I have a couple hours so entertain me with your questions :)

Edit OMG you guys are amazing. Lol For everyone asking, yes, I am selling custom videos and fan signs to pay for school. Tweet me @TheLexitron for details or email at sexylexibloom at gmail

Edit Once again, you guys are amazing. I have now been staring at my computer for 10 hours instead of the intended hour or two. My eyes have filed for divorce and my ass is so numb that I'm not even sure it is there. I guess it is time to say good night. Message me, email me, tweet me. I'll respond. Xoxo

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brazzersofficial468 karma

Come back?

lexitronb334 karma

Lol!! Not gunna happen. :) But I still do customs videos and Skype chats to pay for school. Just no cocks or pussies.

justmytwobreasts79 karma

what do you plan on studying?

lexitronb252 karma

I am a Psychology major. Shocking. I know. ;)

Death_proofer360 karma

When did you lose your virginity?

There is a misconception that girls in porn are "broken". Is this actually true?

Are a few of the veterans "stuck" in the job?

PS, I've lost a lot of DNA to you.

lexitronb471 karma

I lost my virginity at 15 to a guy that I dated for 2 years.

Nope, that is actually true. Most of the people - girls especially - in the industry are a mess.

No one is ever actually stuck. We all have a choice to move on if we want to. I'm sure there are some people in the industry still because it is the easy path to stay in.

Haha I'm glad to hear that. I still web cam and make custom videos if you would like to lose some more. ;)


Hi, I don't have a question. Just wanted to say that I'd Lexi your Bloom, if you know what I mean

DrSeuss-ish837 karma

A Who fucked for money

But then she retired,

  • Which is like being so old

You choose to be fired.

She sucked on some wazzles

And swallowed some gloop

She once put a Who

In the hole where she pooped!

But don't for a moment

Not even a tock

Think that this means

That this Who doesn't rock.

So I say with a song

And a sing with a tune:

Oh sexy porn exy

I'd Lexi your Bloom.

lexitronb276 karma

Baffled. Just baffled.

lexitronb241 karma

Hahaha Best quote today.

virgildiablo319 karma

how could a guy with the name MUSTY_BALLSACK disappoint?

LetsNotPlay285 karma

He's fucking everywhere.

lexitronb171 karma

Omg the jokes.

lexitronb168 karma


swefpelego79 karma

What do you mean by mess? Drug problems? Relationship problems? Broken spirit? Seems like porn stars would have a lot of similar problems to non porn stars.

lexitronb196 karma

Drug problems, history of sexual abuse, intimacy issues, lack of value for themselves.

Yeah, they are issues that non-industry people have but for some reason the industry really attracts them.

sharkterritory39 karma

So which of these, if any, do you think you fall/fell under?

lexitronb153 karma

The closest on I come to is "sexual abuse" being as I was taught that sex is a sin.

Take_Me_To_Elysium316 karma

That kind of backfired on your parents.

lexitronb73 karma

Haha I guess you could put it that way.

PatternWolf21 karma

I feel like that the second point is contrary to what others have said. Didn't some of the other pornstars on here say that it was a stereo type?

lexitronb119 karma

Most porn stars are on drugs or have had a drug problem. Most porn stars have some kind of sexual trauma in their history. Most porn stars make most of their money escorting. Anyone that tells you otherwise is in denial or hiding something.

toxicomano19 karma

So Boogie Nights was kinda like a documentary.

lexitronb55 karma

Lol I couldn't watch that. The only stupid movie I can pay attention to long enough to watch is Kung Pow.

ItsTheFeds8 karma

You forgot the second part of the title..."Enter the fist"

lexitronb33 karma

That's a lot of nuts.

lexitronb26 karma

Ok fine. Evil Alien Conquerors. Not as if anyone will know what that is. Lol.

All7hatRemains314 karma

Would you rather suck 1 horse sized dick, or 1000 duck sized dicks?

lexitronb282 karma

I have no idea how big a horse sized dick is but I am assuming that I wouldn't be able to get it in my mouth. I would rather die then suck 1000 duck sized dicks.

miller_timmy286 karma

JUST SO YOU KNOW: she is still web camming and making custom videos for fans to pay for school.


lexitronb138 karma

OMG! LOL!! Tweet me.

AlessiaJ253 karma

Have you ever had an orgasm on camera or is it always fake?

lexitronb370 karma

Some of my solos were real but most, especially the BG ones, were fake.

MeLurker125 karma

What does "BG" mean?

phobosonfire180 karma


justmytwobreasts209 karma


lexitronb590 karma

TIL TIL - Today I learned. Ironic.

KumarChhabra187 karma

How's your sex life since your experience? It would put pressure on me to have sex with a pornstar (former) I would be way to worried on making her feel good. Are you still able to enjoy sex with some degree of intimacy?

lexitronb406 karma

I didn't have sex for 6 months after because I really didn't want to. It took an awesome guy 2 months of convincing me to fall for him for me to finally get naked again. Now sex is the best sex I have ever had.

That's funny that you say that. I was actually scared of having sex with my guy before the first time because I didn't want to be too porno.

wildeep_MacSound244 karma

. . . As a male on the internet, I'd have to say there is no such thing as too porno.

lexitronb142 karma


KumarChhabra181 karma

That's kinda sweet :) is also like to know, was porn sex ever good? Did you genuinely enjoy getting pounded like a jackhammer for 30 straight minutes?

lexitronb294 karma

Not really. There were a couple scenes with my ex that I enjoyed but we were in a relationship so we had an emotional connection.

And no, I did not enjoy that. It was uncomfortable and ended in me being sore.

KumarChhabra112 karma

Thank you for the AMA, I appreciate the answers.

lexitronb121 karma

Thanks for taking the time to read :)

funkadilious184 karma

What are your views on the socio-economic problems facing some European nation states in regards to their continued membership in the union?

lexitronb236 karma

I have no views because I know nothing about the subject. Feel free to email me some links though and I'll try to make time read about it.

amf13284 karma

Dude... She offered you her email,.. you're in.

Send her the "links"

lexitronb99 karma


kent_eh105 karma

Upvote for honest answer.

If only the talking heads and politicians on the news would actually say this once in a while.

lexitronb51 karma

Lol thanks :)

goat181182 karma

Did you ever say " No i am not going to do that !" ?

lexitronb291 karma

Constantly. Lol

stfuthisisme140 karma


lexitronb130 karma

Lol a ton of things.. Anal scenes, gang bangs, BBG, DP, IR, pee scenes, scat scenes..... Incest role play scenes....

skraptastic141 karma

How do you feel about kids having such easy access to porn? I worry that my teen son will have a skewed view of sex due to this ease of access. We have lots of talks though. Usually ending with him saying "Are we done yet?"

Also adding the required "Back in my day to get porn I had to hope some bum would leave a dirty magazine in the gutter, none of this internet nonsense!"

lexitronb213 karma

I don't like that kids have easy access to porn. It is a parents responsibility to shelter them till they are the right age. If you are having open, honest talks with your son then he will be fine. With teenagers, it seems like everything is in one ear and out the other but they are still subconsciously paying attention to your attitude and mimicking it on some level.

init6279 karma

I'm almost 30, but internet porn was still easy to get (pictures anyway) when I was a teen. Each time my dad found my electronic "stash," I just got better at hiding it. Probably how I got into IT security.

TimeZarg169 karma

It's amazing what the right kind of motivation will enable.

lexitronb96 karma

LOL! True. It'll be funny to see how the next generation tries to get away with things.

timesync140 karma

Is there a good living to be made in porn these days, and how is your health if you don't mind me asking? Thank you.

lexitronb329 karma

Not really. Companies are barely shooting so unless you are a big name you barely get any shoots.

My health is great. I managed to escape the industry STD free. :)

timesync58 karma

Thank you for answering. Hope everything is cool with you!!

lexitronb76 karma

Thank you for asking :)

aolostmaiden131 karma

I realized the other day, after approximately 20 years of porn watching mind you, that it's really the pleasure of the woman in a guy-girl scene that turns me on the most. The scenes that I love are ones where the woman can convince me that she's really enjoying it. Aside from a lot of the new amateur stuff, such scenes are few and far between. Actually this fact makes me think that either most porn-starlettes are shitty actresses, or most of them really don't enjoy it, but I digress.

I'm wondering how often (like percentage-wise) you would say that you personally were showing genuine enjoyment in a scene? Also, if you could extend your answer to include any other girls that you knew/know well and what their percentages might be.

And grats on the psychology major, I'm sure you'll do great (that is not sarcastic btw).

lexitronb195 karma

Hahaha most porn-starlettes ARE shitty actresses! Lol. Ever wonder why they didn't go mainstream?

I didn't really enjoy my scenes. I'm not naturally a slut. Sex is so much better with the same person over and over. I'm a love fucker ;)

I don't really know about other girls. I never really got close to any girls that performed.

Thanks :) That is very sweet of you!

StewarttheSir113 karma

whats your best memory?

lexitronb202 karma

My best memories of the industry were being on set for SexArt.com when I was working back end managing the models and doing wardrobe. The MetArt/SexArt team are AMAZING. I adore each and every one of them.

BZ-B211 karma

working back end

lexitronb135 karma

I worked as an agent, talent coordinator, did castings, and wardrobe.

Blindfirekiller185 karma

How does wardrobe work?

"I think you should wear nothing" repeat infinitely.

lexitronb216 karma

Haha no way. Have you watched my porn? "Do you have pink knee-high socks? Any pink tshirts? No, that shirt makes you look 20. We need you to look 18." Lol

Jackrabbitnw6745 karma

What was casting like?


It occurred on a couch in a back room.

lexitronb167 karma

Do I look like a creepy old man?

Jackrabbitnw67185 karma

No but you can make up to $5000 a day!

lexitronb90 karma


lexitronb106 karma

Haha entertaining as hell but kinda ruined my hope for humanity all at the same time. I'm just glad the general population isn't like the people I have met.

Bluejeans07psn21 karma


lexitronb61 karma

Cuz the girls are mostly SO stupid and SO messed up.

lol_u_so_kawaii111 karma

Would it be too much trouble to write my name on your boobs? I could return with the same treatment. I have an aggressively average non-muscular chest, a must see. Thanks!

lexitronb80 karma

I sell pictures of me holding fan signs for $25.

lol_u_so_kawaii257 karma

As do I. That's why this is a fair exchange.

lexitronb169 karma

I applaud your wit. Email me and I'll send you a picture.

lol_u_so_kawaii100 karma

You're awesome :)

EDIT: Best cakeday ever?

lexitronb79 karma

sexylexibloom at gmail

tdub27107 karma

What are the bad things that you have experienced being a female porn star?

lexitronb235 karma

Mostly just the way girls are treated. Most of the girls in the industry come in with major issues. They treat themselves like they are worthless and allow people to manipulate and use them.

Salacious-99 karma

How did you pick your porn name?

lexitronb147 karma

I was sitting in a car with my agent at the time and a couple other models. My agent told me that I needed to pick a name and I didn't know what to pick so they named me.

roaddogg2k2165 karma

When I close my eyes, I see this thing, a sign, I see this name in bright blue neon lights with a purple outline. And this name is so bright and so sharp that the sign - it just blows up because the name is so powerful... It says, "Dirk Diggler."

"Hrmm, well I like it, but it's just not you...How about Lexi Bloom? Yeah, lets go with Lexi Bloom"

lexitronb47 karma

Lol :)

CDS65192 karma

Do you have a snapchat?

lexitronb81 karma

I actually don't know what that is.

Lenthiuste86 karma

I am unfamiliar with a lot of the technical aspects of the pornography business. What happens immediately before and after a shoot? How long did one of your average shoots take? Were there breaks in between shots/positions? Were there certain things you were uncomfortable with and how did you handle them? Did you have a "fluffer" that came with you to different shoots or was there a different one each time? How was your relationship with them? I appreciate your time doing an AMA, thanks!

lexitronb121 karma

You get to set, go through hair and makeup, do pretty girl stills, do hardcore stills, shoot the video, fill out paperwork, get your check, then go home.

The length of the shoot depends on the company. Usually you are not on set less then 3 hours and no more then 8 hours.

Breaks all depend on the production company and the talent. Sometimes they need to reset cameras, lights, or the talent needs water or to pee.

I'm not sure what you mean by uncomfortable. I had guys that were on my no list and had restrictions on what I would shoot. I never did more then one guy. I didn't do anal..

Fluffers are completely illegal and not real in porn now. I don't know about in the past but now the only "fluffers" are ones that are performers on camera faking it.

Thanks for the questions. :)

rocket_jocky232 karma

I didn't do anal..

what do you call this? http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1009230335

lexitronb137 karma

Lol. By didn't do anal I mean I did one scene when I first started then from there on out I was not available for anal scenes.

sicknightmyer16 karma

That scene looks really uncomfortable, and who was your "friend" next to you?

lexitronb32 karma

Haha it was. It hurt and was super cold/awkward. Lol

Lenthiuste46 karma

Thanks for the answer! I have one more, probably stupid, question that relates to a previous question. Some of the pornography I have watched involves either the director or the male actor being excessively physically aggressive and horribly demeaning to the woman actress. I know she must have given consent and that there is a market for that kind of pornography, but it seems like the line could have been easily crossed and it would be difficult for the actress to prevent actual abuse. I have not watched any of your films so I do not know if you were ever in this situation, but what would you do if the actor/director did something on film that you did not consent to?

lexitronb75 karma

I was alway very, very clear about my boundaries which a lot of people were not used to. I was never in any situations like that. The industry girls tend to be spineless and not care how they are treated.

To216982 karma

Most awkward thing you encounter while doing porn?

lexitronb514 karma

There was a girl sitting on set waiting for us to adjust lights in the middle of a solo scene. She had a weird look on her face so we asked her if she was ok and she said "Yeah, I just remembered that I used to let my dog lick my pussy when I was a kid."

To216921 karma

Ha thats weird did you all laugh

lexitronb53 karma

Kinda. It was more of a "ooook.. Let's get this over with" type of thing. Lol

TheCountryRedditaria79 karma

Gotta ask... If you don't want to answer I understand

Does everyone in porn have herpes? Because if I have heard right the STD test y'all receive (like the ones I get) aren't full panel tests therefore they don't test for herpes...

I just find it nearly impossible not to get it if 1/5 of adults have it and you've had unprotected sex with hundreds of people... Just curious like I said its cool if you don't want to answer

lexitronb119 karma

Not everyone but I'm sure a ton of them do. The tests only test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, and Syphilis.

From what I understand, the chances of getting it when the other person doesn't have an outbreak are very low. I managed to get out of the industry without getting it. Thank god. Others haven't been so lucky.

TheCountryRedditaria24 karma

Yea I've heard that too but most people with herpes don't know it or show symptoms...

Have you had a full panel test? Because I'm scared to get one. No problems but the odds aren't in my favor haha

lexitronb55 karma

I have had a full panel test... I had 2 or 3 while I was in the industry then one when I was out. I was scared too but it came back clean.

You should go get tested. The odds are never in our favor. If you are sexually active at all there is something like a 60% chance that you have HPV. And that's just one STD. It's better to find out if you have something so that you can start taking care of it and heal.

kissmecozimhot79 karma

Does your bf watch porn? if yes, what kind? how do you feel about it?

lexitronb207 karma

He doesn't. Lol I guess I have ruined it for him. Plus, he doesn't really get a chance to anyways. I tend to jump him as soon as he gets home and send him naughty pictures whenever he is work.

MrImportant388 karma

Poor guy

lexitronb261 karma

I know.. His life really sucks.

[deleted]25 karma


lexitronb67 karma

Yeah, it's super HARD.

fantatastic68 karma

The most disappointing trend in porn are the porn movie names. They've gone from clever, witty names like Flesh Gordon, Riding Miss Daisey, Shaving Ryan's Privates, Indiana Bones and the temple of Poon and the like to boring names like Star Wars: An XXX Parody.

Any insight to why they've adopted dull movie titles?

lexitronb44 karma

Haha I don't know. Maybe they just aren't inspired.

jonny_nutsack60 karma

Civilian here. What can i do that will really impress a chick. (sex-wise)

lexitronb101 karma

Haha I have no idea. I guess be agressive. There is nothing sexier then a strong, confident man.

jonny_nutsack228 karma

LEXI! LET ME MAKE OUT WITH YOU! no? it was worth a shot.

EDIT: FUCK YEA. highest rated comment is being a creeper to an ex-porn chick. Lexi, this song goes out to you:

lexitronb59 karma


its_a_thing_now51 karma

Are you worried that it may affect your career after college if employers, clients, etc. find out what you used to do for a living?

lexitronb108 karma

Not really. And if my history does affect a job that I have in the future then it is a sign that it is not the right fit for me.

Nomsfud47 karma

How much did you get paid per movie? Did you ever feel a specific connection to your co-stars, or was it "all in a day's work"?

lexitronb54 karma

It all depended. Most girls get between $1200 and $800 for a BG scene. Out of that they have to pay their agents 10-15%, pay their drivers, pay for housing, and pay for their tests.

I never really had any connections with my co-stars. I did work with my ex a few times and obviously there was a connection there but all the other scenes were just work.

Apotheosis9123 karma

But.. but the guy the in the video said 1000 to 5000 dollars a day...

lexitronb11 karma

Guy in what video? The only people that make $5000 a day are the big name contract girls.

jake517345 karma

What was the conversation like when you told your parents what your job was?

lexitronb105 karma

I didn't actually tell them. My real name was posted online and my dad saw it. He was not happy and we did not talk for a long time after that.

I told my mom because I didn't want her to find out from anyone else. She said that she already knew and though she was worried about my health, I am an adult and have the right to make my own decisions.

surfnj10143 karma

Do any of your classmates ever recognize you or anything?

lexitronb79 karma

I'm taking classes online right now so no.

The_mighty_viceroy42 karma

Evner got any stds or injuries at work? Does your work effect your personal love-life?

lexitronb64 karma

I got chlamydia twice and BV a few times. I'm glad that I never got anything that couldn't be taken care of with antibiotics.

I no longer perform so it doesn't. My guy don't care about my making custom videos and web camming. He's very secure about that.

JimmyTadeski40 karma

is kung pow still one of your favorite movies and can you still quote the living crap out of it.

lexitronb55 karma

Haha yes!! Always and forever!

JimmyTadeski19 karma

killing is wrong. killing is bad. killing is both bad and wrong. killing is badwrong or badong. yes killing is badong.

lexitronb72 karma

Pretty much every time I took off my shirt on set and someone said something about my nipples, I would respond with "My nipples are like milk duds". Not one person ever got it.

RtardDAN7 karma

Thank you lexi, you've just given me something to watch as i cant sleep :)

lexitronb11 karma

Lol <3

NeoMegaRyuMKII38 karma

How did you get into porn?

Favorite of your own videos? Least favorite?

Thoughts on the changes in the porn industry?

What do you do now?

lexitronb65 karma

I was doing artistic nudes back home in Portland and kinda feel into it. I didn't know exactly what I was getting into.

Honestly, I have never watched my own videos. I find it creepy hearing my voice and watching myself have sex. Lol. I do, however, love the stills taken of me by Holly Randall, InTheCrack, SexArt/MetArt, and Digital Desire.

Changes like the condom law? I think the condom law is stupid. If they are going to try to enforce that then they should do the same for people at home. What happened to freedom of choice?

I am web camming and making customs for fans to make enough to go to school this term. I will probably continue to do that for quite a while. I really enjoy it.

blueboybob17 karma

Did you not make enough while working to pay for school now?

lexitronb22 karma

Nope, I paid off debts then only had enough for necessities. LA is rediculously expensive.

philshamrock36 karma


lexitronb67 karma

I retired because I was over it. I'm not naturally a slut. The industry was just a short term experimental type thing. I am a one guy type of girl. That being said, I'm a flirt so I love web camming and making customs for fans.

I dated someone in the industry while I was in. Didn't work out. He didn't care about me performing though.

Oh_ya_scared_me36 karma

Will you ever un-retire? You were so good at your job! :)

miller_timmy100 karma


lexitronb83 karma

Yup. Can you repeat that again?

miller_timmy74 karma


lexitronb122 karma

Common! I'll show you my titties!

miller_timmy43 karma


lexitronb261 karma

Nothing is ever for anything but science.

lexitronb46 karma

Haha nope. I am out for the rest of eternity. I am still web camming and making custom videos for fans though to pay for school.

Oh_ya_scared_me27 karma

I know of these customs. I had you make me one a few months ago, it serves me well!

lexitronb34 karma

Yay!! Well if you ever want another one, let me know! I'm working on making enough money for this term of school!

dipset338 karma


lexitronb17 karma

Email me :) sexylexibloom at gmail

Fishtails34 karma

Who is the bitchiest female talent you encountered in the industry? Conversely, who was the most pleasant?

lexitronb62 karma

This girl that I called "RC" for "Royal Cunt".... I don't remember her actual stage name and she wasn't around for very long. Most of the girls are actually really chill on set even if they are insane in their personal lives.

whiplash6433 karma

How have things changed in the time you were in the business? Do you feel they're for the better or worse? what did you like most?

lexitronb68 karma

Well when I first started I was making $1200+ for BGs and now some girls are getting like $600 for them. Because of torrent sites and tube site, the industry doesn't have much income. That is, of course, for the worse. If the girls don't make much then fewer amazing ones will come into the industry and companies will start producing less. Fans are the ones that suffer.

tragic-waste-of-skin30 karma


lexitronb73 karma

Drugs and alcohol are everywhere in the industry. Yes, performers turn up drunk or high all the time. I have never been around mainstream but I have friends who have been... They all say it's an entertainment business thing. Not just a porn thing.

dakkeh28 karma

Do you have any regrets about getting into the industry to begin with?

lexitronb55 karma

Not really regrets. If I could go back 3 years and keep everything that I have learned then I would never get in it but it was worth the growing up that I did.

fuzx22 karma

Did you have legitimate orgasms in porn shoots?

lexitronb41 karma

In some of my solos I did. My orgasms during BG scenes were faked. I never really had orgasms from intercourse till now.

merkadoe19 karma


lexitronb24 karma

Thanks ;)

Viper-S1517 karma

Did you have different favourite positions in porn and in your own time?

If you could have one super power what would it be?

lexitronb41 karma

The positions in porn are usually done because the director wants to see them plus they are usually placed so the camera can see what's going on. Off camera sex is completely different and so are the positions.

If I could have a super power it would be all knowledge.

leakyweb16 karma


lexitronb81 karma

I don't remember. There were a bunch of big cocks. And no, I'm a really little girl. I was mostly uncomfortable during scenes and sore after them.

imnotcartwright62 karma

Well, that's a relief.

Edit: For me.

lexitronb262 karma

Lol Girls that like massive cocks probably have nasty stretched out pussies that you wouldn't want to fuck anyways.

PinkSockLoliPop118 karma


lexitronb35 karma


2Grit59 karma

oh, kitty can scratch!

lexitronb109 karma


dorekk3 karma

Vaginas can't be permanently stretched out by a penis.

lexitronb5 karma

They can lose elasticity in the vaginal wall. It's like any other skin. If you repeatedly abuse it then it ages.

TheCountryRedditaria13 karma

How did you choose your porn name? How has the industry increased or decreased your sex drive? What's the goofiest experience you've had on a set?

Thanks for the AMA! And I have a friend who does webcam shows and apparently she does pretty well so with your name I'm sure you'll do great. Cheers

lexitronb17 karma

I was sitting in a car with my agent at the time and a couple other models. My agent told me that I needed to pick a name and I didn't know what to pick so they named me.

After I retired, I took 6 months off of sex. The industry totally wore me out and I wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily, I found a guy that I couldn't resist. Real sex is so much better then porn sex.

Omg. Goofy like funny? I can't really think of one. Most of the time when I was on set, everyone just worked as fast as they could to get done.

Thanks :)

dinojamjams9 karma

What are you thinking during a scene?

lexitronb19 karma

Lol. Most of the time I was either paying attention to staying open for the camera or wondering how much more they needed to film.

LyingPervert4 karma

Would you fuck a lying pervert?

lexitronb10 karma

I probably fucked quite a few lying perverts. I am not now.

shhhoe3 karma

well that's upsetting to hear, you're my favorite of the last few years, one of those few girls that I can watch every scene multiple times, thanks for the great times, and doing at least one 3D scene.

What are you going to school for, do any of your professors or classmates recognize you?

lexitronb4 karma

Aww :) That is so sweet of you! I am still camming and making custom videos to make money for school so you can still get my content. I think I did two 3D scenes.

I am a Psychology major. And no, no one really recognizes me that I know of.

Crisspie133 karma

So personnel favorite thing in bed that a man does? and since its valentines day tomorrow best thing a man can do for you out of bed.

lexitronb3 karma

I love being kissed passionately. Sometimes I'm like "Yeah, I totally am not having sex tonight.." then my guy comes up and starts kissing me.. In like 3 seconds I'm ready.

Sulla06c3 karma

Why is the porn industry is so full of degrading genres? My favorites are always the met art type of videos that just shows sexy naked girls doing their thing. Instead of facials and cum swapping and all that nonsense.

lexitronb4 karma

Haha because the industry is generally sexist and racist.

Kensin2 karma

Having seen it first hand, would you recommend getting into the porn industry to others? I can understand not wanting to do it for very long, but it seems like a good gig while you're young and starting out.

lexitronb4 karma

Nope. I definitely would not. It is not lucrative and most people get on drugs.

repomanfluffy1 karma

Which are your favorite three scifi shows? And what does PDXer mean???

lexitronb6 karma

Lol PDXer means I'm from Portland, Oregon.

Favorite SciFi shows? That better include movies. Star Wars, Fire Fly, and Star Trek.

audiocontrol1 karma

I saw that you're studying Psychology or plan to. What school if you dont mind me asking, if it's too much to share I understand.

Why Psychology?

Are you concerned some of your classmates may recognize you and cause you to be shafted in some way?

lexitronb4 karma

I actually am not comfortable saying what school.

I have loved Psychology since I was younger. I think the first "Psychology" book I read was The Road Less Traveled when I was 18.

xnerdyxrealistx1 karma

First of all you're one of my favorites and I thank you for your work over the years. Three questions:

  1. What are your career and life plans for the future now?
  2. Did it feel weird to be perpetually 18?
  3. Were you actually doing porn when you were honestly 18?

lexitronb4 karma

Thanks :)

  1. I am raising money for this term of school. :) I'm a Psych major. I'm planning on moving home to Portland in the coming months.
  2. Yes, it did. Especially when the industry treats 23 year olds like they are cougars. I'm a cougar! LOL!
  3. Nope, I started porn at 20.

mississippiwildman1 karma

Got one you likely won't answer:

Did you ever do a porn scene and was like "this dick hurts?" and he just kept plowing you. Did it ever turn into semi rape?

lexitronb3 karma

I did a fake rape scene for some Japanese company. "Rape" scenes are a major liability for US companies to produce, host, and sell. No, I have never actually been raped or semi raped. That is fucked up.

yourmom32111 karma

How many videos, overall, do you think you've been in?

lexitronb4 karma

I have no idea. I didn't keep track at all.

[deleted]1 karma


lexitronb5 karma

On a good day? 3 times ;) I like to break my boyfriend.

shaft01 karma

What's your major in school?

lexitronb3 karma


Kensin1 karma

Is there one thing you'd tell someone thinking about going into porn? What is something you wish someone had told you when you first started?

lexitronb6 karma

Don't do it. Almost no one in it is worth building friendships with and most end up on drugs.