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Very few men know this, but have you tried looking at prostate arousal? Men can have multiple orgasms with proper stimulation and is unrelated to ejaculation or the penis.

The downside is sticking things in your bum. You will need a toy, a vibrator for men.

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yeah I should have said straight, my bad. Gays have known this for a long time.

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Does it piss you off that many men and women don't know what a vulva is and refer it to as the vagina? It annoys me for some reason. Probably bad sex ed I think. I wish more knew the distinction, it''s very important. Alternatively, pussy is a good catchall term.

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This is a question I'd like to ask: I know man-man gay sex is illegal and would get you killed, but what about girl-girl sex? Is that frowned down upon too?

A man can have multiple wives in Islam,but from what I understand, they are rotated, and not all together. If a man sleeps with two or more of his wives at the same time and they touch each other, is this considered gay as well?

also Arab women can be hot, if you ever see them. See /r/dathijab