Lexi Bloom

Extremely cute, sexy, and tiny (only 5'1") brunette Lexi Bloom was born Anahita Roshani on September 7, 1989 in Portland, Oregon. She's of Persian descent.

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TIL TIL - Today I learned. Ironic.

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There was a girl sitting on set waiting for us to adjust lights in the middle of a solo scene. She had a weird look on her face so we asked her if she was ok and she said "Yeah, I just remembered that I used to let my dog lick my pussy when I was a kid."

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I lost my virginity at 15 to a guy that I dated for 2 years.

Nope, that is actually true. Most of the people - girls especially - in the industry are a mess.

No one is ever actually stuck. We all have a choice to move on if we want to. I'm sure there are some people in the industry still because it is the easy path to stay in.

Haha I'm glad to hear that. I still web cam and make custom videos if you would like to lose some more. ;)

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OMG NO! Cant you just post pictures of cute little kitty cats?

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I didn't have sex for 6 months after because I really didn't want to. It took an awesome guy 2 months of convincing me to fall for him for me to finally get naked again. Now sex is the best sex I have ever had.

That's funny that you say that. I was actually scared of having sex with my guy before the first time because I didn't want to be too porno.

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Some of my solos were real but most, especially the BG ones, were fake.

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Lol!! Not gunna happen. :) But I still do customs videos and Skype chats to pay for school. Just no cocks or pussies.

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Not really. Companies are barely shooting so unless you are a big name you barely get any shoots.

My health is great. I managed to escape the industry STD free. :)

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Not really. There were a couple scenes with my ex that I enjoyed but we were in a relationship so we had an emotional connection.

And no, I did not enjoy that. It was uncomfortable and ended in me being sore.

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Constantly. Lol