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What's the general atmosphere there, how are the people on the streets? Are they as happy/talkative as in the West? Are the people walking around families or colleagues or are there many friends like anywhere else?

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  • How did you organize this? I assume most indigenous groups don't just welcome any stranger to live with them.. And what what is the communication like, I read about only very few speaking portuguese or are the Huni Kuin different? I didn't expect them to wear western clothing either

  • What are the most remarkable encounters with animals during your time there? How common is it to meet big spiders and poisonous animals? Do they somwhat avoid the huts?

  • What is a usual day like and what are 'leisure time'-activities for these people?

  • What are shared and seperated activities of men and women? Have there been 'rules' about this?

  • How are illnesses (like dengue fever, snake bites) treated? Are there missionaries?

  • What are the most interesting things you take out of these experiences? And what has surprised you most in the way of life?

  • What is the most dangerous thing that happened to you or that you witnessed?

  • I have been interested in some time away from technology and materialism, how would I go about doing something like that?

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Thanks for taking the time for a long answer :-)

How often do you see those venomous spiders?

How can someone do a travel like this? Are there organizations?

What's on the menu there besides fish? Are there bigger animals you can hunt or are there forms of agriculture?

Do the people sometimes play games or something like that? In what language were you speaking with them or was there a translator with you?

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What are the most popular search terms in the country?

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Do you occasionaly visit family in Somalia?

Are you related to any nomads? If yes, what do your parents say about them?

I found the bond and loyality of family described in Desert Dawn very interesting and inspiring, are you raised with similar values (in case you read that book)