I played football at U of M, now I am training for the NFL and working on starting a painting program for the kids from Pahokee.

PROOF: http://imgur.com/1s4jxKl

MY KICKSTARTER: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/360421952/c2c-vincent-smith-teaches-painting-pilot Edit 1 Be back in a couple hours have to workout

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maroth4298 karma

Hi Vincent. Just wanted to that even though your legacy with some football fans as the guy who got hit by Clowney, Michigan fans will always remember you for your gritty play, amazing blocking, and—of course—finger guns. Speaking for all Michigan fans, thank you.

My question for you is when did you begin painting and what drove your interest?

VSMITH29 karma

I began at U of M just randomly. I was interested because I wanted to try something different.

zparts30 karma

What kind of sub did you get?

VSMITH267 karma

Chicken bacon ranch wheat bread.

bstampl13 karma

Is this part of your NFL-training diet, or a deviation from it?

VSMITH25 karma


bigfat92027 karma

What did it feel like when Clowney hit you? What went wrong with the play where he was able to get to you so quickly?

VSMITH276 karma

My tight end missed the call on the down block.

yracuse25 karma

the play

LT Taylor Lewan audibled for a change in the blocking scheme after noticing SC preparing a blitz.

glad you weren't injured and took it like an adult

VSMITH274 karma

Lol yea I took one for the team.

recollection29 karma

what's the funniest comment you heard in regard to that play

VSMITH260 karma

Lol the funniest one was why didn't you shake him like you do everyone else, when he was right in my face as I was getting the ball..

stubob22 karma

Hi Vincent, U-M grad '98 here. Were you involved with Martavious Odoms's Hope For Pahoke kickstarter, and did that help you get your project going?

Were you guys expressly allowed or forbidden from going to fan sites like mgoblog? Do any of the comments from fans get to you guys?

What is the biggest difference between Coach Rodriguez and Coach Hoke?

Last, as a player: more marching band, or more piped-in music?

Thanks for a great career, and Go Blue!

VSMITH248 karma

Yes I brain stormed with him but I was in school and it would've been against the rules.

And we couldn't get on mgoblogs and talk either.


I like them both.

Thanks, Go Blue

TwainsMustache21 karma

Growing up in Pahokee, did you experience any culture shock when you first started living in Ann Arbor?

VSMITH251 karma

The only thing that shock me was the weather.

Because it was my first time seeing snow

hipsterdufus19 karma

Whats your favorite burrito at BTBs?

VSMITH229 karma

The Chicken burrito.

yracuse15 karma

hey Vincent, how was it like playing with Denard and in Hoke's offense?

good luck with the painting program

VSMITH231 karma

It was good playing with my good old friend and blocking for him.

arborite13 karma

What was your favorite play that you guys ran? I'm guessing that throwback wheel route that always seemed to get you into the end zone.

VSMITH26 karma

Yes you are correct. Any play involves me getting the ball in space

dogboyboy13 karma

Guys, that "proof" photo is an obvious shop, here's the original image.

VSMITH219 karma

Lol that's funny

Danzaslapped12 karma

Go Bucks. And best of luck with the project, it sounds great. Definitely donating again if you add a Scarlet and Grey wristband

VSMITH276 karma

Thank you so much for your support. But sorry I can't do that :)

Cheehu11 karma

Favorite food and NFL team?

VSMITH262 karma

Clam chowder and hopefully I'll have a favorite team In the future.

Trayf10 karma

What is your least favorite part about Michigan? What's your most favorite?

VSMITH247 karma

My least favorite is the weather but my favorite is the big house and being a Michigan alumni.

ttime0309 karma

I've read about Pahokee and the caliber of athletes that come out of there before and was just wondering how well you think playing high school football in Pahokee prepared you for college football? And what made you decide on a painting class?

VSMITH222 karma

It really prepared me because I played with a lot of guys that were successful and made it to the NFL like J. Jenkins (Rams) and P.McPhee (Ravens) . We all were hard on each other to be the best coming from our area.

Random I needed a class for my elective and I shocked myself.

TijuanaTacoMonster9 karma

What's your plan should the NFL not have a spot for you?

VSMITH218 karma

They should have one for me and whatever spot I have I'll take full advantage of my opportunity.

Herpesdeep9 karma

Was it tough transitioning from Rich Rod to Brady Hoke?

VSMITH215 karma

It wasn't easy but I had to learn them both quickly if I wanted to play.

arborite8 karma

Of all of the uniforms that you wore, which was your favorite? Also, numbers on helmets: yay or nay?

VSMITH221 karma

The Michigan state throw backs and under the lights were both my favorite.

Numbers on the helmets yay

Mucfry8 karma

Were you ever intimidated by road crowds? I always feel like I would play so awful in front of thousands who don't like me.

VSMITH220 karma

Not at all I've been playing football since I was 9 with the 11 year olds at the end to the day it the same field, football, and same rules everything else really don't matter.

Oh yea and to WIN!!

VSMITH217 karma

Just think about your playing the game for and who your playing it for.

bdsisme8 karma

What's your favorite stadium that you played in (other than The Big House, of course)?

VSMITH234 karma

I would say New Orleans but the big house was the best.

After the under the light game really had me sold. Classic

boredinbiloxi14 karma

I was born and raised in Columbus. Been a Michigan fan my whole life. Joined the Air Force in '07 and been station in Biloxi, Ms ever since. Got free tickets to the Sugar Bowl and I must say that was the best night of my life! Thanks for being apart of it. I'm going to donate the last $54 to get you to your goal. Best of luck to your career and great outreach program in the future!

VSMITH214 karma

Thanks for you donation. Happy to be apart of your experience.

cptcliche8 karma

What was your favorite individual play/game that you had and what was your favorite team play/game?

VSMITH218 karma

Actually the half back pass was my favorite

arborite8 karma

Do you guys ever read fan sites like MGoBlog? Do you take anything you read on there (good or bad) seriously?

VSMITH229 karma

I look at it sometimes.

The nice things I take in and other things ignore them

CavemanBobs7 karma

What player on Michigan's team do you think is going to break out next season?

VSMITH27 karma

I have a couple in mine but we will see.

eazy_e6 karma

How is your training for the NFL going (what does it entail) and what are your hopes for where you end up?

Also, what do you think about how Denard's skill set will translate to the professional game?

Thanks for doing this, I look forward to supporting your Kickstarter.

Go Blue!

VSMITH211 karma

Training is good and I've been working hard the last mouth in a half to see it pay off with my future plans.

Denard will be find in whatever he does in the professional league.


Go Blue!

bbllstr225 karma

What were you thinking as you caught and ran that screen pass in for a late go-ahead touchdown against ND? Was that a play you'd been saving for the right time during the game? Go Blue!

VSMITH27 karma

Touchdown and it was in the game plan

centex5 karma

Excluding Hoke, who do you think is the best college football coach?

VSMITH236 karma


Shadowhawk1093 karma

You're one of my more favorite players on the team last season (2012), and while I don't have a specific question for you, thanks for doing this, and being a great player and representative of U of M!

edit: You may want to cross-post this over to /r/cfb, there are TONS of people there who would want to chat with you, both Michigan students and rivals alike!

VSMITH21 karma

Thank you working on it.

seashanti3 karma

I applaud your panting project, where I lve Art has been dropped from the curriclum! Parents need someone like you, have you thought of plot programs in other places? I know alot of kids who could benefit from any experience or people who are doing this! Way to go, I used to go to a free program and ended up with a career in graphics and writing.

VSMITH22 karma

Thanks eventually I would try to expand this was my first project I came up with to give back. And it's going good so in the future I will try it in other places.

MichiganWolverine3 karma

Hey Vincent, what was your favorite moment in any UofM football game?

VSMITH23 karma

The game when I made history in the big house with a passing TD, rushing TD, and catching TD in the same game.

zasabi73 karma

Forever GO BLUE! Giving back to the community, that is the Michigan difference. Wish you all the best, fellow Wolverine.

Question: Is Denard as goofy and loveable behind the scenes as he is in interviews and what not?

VSMITH23 karma

My good friend Denard is a people's person he's the same guy

jackie_jormpjomp3 karma

Hey Vincent, I'm a 2006 grad (go blue!). I really loved your tough style of play and I think I saw you at Briarwood Mall once. My question is... Who on the team eats the most?

VSMITH212 karma

Richard ash lol

eshasta3 karma

You seemed to come back just as strong after your ACL injury freshman year. How was training to get back into shape for you, and have you departed any of that wisdom on guys like Countess or Wormley as they try to recover from their injuries?

VSMITH23 karma

Yes, I talked to those guy and let them know that it takes a lot of mental an physical training trying to recover fast from a ACL injury. Just having your mine set on your goals is key with that.

lernington3 karma

How does it feel when you watch Sports Center these days? I was super impressed that you just popped up from that hit. How did it stack up in terms of the most painful hits you've taken? Also, as a Michigan fan, thank you for all of the contributions that you've made to our program.

VSMITH29 karma

I watched it two times and forgot about and start training.

Thats all apart of the game.

In high school my freshmen year


imacyco3 karma

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for all your hard work at Michigan. All the best in the path ahead. Go Blue!

A fellow Michigan Alum.

VSMITH27 karma


debatebro153 karma

Do you eat at Five Guys on state street a lot?

VSMITH210 karma

Not healthy

Reid20B3 karma

Hi Vince -

Were there any differences between Coach Barwis and Coach Wellman in terms of the strength and conditioning program the team participated in?

VSMITH22 karma

Yes. With Barwis we focused on speed and with Wellman we evened out our focus

BonfireinRageValley3 karma

As a buckeye we have our Mirror Lake Jump before the Michigan game, do you guys have a similar tradition before the game?

VSMITH210 karma

Touching our banner before every home game

Tiberiusjesus2 karma

I really hope not all the questions asked will be about the Clowney hit, but damn.

VSMITH29 karma


SmithFire132 karma

Was there one team that you have liked to play against and scheduling never allowed it?

VSMITH21 karma

I would've like to played some Florida teams.

HopefulWisdom2 karma

Just wanted to say Go Blue!

VSMITH22 karma

Go blue!!

eatthomaspaine2 karma

Gonna miss having you in the backfield. Only hope to see more of you running over people in the pros! As far as a question, which game was most memorable for you?

VSMITH23 karma

Notre Dame under the lights hands down

Rygat2 karma

I just have to ask if any other stadiums compare to the Big House when you can see the crowd from the field? Also, will you be selling your personal artwork after the Kickstarter program?

VSMITH27 karma

No other stadium can compare to the Big House

I've been thing about but I'll sell some other paintings when I have time.

mattbednar2 karma

Vincent, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the pink visitor's locker rooms in Kinnick Stadium.

VSMITH22 karma

I guest they put them there to intimidate but it doesn't bother me.

jackmeeker2 karma

what's your favorite kind of muffin?

VSMITH26 karma

I'm not a muffin eater

Swizer212 karma

What was your major in college?

VSMITH21 karma

Minor in sociology and African American studies. Thinking about going back for my masters in Sociology.

blueboybob2 karma

Are you new to reddit or have you been around a while? Come check us out in /r/cfb (college football)

VSMITH23 karma

Been lurking and I will check it out

cerebral_ballsy2 karma

Hi Vincent - you have displayed a lot of incredible pass blocking from the running back position. Do you enjoy blocking and take pride in that aspect of the game? How do you think you've become such an effective blocker at your size?

VSMITH22 karma

I have the killer instinct. Lol

NDPhilly2 karma

Thoughts on Manti Teo?

VSMITH217 karma

Great athlete

Blue-III2 karma


VSMITH23 karma

Stay humble and remember all the things you did to get you at this point and pick the best school that you want to attend.

captian_captian2 karma

Mr. Smith I want to thank you for all the excitement you have given me and my dad watching you over the years. I also would get in to arguments with my dad about who would should be the starting back (me always saying you were the true starter). Thank you so much for choosing michigan. Also what advice would you give a football player for off season lifting rutines?

I loved the minnesota game where you scored three ways.

VSMITH23 karma

Thank you and the advice would be work harder during your off season because its where you become great.

captian_captian5 karma

If the rams ever give you a try out I St Louis my family would love to have you over for dinner.

VSMITH21 karma

If I'm fortunate enough to visit the Rams then I will take you up on your offer.

FeatofClay2 karma

I love that you are promoting art in Pahokee. Couldn't be prouder of the way UM players are continuing to make a difference off the field.

So, as for questions.....I always loved how you were repeatedly named as the toughest guy on the team, no matter how many pounds other guys might have had over you. Who, in your estimation, will inherit that title now that you've graduated?

VSMITH22 karma

Thanks I bleed blue so

Go Blue!!

ObamasInPajamas2 karma

How much do the players care about uniforms?

VSMITH22 karma

We care about them a lot look good play good.

Benditlikebaker2 karma

So as a big Michigan fan, I live nearby..and I tailgate every home game! ( I am not usually lucky enough to get tickets often though) I just want to say GO BLUE and thank you for being on our team :)

But I should ask a question so.. How did it feel to play for a school like U of M? It seems like such prestigous team to be a part of and I am just wondering if it felt that way, or if it just felt like another football team.

VSMITH22 karma

I can't even explain how good it felt being able to play for the winningest college football team and putting on that wing helmet. It was a honor also to play in a stadium with over a 100 thousand fan every home game.

FeastMode1 karma

How come so many kids from The Muck, except for a couple here and there, want to go ANYWHERE but UMiami?

VSMITH25 karma

We had one but ask UMiami

[deleted]1 karma

What kind of painting do you do and what contemporary painters do you like? I have to admit I have no idea who you are, but I went to art school and all I see here are football questions :).

VSMITH21 karma

I paint what I am inspired by and paint with acrylics. I like Adam Gabriel Winnie's series of portraits he did recently.

ellisbredding1 karma

If you had to chose one...

Zingermans or Maize and Blue?

Also favorite burger place in town?

VSMITH21 karma

I have never been to Zingermans

Picster1 karma


VSMITH22 karma

Brown Jug is up on the list, there's a lot of stuff and depends on what I feel like.

GoodLuckLetsFuck1 karma


VSMITH25 karma

It's all good my man

Don't worry about weight I eat right, run fast, and stay in shape.


We all where brought up different so hard work and dedication.

It's a TD most of the time


ForzaAzzuro1 karma

Ricks or Skeeps?

VSMITH21 karma


Tucker_Malcolm31 karma

Yo Vincent, I was attending Michigan when I saw you play your Freshman year. You looked fucking fantastic that year (you have since been one of my favorite players at Michigan along with D. Rob) and then you unfortunately had that nasty injury. I don't want to be a dick or anything, but it seemed like that injury slowed you down a little bit the year after because.... you didn't look as fast? I don't know how to say this without sounding like a massive douche, but do you think that injury after your freshman year slowed you down a little bit?

VSMITH25 karma

It was a problem at time but I love the game and wanted to be on the field. But I played with a chip on my folder . And I came back to help in any way I can for my team.

exceptionalmind0 karma

do you have to wrap your feet when you play and workout?

VSMITH23 karma

Ankles taped yea I have to.

wackywiener0 karma

Where do you rank yourself amongst the backs coming out this year?

Who's the most overrated and underrated back in the draft?

Edit: One more: which college coaching hire was the best this offseason. Who'll pan out the quickest as well as the best in the long term?

VSMITH27 karma

Ive Been working hard and i feel its going to pay off.

I'm not the type of guy that talks about other people's skills

jjp3217-10 karma

Why do black people say smith like this: smiwff?

VSMITH24 karma

It's a southern accent