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Great comment, it is shocking how many people, even educated, sophisticated people with an interest in political science and philosophy, refuse to see this.

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When I was younger and traveling around australia and new zealand, all anybody wanted to ask me about was "red cups". I'd try to strike up a conversation about living in their countries, but all they wanted to know is if I really drank beer out of red cups.

I seriously thought about starting a business exporting red solo (the brand) cups down there, and maybe selling chicken wings since they don't have those there either.

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Currently typing this in arlington; everybody in the room fucked her too.

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i think it depends on the country. In lots of islamic countries, alcohol use is, if not illegal, heavily discouraged socially, but far fewer people have a problem with hash.

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Do you think that we should begin profiling customers to ease airport security for everybody? Or switch to a system similar to what they use in Israel, where those flying are interviewed, and only those who are high risk are checked? Do you feel that what you do is "security theater" designed to make people feel safe, or do you actually think your job is important?