Patrick Fischler

is an American actor best known for his roles as Jimmy Barrett on the drama series Mad Men, Dharma Initiative worker Phil on the drama series Lost and Detective Kenny No-Gun on the police drama Southland

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I haven't seen that. I didn't goof. I'm a professional. Unlike those other clowns. :)

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Could there be a more dignified sendoff than being punched by DD?? I did break up his marriage. It doesn't get better than that.

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Total blast. Wearing a green motion capture bodysuit with tiny little balls all over it is not how you picture Mickey Cohen. So I had to do it all with my voice and facial expressions. Challenging but great.

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First off this is a blast. My favorite role to date would have to be Jimmy Barrett. He was an utter joy to inhabit. My biggest influence is John Stamos. Kidding. It would probably be Daniel Day Lewis. Since I first saw him in Room with a View.

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I wish I could really answer that. But I don't want to get sued!

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Hey I'm going home to my baby. Thank you guys for giving me a modicum of your attention. I'll do this again. Maybe. Follow me on twitter if you're bored.

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Thanks! I like getting people all riled up.

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Some mornings roses. Other mornings velveeta.

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Good question. Complete opposite would have to be Phil on Lost. Not much in common with that douche. Closest to me would probably be Jimmy Barrett. Cause I'm a little insecure and I'm funny. I think.