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How do you feel about kids having such easy access to porn? I worry that my teen son will have a skewed view of sex due to this ease of access. We have lots of talks though. Usually ending with him saying "Are we done yet?"

Also adding the required "Back in my day to get porn I had to hope some bum would leave a dirty magazine in the gutter, none of this internet nonsense!"

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Hey Keanu!

I'm sure you wont see this as I'm so late to the party, but you are the reason my wife and I are together.

Our first year of college, first day of our drama class the class played "charades". She picked "My own private Idaho" and was flustered on how to act that out. She just pointed to herself and I quickly yelled "MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO!"

She looked at me dumbfounded and said yes. We have been together 22 years now.

So thanks for that!

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I was a manager at Carl's Jr. when we bought Hardees. I traveled to a few Hardees to train crew on the new Carl's Jr. menu items. Hardees had a better menu, they should have bought Carl's Jr.

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I completely understand the family that shares EVERYTHING issue. While taking a walk with my mom and still in the stroller son once, my mom suddenly sat down on a bench and said we had to go home because her back hurt too bad. I asked her what happened and she said "Your dad and me were doing it last night and he threw my back out"

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I was Scout Master for my son's Boy Scout Troop. I would often put my sons coat/fleece on at the camp fire and sing "Fat guy in a little coat". Every time the Scouts laughed like it was the first time.