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torchdexto461 karma

Wanted to say you're one of my favorite people, and seem like such a fun person to meet.

What was up with the mary poppins chick here on the left who used her mind powers on you?

Edit: Oh my god I have been replied to by D-Piddy.

mercwiththemoves366 karma

Dunno. She must be a wizard.

saraht0ga403 karma

Can we get married and make beautiful dancing babies that play the ukulele?

mercwiththemoves784 karma

I dunno if your vagina could handle it.

Beefus_of_Canada334 karma

I was going to say this would probably be better off at /r/casualiama but then I clicked on your DP vs GS video, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT BALLS MAN it was at 3000 views when I last watched it, its now at 47million.

You belong here, Suck it Wolverine.

mercwiththemoves447 karma

Yeah. Type in "Deadpool" on YouTube, and I'm the first video that pops up. I'm the most watched Deadpool video on YouTube. Pretty damn awesome.

EsotericGremlin313 karma

Don't know if this was asked yet, but did anything happen between you and rogue?

For the sake of men everywhere I hope the answer is yes.

EDIT: spelling

mercwiththemoves453 karma

I don't remember... I was too distracted.


When you're out in public doing those random dances, do strangers ever say stuff to you or you over hear them saying something weird? If so, what are some of the nicest/meanest/weirdest things you've heard from people?

mercwiththemoves547 karma

"HEY SPIDER-MAN!" | "Hey, Spider-Man doesn't use swords." | "OMG, it's the Deadpool guy from the videos!" | "He's not the dancing Deadpool" | "That dude's junk is like way out there" | "That guy is fucking stupid. Such an attention whore" | "Can I kiss you?" | "Hey, your mask is crooked" | "Hey, are you shooting a video right now?" | "Let's battle" | "I hate you" | "OMG OMG CAN WE DO THE GANGNAM STYLE?"

swaddledchicken218 karma

My sister and I took a picture with you at Comikaze. It was our first convention and being able to take a picture with you made it even more awesome! Here's the pic: http://imgur.com/aNeRtvL Keep being awesome and hope to see you at other cons.

mercwiththemoves242 karma

Oh wow... I never seen this one, LOL.

0ffbeat208 karma

Will you ever show us your face? I know you're Asian but still D: FACE BEHIND THE MASK PLEASE!

mercwiththemoves498 karma

Show you guys my face? Well, I probably won't post up a picture of it online (people seem to be drawn by the who mystery of it all). But yeah, if I'm at a convention like... eating a taco or something and I have my mask off, I can't really do anything about it.

helperdog401 karma

It is my mission to find you and give you a taco...

mercwiththemoves531 karma

Awesome. When you do, remeind me "hey, I'm the dude from Reddit who offered the taco in exchange to see your face."

GuerrillaDayProject261 karma

You can never feel safe around tacos again. Can you face up to that?

mercwiththemoves555 karma

At least I got chicken.

GuerrillaDayProject117 karma

Are you calling me Jenkins?

wonton_burrito_field181 karma

He is saying Leroy you are so dumb.

mercwiththemoves205 karma

+2 points for you, my good sir.

Low-Key_Lyesmith172 karma

I miss the Captain America hat... You should bring that back. When are you bringing that back?

mercwiththemoves309 karma

Really? I wore that initially so people can tell me apart from all the other Deadpool cosplayers, but with everyone recognizing me, I haven't wore it since. But for you... I may wear it for a segment in another video :)



mercwiththemoves452 karma

~Got my guns, I have my swords, I'm gonna kill somebody.~

0ffbeat152 karma

Are you dating your X23 cosplayer friend?

mercwiththemoves417 karma

Pfft. I'm out of her league bro.

helperdog147 karma

Where did you learn to dance? Love the videos btw.

mercwiththemoves253 karma

I used to dance with my friends when I was going to school, and eventually joined a bboy crew, and learned further from there.

zzisrafelzz125 karma

Would you please describe, in as much detail as you can, why you truly love Deadpool as you do? (I also have the love shakes for the 'Pool).

mercwiththemoves277 karma

Before I even started reading Deadpool, I thought he looked like a badass. Katanas? Guns? LOTS of GUNS!? What's not to like. He's a ninja who heals like Wolverine and uses a wide array or weapons to kill you. Plus, red, black and white are my favorite colors. I fell in love with the character even more when I started reading him though. Not only is he a badass, he's funny and fun to read. Win/win.

coaltown86 karma

Which Deadpool writer do you like the best?

mercwiththemoves231 karma

Joe Kelly.

Forman138113 karma

Do you ever get weird requests for pictures? if so what is the weirdest picture you've taken?

mercwiththemoves207 karma

Not sure what you mean... like when people see me at a convention and say "CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU?" or like... email me stuff like "Subject: show me your tits kthx"

Forman138110 karma

I meant like at cons. do they ever say things like " can you take a picture of you humping me?" or " can you do a serious normal standing picture for me?" type of deal

mercwiththemoves379 karma

Oh yeah. Someone wanted me to plank on there face, with my crotch. It was some big black dude. I agreed. Yeah... I have no shame.

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mercwiththemoves206 karma


Shawnessy103 karma

How would you say you act outside the costume compared to inside it? Is it a dramatic difference, or hardly a difference at all?

mercwiththemoves222 karma

Well, the suit gives me a sense of anonymity, and totally removes all the fears of being embarrassed with all the silly things I do in costume. I guess you can say I'm a lot less daring, but I'm pretty much the same person.

TerraRising100 karma

What's it like dry humping the Hentai Ranger?

mercwiththemoves223 karma

Warm and sweaty. It's not dry at all, actually.

Loud_Pierrot94 karma

Have you ever been contacted by "official" Marvel People?

e.g. To Perform as Deadpool in some sort of event...

mercwiththemoves174 karma

Yeah. I was part of their Marvel Game Panel in New York Comic-Con. I was also in the latest issue of Deadpool (issue #5, in the AR video).

SnowFire93 karma

Hey man! I've followed your page on facebook for a while now. What's your relationship with Marvel like? Are they cool with your cosplaying? Have they gotten their panties in a bunch yet?

mercwiththemoves195 karma

Marvel? Oh, they're awesome. My relationship with them is like Deadpool's relationship with with swords: he loves them, and he loves seeing the things they can do to people.

rewere386 karma

Will you say something to me, so I can put it on my resume?

mercwiththemoves175 karma

Redditor rewere3 likes Deadpool. You should hire this talented person.

Yazdgerd72 karma

When did you decide to start doing Cosplay and why did you choose Deadpool? Also, why is it that you think that your videos have become so famous?

mercwiththemoves121 karma

I decided to cosplay way back in 2004 I think. I was dressed up as Ichigo from Bleach, but I didn't have orange hair (I didn't really want to spend money buying a wig, and I wasn't too much into cosplay then). But yeah, I've always been a fan of Deadpool, and he seemed like a really cool character to dress up as.

And... I think people like the videos because they're fun to watch, and with all the cosplay in it, it kinda gives every geek out there something to enjoy.

agentwilsonx64 karma

You still have a visible pantyline.

mercwiththemoves121 karma

Thanks for noticing!

douevnlift55 karma

What kind of music do you like? AND DO YOU LIKE GWAR?

mercwiththemoves190 karma

This probably sounds really cliche, but I listen to all types of music. Here are a couple of artist: Michael Jackson, Rage Against The Machine, Jamiroquoai, Emancipator, Nujabes, Radiohead, Daft Punk, Queen, Blackmill, Rakim, Tribe Called Quest, Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield, etc.

GWAR? Sure. They make perfect fighting montage music.

heylookitskenny48 karma

What cons are you coming to next?

mercwiththemoves84 karma

While there are tons I want to go to, here's a couple that are confirmed: WonderCon, FanimeCon, AM2, Anime Expo, E3, Amazing Con-Con Vegas, Comikaze Expo, Arkansas Anime Festival, New York Comic-Con.

heylookitskenny38 karma

Sweet. Do you get compensated for going to these cons? Or is that only for cosplayers with boobs?

mercwiththemoves85 karma

Kinda. And no, I know some male cosplayers who get paid and stuff for attending cons.

JacqiSack47 karma

What is your day job?

mercwiththemoves106 karma

I draw things and write stuff.

tdkreturns46 karma

What is the coolest thing you have ever done?

mercwiththemoves259 karma

Winning first place in a swimming race against all my thousands of brothers and sisters.

Ekydronican44 karma

What would be your policy on someone taking photos of you out of costume, and then wanting to post them online or something? Not that I would do that, your identity would be safe with me.

mercwiththemoves95 karma

I'd appreciate it if no one did that, but I don't think I can stop them. But yeah, I have no policy. But even if you see me out of costume, you'd have no idea that I'm the Deadpool dude from the internet, right? So I don't worry much.

DesertPunked39 karma

Hey D-Piddy, why are you so awesome?

mercwiththemoves84 karma

Awesome (awe·some) Definition: 1.Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear. 2. Extremely good; excellent.

1Ender39 karma

Do you think the deadpool movie will ever happen?

mercwiththemoves103 karma

Yeah. They're working on it right now. Don't ask me how I know.

kirikale34 karma

What has your favorite convention to go to been thus far? Do you feel famous when people recognize you? Have you been stalked at conventions by over-zealous fans?

mercwiththemoves73 karma

I love FanimeCon, San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con. No, I don't really feel famous, I just feel happy, lol. And yes, I've been stalked before... to the bathroom and to my hotel room.

kirikale45 karma

How do you deal with the stalkers? That has to be an awkward situation...

mercwiththemoves166 karma

Stalk them.

Agent_SterlingArcher33 karma

Since Ryan Reynolds was a can of assholes, who else do you think should play Deadpool in a live action film?

mercwiththemoves169 karma


NerdTronJJ32 karma

How long did it take you to make the suit and are you done with it yet?

mercwiththemoves108 karma

My current suit took me about two weeks... on and off. I'm making a new suit, but haven't had time to do it... cause I'm busy on Reddit and stuff.

horrorfetish29 karma

Are you as outgoing out of costume as in costume? I'd like to eventually get into cosplay, but I'm worried I'm way too shy/introverted to pull it off... but I have been told that the costume brings you out of your shell a lot more than you would expect!

mercwiththemoves64 karma

Well, wearing a mask will definitely give you a sense of anonymity, which in turn will remove any fears of you getting embarrassed with doing stupid things. Try it. It works.

djairmoses29 karma

What is your favorite dance to do with fellow cos-players?

mercwiththemoves115 karma

Anything that requires our hips to move forward and back.

poppatrunk28 karma

Do you get groupies at conventions now? Do other cosplayers get jealous when they see you roll in or is it more laid back where everyone just has fun? How much has youtube changed your life? Lots of questions I know, last one; How many people are with you typically when you film?

mercwiththemoves64 karma

Groupies? I dunno if I'd call them groupies... more like cool people I call fans. I dunno. And yeah, I hope no ones "jealous" of me. I kinda just wanna bring good vibes and happiness to everyone around the cons. YouTube changed my life? No... but I'm on the internet a whole lot more now. And for the last question... 1-2 people at most.

girafewithanerection26 karma

Is it hard to see in that mask?

mercwiththemoves35 karma


FaustenFang23 karma

Love your videos and keep up the good work, love your Deadpool.

mercwiththemoves29 karma


I_am_pancake20 karma

Do you have interest in cosplaying other folks as well or do you just prefer continuing with Deadpool and dancing? Also, will you be attending PAX Prime in the west coast? It be fun to see dancing Deadpool over here.

mercwiththemoves36 karma

Besides my updated Deadpool suit, I'm currently doing a Daken (Wolverine's son), Clownman (from Mega Man), and Shoma Sawamura (Rival Schools). And yeah, I'm working my schedule out so I can attend PAX Prime.

KoukaHitatsu19 karma

I must say, you're quite an awesome person. I've thought of doing what you've done, but I don't want barred from future conventions. Keep up what you do!

Time for my question. Who is your favorite character from the DC universe?

mercwiththemoves63 karma


kiaha19 karma

Where did you get the Deadpool belt buckle? I've been looking all over but nothing :(

I love your stuff too man, keep it up!

mercwiththemoves52 karma

I got a block of wood from Home Depot and sanded it, then painted it. Oh, and thanks!

lhuerta18 karma

In the scale of 0 to 10, how uncomfortable is the suit?

mercwiththemoves52 karma

0 being REALLY comfy, or REALLY uncomfy?

Werthewalrus18 karma

Hey D-Piddy, I've been loving all antics you've been getting up to. Ball-park guess, how many cons do you go to/plan on going to each year?

P.S. Also, any chance you may hit up any of the UK cons like MCM for us English patrons to see you?

mercwiththemoves34 karma

I go to probably more than 10, but no more than 15? I'm not sure, I'm lazy to count. As for the UK, I'd love to go to cons outside of the U.S., but with all the cons I already attend (travel fare, hotels, etc.) it gets pretty expensive. Maybe if I could get invited as a guest, I'd be totally there!

muser45416 karma

If you could be any hero in any universe (apart from the Merc with a Mouth himself, of course) for a day, who would you be and why?

mercwiththemoves55 karma

Iron Man: money, women, an armored suit that allows you to fly and shoot lasers and missiles and go into space, and a goatie.

cientoquesos15 karma


saalsa_shark14 karma

What do you think of the upcoming Deadpool game coming out?

mercwiththemoves28 karma

It looks cool. I like the stuff that High Moon Studios does (I enjoyed Fall of Cybertron), so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

ijustgotthistounsub14 karma

What are your favourite comics? (deadpool and in general)

mercwiththemoves36 karma

Regardless of what people say about Daniel Way's run on Deadpool, I thoroughly enjoyed all #63 issues. But yeah... my favorite current comics: Deadpool, The Walking Dead, just about anything Mark Millar does, The Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man, Saga, Berserk (manga).

Grilledeggplant13 karma

I was dressed up as Cyrax at NYCC! Sucks I didn't see you :/

mercwiththemoves26 karma

A shame. Next year?

killerrabbit1312 karma

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

mercwiththemoves50 karma

Controlling time and space.

senorzoidberg11 karma

Hey, do you make your own Deadpool suits? If so, what's the best material you've found to make skin tight suits.

mercwiththemoves24 karma

Yes. And... I dunno, I just find anything that's thin (so I can breath, and so I don't sweat profusely) and stretchy. I dunno what the material is called. I kind of go to the fabric store, point and ask for like... a couple of yards of the fabric. But for the eyes, use mesh. White spandex and other cloth-like material is super hard to see through.

dbelphegor96610 karma

Were you at the 2011 Anime Expo in Los Angeles? There was an awesome Deadpool cosplay and I thought it was actually one of the most creative cosplays at the expo due to CvM3 reference. http://imgur.com/Yv49IrJ

mercwiththemoves9 karma

Actually, that's me! Deng... it appears I've lost some weight over the years, lol.

BakaOtaku10 karma

what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

mercwiththemoves29 karma

What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

MattPeart8 karma

Can I be fat nega deadpool with you?

mercwiththemoves24 karma

Sure! Can I ride you like a Chocobo?

XxweirdmonkeyxX8 karma

What usually goes in your head when storm in in the midlle of a talk-panel other than "screw it I'm doing it"

mercwiththemoves26 karma

"Don't get arrested".

Colin43167 karma

Just wanted to say your videos are amazing! Keep making them! Also you should start showing up to non anime/comic related and makinh videos that would be hilarious to see peoples reactions

mercwiththemoves39 karma

Yeah. Watch out for Deadpool vs AdultCon.

shebabbleslikeaidiot7 karma


mercwiththemoves36 karma

Because I'm not there.

mrmongolion3 karma

First of all big fan, and second did you go to the AZ comic-con? and do you plan on visiting for any other cons here?

mercwiththemoves12 karma

No, I missed AZ comic-con because I had a family thing to attend (family first in my book), so yeah. I was also planning to go to Phoenix Comic-Con, but that's the same weekend as FanimeCon... so... probably not anytime soon.

Nullzone3 karma

Have you ever been removed from an event (or at least, cautioned to tone it down) for going overboard?

Do you ask people if they want to be in your video or is it all pretty spontaneous (thinking particularly of scenes where you're interacting with a seemingly random passerby, it's clear scenes where you're dancing with folks it's pretty mutual)?

Love the vids, love Deadpool. I hope we cross paths at a convention sometime, I'd love to shake your hand and dance with you :D

mercwiththemoves9 karma

Yes. One night at FanimeCon, after a night of drinking and stuff (mind you, this is a 24 hour convention), I decided to come back to the convention center in costume. Someone asked me to dance, and I was doing windmills on a table. Some lady told me to stop or she'd have to take my badge away.

As for the second question... some I'd ask, and sometimes I'd just start recording.

LMGgp2 karma

How does it feel having somewhat single handedly made deadpool one of the coolest comic book heroes again? Lots of people have never heard of him.

Edit i guess my question would be more, how does it feel turning people on to deadpool, newer generations?

mercwiththemoves4 karma

It feels good. He's a great character, so I'm glad I'm making kind of showing the way for new readers to get to know Marvel's Merc With a Mouth.

toe_fur2 karma

Two questions...

  1. Were you at ECCC last weekend, and did we shake hands? I was dressed as Casey Jones...

  2. Would you ever play Deadpool in a fan film, or do actual video blogs or anything?

mercwiththemoves2 karma

No, and yes.

LMGgp2 karma

Whats the craziest thing a stranger has come up and asked you to do? Also did you do it?

mercwiththemoves8 karma

Someone kinda asked this already... so I'll just copy and paste "Someone wanted me to plank on there face, with my crotch. It was some big black dude. I agreed. Yeah... I have no shame."

ABT51 karma

What are your relations like with Kesha?

mercwiththemoves4 karma

I don't like her music.

Kermetthefrog1 karma

How did you make that costume? It looks like a modified morphsuit.

mercwiththemoves4 karma

I made it with love.

Lionheart70601 karma

Who would win in a fight between Deadpool and God?

mercwiththemoves1 karma

Probably God.

awsompossum1 karma

Were you at PAX west this year wearing a pikachu hat on the first day by any chance?

mercwiththemoves1 karma


Biffingston1 karma

You excited for the Deadpool video game?

mercwiththemoves1 karma


Biffingston1 karma

somehow that was the answer I expected... so as a follow up.

Like what you're seeing so far? Any concerns?

mercwiththemoves1 karma


Lionheart70601 karma

Do you ever break the fourth wall?

mercwiththemoves1 karma

There's no need to.

Pittzi1 karma

Do you feel that Marvel's own Deadpool cosplayer is a bit too... wrestling persona oriented, or is that just me?

mercwiththemoves1 karma

Nah, he's a cool dude. We talked a bit at NYCC. He's a super funny guy, and he just normally talks very enthusiastically.