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I must say, you're quite an awesome person. I've thought of doing what you've done, but I don't want barred from future conventions. Keep up what you do!

Time for my question. Who is your favorite character from the DC universe?

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Yeah, I had been a part of the system most of my non-adult life and bouncing around all the towns in various counties, keeping friends was hard, but I did keep a few who I still talk to, to this day. Some of them had no idea, while others did. I must congratulate you though on getting into college and keeping clean.

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I posted on another of your comments, but I have to comment on this as well. This one foster home I was at for about a week, had 12 kids in a conjoined trailer that consisted of 2 double-wide trailers. They had the older kids watching the younger kids while they went out the entire day shopping and all kinds of bullshit that aggravated us older kids off.