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He's more awkward in real life than in arrested development.

Is that...is that even possible??

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My partner had recently started breaking down into tears when we have sex. I’ve been very clear with consent before and during but it often still happen. We immediately stop and I comfort her as much as I can. She says she’s fine and that there’s nothing to address. How can I help her help herself?

Edit: She’s also adamant she’s never experienced sexual trauma in the past and I don’t want to make this about myself but it makes me feel like a sexual predator so I’ve given up on initiating intimacy

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What do you think of the upcoming Deadpool game coming out?

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She does bottle things up and says it is an emotional release when it happens but it’s not in a pleasurable way for her at all

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I’ve suggested it, both individual or as a couple but unfortunately she’s not open to either