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I used to be a boy as well then i realized i reproduce through mitosis

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Your dad must of been a great tipper.

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What are your feelings on the current situation in iraq? Do you still live there and has the situation become safer for you?

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Do you think the deadpool movie will ever happen?

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For people that have no idea what they are talking about

"In 2009, the ABC decided to run auditions for new hosts on ABC3. Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen was announced with other hosts for ABC3, and was thought to be hosting Good Game: Spawn Point.[95] However it was revealed on the show's official forum that Bendixsen would in fact be replacing existing host Jeremy Ray entirely on both the original and new programme.[96] Ray claimed the dismissal was because "they wanted a girl on the show", and stated that "mass appeal" was a direct quote from that meeting.[96] However fellow co-creator Janet Carr of the show replied back on that statement saying "Regardless of what Jung might say GG will NOT be dumbed down and I state again, the decision was nothing to do with bringing in a girl… I'm a girl and I started this show - I don’t care about the gender of the presenters - I just care about having the best people working on it."[97] The network first claimed Jeremy would stay behind the scenes in a writing capacity, then stated he would not be working on the show due to holiday travel plans that conflicted with the show's schedule. It then made the statement: "The reason for replacing Jeremy Ray was ongoing behind-the-scenes performance based issues."[96][98] In response to questions regarding tweaks made to the show due to the changeover, Bajo replied: "We haven’t changed anything in particular since Hex joined us- the feel of the show is obviously quite different with a new host but we’ve always mixed up segments and tried different ideas on a regular basis to keep things fresh. This year we’ve had much more time to review games than before, and more of the team are getting involved in other segments and trying their skills at different jobs which is wonderful to see".[4]"