyingwilderbeast20 karma

Not all Muslim countries have a pole up their ass, you just live in Saudi.

hornypiso25 karma

I know.

Under-your-bed19 karma


hornypiso15 karma

Good question.

[deleted]17 karma

Why, in your opinion, would people in those videos risk legal punishment for appearing in porn videos?

hornypiso37 karma


ToolManJack7 karma

so if the people in your videos are stupid for taking the risk of appearing in a porno in a country in which it is illegal, aren't you stupid for producing it?

hornypiso4 karma

I'm not producing it I'm just putting it in one website. other than that I must agree, it could be a bit stupid, but I like it.

Neoito12 karma

What measures have you got in place to ensure that you don't get caught?

hornypiso28 karma

I work from Remotely controlled machine located in Bulgaria - which also uses a few VPNs from other countries.

sinefato11 karma

Why isn't there an english version? :(

hornypiso22 karma

Will be there in 1 week :)

goretsky9 karma


A few questions:

  1. How did you you get into this line of business?

  2. How hard is it to recruit actors and staff?

  3. What's the most unusual request you have had for a video, from a customer?

  4. What's the most popular kind of video? Least popular?

  5. How do you handle payment?

  6. How do customers reach your site? (I am assuming it is blocked in most of the target countries)

  7. Have you ever had any run-ins with a family member of any of your actors? If so, what happened?

Thank you for taking the time to do this IAmA.


Aryeh Goretsky

hornypiso17 karma

  1. I just wanted to do something super extreme and unique.
  2. I have no actors - it's all amateur home videos.
  3. There's no customers just horny people watching the videos.
  4. Most popular is a woman sleeping with a doctor and blackmailing him after having that on tape and threatening to spread it. Least popular? some naked dancing stuff.
  5. Foreign banks.
  6. The website is still not blocked so far but at a risk of being blocked anytime now.
  7. No I haven't even if I have - they don't know that I own the website.

affenvampir9 karma

You're a hero. I'm not being facetious or anything what you do is important. Keep up the good work! (sorry, no question)

hornypiso7 karma

Thank you very much for the support! appreciated!

Big_Black_Wang9 karma

This is a question I'd like to ask: I know man-man gay sex is illegal and would get you killed, but what about girl-girl sex? Is that frowned down upon too?

A man can have multiple wives in Islam,but from what I understand, they are rotated, and not all together. If a man sleeps with two or more of his wives at the same time and they touch each other, is this considered gay as well?

also Arab women can be hot, if you ever see them. See /r/dathijab

hornypiso9 karma

I assume it's also counted as gay. you need to ask a religious guy about that I really have no idea.

Kldsrf9 karma

  1. Why are you doing this? Whats the ultimate goal or moral of what you're doing?

  2. What do you think about the censoring of pornographic websites in many Arab countries? Have you had to deal with this?

  3. Do you think this attitude of "no porn, no masturbation" in SA has led to the huge sexual deprivation of the Saudis?

hornypiso26 karma

1) Ultimate goal is freedom. I believe that you're living once and you should enjoy any sexual relationships or pornography - especially when it doesn't harm anyone. 2) I think it's against basic human rights and freedom. 3) Yes I do and I believe it's a source for many social problems, internally and externally.

I_Rok_Bro7 karma

1) Do you feel there is a trend of sexual liberation throughout the Muslim world? Changing attitutes toward sexuality in general?

2) Do you feel technology has had a direct roll in this change?

hornypiso3 karma

1) not a trend but a need! 2) it's helping

hellotygerlily7 karma

Where do you find Arab women to do it?

hornypiso6 karma

I don't, they do it and their boyfriend probably posts it.

bkwrmi12 karma

Are you at all concerned that the boyfriend may be posting it without the girlfriend's permission/consent?

Has anyone requested you remove a video? If so, what did you do?

hornypiso5 karma

it's not my fault if someone posts a video without having permissions for that. when we get complains we take down the video immediately.

galimois6 karma

do locals ,i mean arabs ,enjoy it?

hornypiso12 karma

Most of my audience is from Arab countries - so I guess yes.

gazzawhite6 karma

Is there anything illegal in what you are doing?

hornypiso27 karma

All of it.

gazzawhite7 karma

Aren't you kinda worried about getting caught?

hornypiso29 karma

Not really, I watch my ass carefully.

KaazEDM10 karma

Coming from a porn site owner, nice pun!

hornypiso6 karma

Thank you.

Lost44683 karma

Why stay in the country if you're at risk of life imprisonment?

hornypiso4 karma

I'm planing to leave soon.

Boo_This_Redditor5 karma

What kind of porn career advice would you give an midget arab transexual?

hornypiso28 karma

"find yourself a better job"

freshbreeze9875 karma

Do you have a favorite video?

hornypiso23 karma

Believe it or not, Arab porn is not my thing.

Terdfergeson8775 karma

I smell front page.

hornypiso9 karma

I wish, but people are voting down :/

claudionesta3 karma

What are the most popular search terms in the country?

hornypiso1 karma

Ask google.

Aphex1173 karma


hornypiso5 karma

Yes I would love to if it's quality links of course.

uhhnon3 karma

Do Muslim women keep their hijabs on while they fuck?

hornypiso4 karma

No, they take it off as soon as they get inside the house.

scoot23ro3 karma

what kind of cars do you own? anything cool

hornypiso3 karma

I own a simple mazda, this website still doesn't make much income.

zombiepoke3 karma

How much money do you generally generate from it?

hornypiso3 karma

Most of the money goes on hosting resources, so I don't make real money out of it.

frustrationman3 karma

Why do you insist doing this? If you get caught, you're going to face punishment and you do not have a decent profit from the site!

hornypiso12 karma

because I support freedom and I'm against all this censoring and conservative nations.

mstrgrieves3 karma

I really, really appreciate that sentiment, and I love porn myself.

That being said, aren't there other ways you can protest against the censorship that are more meaningful and have smaller chance of getting you in real trouble? Maybe mirror banned websites or political literature or something?

hornypiso3 karma

That's boring, having a porn website for that is way more cool.

TheMrNucc3 karma

Why would you do this if getting caught means you go to jail for a long ass time?

hornypiso4 karma

I do stupid stuff like that sometimes.

TheDirtyDespensable3 karma

How many hits do you get a month?

hornypiso5 karma


crypticblizzard3 karma

Are you an Arab yourself?

I'm really surprised that it's not banned in Saudi when the website name clearly calls for one. (sorry for my technological ignorance)

Also, imagine, if your sister had a video of her having sex and was posted somewhere on the internet would you post that video on your site and claim that she's your sister? (no offense)

hornypiso2 karma

I wouldn't post a video of my sister mainly because I'm not a pervert. second, if my sister done something stupid she should expect the consequences.

tecomancat3 karma

What is your favorite type of porn?

hornypiso3 karma


LostInThisWorldx3 karma

I'm from Morocco and i must say you really have guts to do this in your country. Aren't you afraid of getting caught?

hornypiso2 karma

Nope, I'm careful enough.

xzbobzx3 karma

What sparked the idea "Hey, lets put up an extremely illegal porn site!", where did you get it? What was that first flash of inspiration?

hornypiso3 karma

Doing something that no one has ever done before.

Mgladiethor3 karma

Ipad iphone support?

hornypiso2 karma


2th3 karma

+1 internets, and some karma, to you good sir for peddling smut to people who really need it. People like you will change the world and make people less uptight. And for that, you deserve more thanks. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

hornypiso2 karma

Thanks you very much :)

depal883 karma

Do you think Saudi will have an Arab spring?

hornypiso2 karma

Not in the next few decades.

SpinYourMeat3 karma

So is there just a hole in the burqa we don't know about? Like an easy access dealio?

hornypiso7 karma

lol, maybe in some of the videos, didn't check carefully

fatimadanish2 karma

hey, i heard the kingdom of saudi arabia, censors sooo many sites there, they do not even have access to torrentz, then how do u show them porn!

hornypiso5 karma

I'm guessing the website will be blocked at some point too.

fatimadanish3 karma

is it possible for the nationals there to visit ur site, even after blocking it... i mean there has to be some way... u must have thought for a back-up plan to blocking..

hornypiso4 karma

they can use a VPN or proxy I guess.

fatimadanish-7 karma

oh... dat means international servers! dats a good idea.. can u tell me more about ksa.. does everybody really own 3-5 cars there!!!?

hornypiso3 karma


giveitago2 karma

How do you deal with all the hair?

hornypiso3 karma

Most of them shave.

FullySentientManatee2 karma

Are you worried this AMA may be used to stop/prosecute you, others in your business, or the people in your videos?

EDIT: spelling

hornypiso1 karma


WHAT_i_dont_Care2 karma

have u ever wanted to become the number one call of duty player ?

hornypiso6 karma


[deleted]2 karma


hornypiso4 karma

YES - that's the whole point of making this website - it's going against the flow. that's what makes it so unique.

[deleted]2 karma


hornypiso4 karma

It does, that's why I'm posting this here.

[deleted]2 karma


hornypiso10 karma

I'm still new here, didn't know that exists. but I bet they will knock me out in the first minute.

skidd2 karma

Sad but can you tell us how many people in those videos are dead or in prison ? I'm sure suicides and honor killings are quite common in KSA. Knowing the Arab-Muslim culture, stuff like these never goes 'unpunished'.

hornypiso4 karma

I don't know about any cases of suicide or prison.

Bonerusmaximus2 karma

How can I start a business like this?

Do you think Arab women are hot? I personally have been looking at them and Desi girls lately.

Can I have a job?

hornypiso4 karma

A job in what exactly?

360walkaway2 karma

Paraphrased question from comedian Doug Stanhope:

In America, we have titty bars where you can see womens' tits for a surcharge. Do you guys have facey bars where you can see womens' faces for a surcharge? Go into a cave somewhere and be amazed by seeing a woman spit pingpong balls out of her mouth?

hornypiso3 karma

hahahahahaha, not all women cover their face in Saudi Arabia but most of them.

bobbrah1 karma

How much comes from the Arab world?

hornypiso3 karma

How much what?

bobbrah2 karma

The videos that are uploaded.

hornypiso3 karma

all of them.

walrus01 karma

Your website/servers appear to be physically located in or near Cologne, Gemrany... You can't really say that it's in Saudi Arabia.

hornypiso6 karma

Of course I can, I just did.

botnut0 karma

Since no one's asking, what's the website?

hornypiso2 karma

in the description

Panentheist-3 karma

Hello - Why did you make the site? Isn't it blasphemous?

hornypiso13 karma

Because I can.

anonymouslives-7 karma

Must be difficult to shoot scenes with all of those women wearing blankets over their entire bodies!

hornypiso8 karma

they don't wear them indoors.

Rhythm825-19 karma

How can you tell the girls apart?

hornypiso20 karma

by looking at them?

xxxmonarchy-24 karma

This isn't an arab porn site. It is a scam where you click on the video it links it to an affiliate webcam site. He doesn't own shit.

hornypiso16 karma

this is how I monetize my videos. you should click "Skip" when that screen appears.