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Has your job made you believe that some people completely deserve to be in prison? I mean can you just "sense" evil in some inmates? Also, does your job give you an insight into how some inmates manipulate people so well? You seem pretty level headed with your answers btw thanks for the AMA.

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Gotta ask... If you don't want to answer I understand

Does everyone in porn have herpes? Because if I have heard right the STD test y'all receive (like the ones I get) aren't full panel tests therefore they don't test for herpes...

I just find it nearly impossible not to get it if 1/5 of adults have it and you've had unprotected sex with hundreds of people... Just curious like I said its cool if you don't want to answer

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I assume that means "I'm a crazy mother fucker don't try me!"? Also, 80% is very high.

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Yea I've heard that too but most people with herpes don't know it or show symptoms...

Have you had a full panel test? Because I'm scared to get one. No problems but the odds aren't in my favor haha

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If you could replicate that feeling you would take all of my money and almost every male in this world.