Actor Patrick Fischler is a part of Los Angeles/Hollywood history… He is the Patrick for whom famed landmark and celebrity eatery Patrick’s Roadhouse on PCH is named. Patrick is currently starring on Californication in a recurring role as Gabriel, the director of a rehab facility. He stars in the upcoming feature film Big Sur alongside Josh Lucas and Kate Bosworth, which will premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. He just completed starring alongside Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in the Universal Pictures action thriller 2 Guns, which is to be released in 2013. Fischler received much praise for his performance as Jimmy Barrett on the Emmy-winning series Mad Men.

Fischler is a frequent guest star on TV series such as ABC’s Scandal, Castle, and Grey’s Anatomy; NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, and Grimm; HBO’s Veep and Curb Your Enthusiasm as well as Showtime’s Weeds and TNT’s Southland and as part of the fictional research project, The Dharma Initiative, he was integral to the final episodes of LOST. Fischler’s first job was “the guy who pushed the elevator button” in Speed he is constantly recognized as “the guy who had the dream” in Mulholland Drive. Other highlights of his film career include playing the Deputy District Attorney in The Black Dahlia with Hilary Swank and Scarlett Johanssen and working with John Malkovich in The Great Buck Henry as well as Red State, One for the Money and Dinner for Schmucks.


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ABandApart57 karma

What was it like playing Mickey Cohen in L.A. Noire?

pfischler61 karma

Total blast. Wearing a green motion capture bodysuit with tiny little balls all over it is not how you picture Mickey Cohen. So I had to do it all with my voice and facial expressions. Challenging but great.

ABandApart25 karma

Have you seen the gag reel that was released recently? Here it is.

How many goofs did you have in your scenes throughout the whole thing? Any memorable ones?

pfischler69 karma

I haven't seen that. I didn't goof. I'm a professional. Unlike those other clowns. :)

pfischler43 karma

Hey I'm going home to my baby. Thank you guys for giving me a modicum of your attention. I'll do this again. Maybe. Follow me on twitter if you're bored.

Smunny31 karma

Hey! You were that a-hole on Lost! You f'd up everything sawyer worked for! Seriously though, getting that much emotion out of me and I'm sure many others is a testament to your acting ability. Even if it was an ancillary role. What are some of your upcoming projects?

pfischler42 karma

Thanks! I like getting people all riled up.

ac9130 karma

Did Jimmy Barrett deserve a more dignfied sendoff than being punched in the face by Don?

pfischler62 karma

Could there be a more dignified sendoff than being punched by DD?? I did break up his marriage. It doesn't get better than that.

obluda_25 karma

Who was the biggest asshole to work with?

pfischler43 karma

I wish I could really answer that. But I don't want to get sued!

Anniba13 karma

Got any good stories from behind the set of 'Californication'?

pfischler26 karma

Really for all the stuff this season at the rehab we shot at a $20 million home in Malibu. So we all just laid on lounge chairs on the cliff. It was like we were on vacation in the Turks. It's not often like that!

bloodyfknmess13 karma

Hello Patrick, and thanks for doing this. I wanted to know what your favorite role was. And who was your biggest influence coming up in the industry.

pfischler45 karma

First off this is a blast. My favorite role to date would have to be Jimmy Barrett. He was an utter joy to inhabit. My biggest influence is John Stamos. Kidding. It would probably be Daniel Day Lewis. Since I first saw him in Room with a View.

Capt_Thunderbolt12 karma

How was working with David Lynch?

pfischler18 karma

If I could work with him every day of the week I would. He's kind and beyond talented.

Googleknowsme11 karma

What was the most unexpected thing that happened on a set ( in terms of surprises / pranks / fun ) ?

pfischler25 karma

Sadly I haven't worked with George Clooney so no pranks to date.

glant10110 karma

Can you hook me up with a job and temporary housing to work at Patrick's Roadhouse?

pfischler42 karma


mattster_oyster9 karma

What was it like working on Lost, and how did you feel about its ending/the storylines you were in?

pfischler26 karma

Lost was amazing. I was a huge fan of the show when I got cast. So it was surreal. I personally loved the ending. And I loved fucking with Sawyer and punching Juliet. Who wouldn't?

Weak_Victory9 karma

LOST conspiracy theorist here. There were (at least) 16 people who were on Nash Bridges that were also on LOST (including big names such as yourself, Cheech, Jeff Perry, Daniel Roebuck, and Jodi Lyn O-Keefe). Coincidence, conspiracy, or is Carlton Cuse really loyal to his actors?

pfischler16 karma

That's funny. I want to say conspiracy cause that's so much more interesting. But ultimately Carlton is a loyal guy. So I'll go with that.

Frajer8 karma

What does Paul Rudd smell like?

pfischler27 karma

Some mornings roses. Other mornings velveeta.

Biggybubblegum8 karma

The Black Dahlia was a harrowing and gruesome case that had ended the life of a young woman all too soon. It remains unsolved and haunts the LAPD today. Tell me, did you study the case and all of its aspects to prepare for the role, or was it a simple reading of the page?

pfischler24 karma

Basically I read the book and that was the extent of my research. Since it was a fictional account. But it was pretty gruesome.

picnic_ants7 karma

Which one of your characters do you find is the closest to your own personality? What about the complete opposite?

pfischler26 karma

Good question. Complete opposite would have to be Phil on Lost. Not much in common with that douche. Closest to me would probably be Jimmy Barrett. Cause I'm a little insecure and I'm funny. I think.

Googleknowsme5 karma

I dare to ask a second one: will be in Los Angeles in less than two weeks, are there any non-touristy places I need to see? Like secret corners?

pfischler18 karma

Go to Patrick's Roadhouse. But don't tell them I sent you! Also go to the camera obscura on Ocean Ave in SM. Really weird place.

techyrobot5 karma

Hi! Saw the film you were in, Big Sur, at Sundance. Great Job. What made you want to take a role like Lew?

pfischler14 karma

I'm a huge Kerouac fan. And Lew was such a sad interesting guy. I love playing complex characters. And I've never played a drunk before. So that was a plus.

Weak_Victory5 karma

Is it weird that whenever I see you in something, I refer to you as Pepe? Does anyone else recognize you for your work on the greatest cop show of the 90s? Any stories?

pfischler14 karma

Oh my God I feel 80. That was a while back. People still like to talk to me about Pepe. I guess he made an impression. Cheech was the best. We would break a lot in scenes because we made each other laugh.

bkwrds4 karma

1) Having participated in so many ambitious works - LOST, Mad Men, Mulholland Drive - does participating in these big things make you want to do any big things of your own? If you've considered directing would you rather tell a small story or a large one, like the three I've listed?

2) My wife was just commenting how good you are at playing a total cock. Do you worry that you'll always have to be a total dickhead on screen?

I only learned your name as of LOST but I have been a huge fan since seeing Mulholland Dr. Your scene in the diner... spellbinding. Never been so convinced by a dream.

pfischler18 karma

That's a lofty question. If I were gonna direct which I will soon it start small. My wife and I just made a short film The Test which is in the festival circuit now. I like small stories. For your second question in reality I'm a very nice guy. But I really like playing the asshole. It's sooooo much more fun than being the nice guy. If that's what I'm stuck playing that's cool. At least I'm working.

roastedbagel3 karma

How is working with Mark Wahlberg? He just seems like he'd be a blast to hang out and party with.

pfischler12 karma

All my stuff was with Denzel and Bill Paxton. But everyone says he's awesome.

bloodyfknmess7 karma

What was it like working with Denzel?

pfischler18 karma

He's one of the greatest living actors. So to sit opposite him was nerve wracking and then incredibly satisfying. He makes everyone around him better.

flippin_hot_curry3 karma

How do you stay so consistently employed?

pfischler2 karma

Honestly I wish I had the answer to that. I'd bottle it and sell it!

Stiffstick2 karma

What was the greatest thing that happened while on set of Southland?

pfischler12 karma

I wouldn't say greatest but a guy got shot one night right next to where we shooting. Freaked me out.

JohnWad1 karma

You have been in some of my favorite shows and movies. That being said:

  • Did you know "Old School" would get as big of a cult following as it has & lines from it being quoted for years to come?
  • How was your experience working on "Southland"? Still one of my favorite shows.

pfischler8 karma

I had no idea Old School would become what it did. People still come up to me all the time and quote that movie. Makes me laugh. Southland was fantastic. Playing a detective was something I'd never done before so I dug that.

Abyssgh0st1 karma

What was your favorite experience and/or scene from your time on Mad Men? I LOVED your character. You brought such an aura of brash comedy that really aided the show.

pfischler2 karma

Thanks! My favorite scene was telling Don he was garbage. At that point no one had told him off so I felt honored to be the first.

glant101-20 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck size horses?

pfischler16 karma

73 duck size horses. 100 is too many.