Hi, I am Prince Michael of Sealand, the world's smallest state - here's the proof that this is me: https://postimg.cc/YjmQWkbdAsk me anything.

Our official government website: http://www.sealandgov.org

In 1966, at the age of 14, I left school to join my father, Roy Bates, in transforming an abandoned World War II fortress in the North Sea into our own sovereign nation. On September 2, 1967, we raised our flag & declared this fortress the Principality of Sealand, with my father as Prince and my mother as Princess.

Our sovereignty was fortified in 1968 when I was involved in an incident with a British vessel. I faced weapons charges for firing warning shots, but a British court declared it had no jurisdiction, as the incident occurred in international waters.

A decade later, our history took a dramatic turn. A group of Germans, with ambitions of turning Sealand into a Luxury casino, staged an armed invasion, taking me captive. Following my release, my father & I led a dramatic helicopter raid to regain control of Sealand. We released all prisoners except one specific German, which sparked an international incident. After Britain declined involvement, citing their 1968, the German government dispatched a diplomat directly to Sealand to negotiate the prisoner's release. This action effectively amounted to a de facto recognition of Sealand's sovereignty

Sealand boasts its own flag, currency, passports, national anthem, stamps, and even a national American Football Team. A Hollywood film depicting our adventures is also in the works.

Today, Sealand is more than a nation; it's a global community united by the values of freedom, self-determination, and adventure. Through our Noble Title initiative, we invite like-minded individuals worldwide to join our community, supporting the ongoing maintenance and regeneration efforts of our fortress home. This initiative is vital in preserving Sealand as a bastion of freedom for future generations.

Having recently been featured on 60 Minutes and bestowing Noble Titles on figures like Ed Sheeran and Nas Daily, Sealand's community of Nobles is an exclusive international group.

Our culture is rich and dynamic, with Sealand represented internationally in various sports. Our teams, including the Sealand 'Seahawks’ and ‘She-Hawks’ in American Football, participate globally, embodying our spirit of adventure. Our annual charity swim event from Sealand to the UK and mountaineering feats, including scaling Mount Everest, are testaments to our adventurous spirit.

In governance, we're exploring innovative Web3 technologies like blockchain & AI to create transparent, decentralised government systems. This venture could position Sealand as a pioneer in fair and open governance, promoting freedom worldwide.

Environmentally, Sealand is a leader, with nearly all our electricity sourced from renewables. Our water supply is sustainably harvested from rainfall.

Our future vision for Sealand is to deploy cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI to demonstrate their efficacy in enhancing transparent and effective governance for the benefit of citizens. As a result, Sealand aims to function as a proving ground for the advancement of improved governance practices worldwide.

Our culture is rich and dynamic, with Sealand represented internationally in various sports. Our teams, including the Sealand Seahawks’ and ‘She-Hawks’ in American Football, participate globally, embodying our spirit of adventure. Our annual charity swim event from Sealand to the UK and mountaineering feats, including scaling Mount Everest, are testaments to our adventurous spirit.

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N70968113 karma

Are there any pictures of Sealand's interior that are recent? I'm very curious what it's like to live there.

sealandgov73 karma

We have been carrying out further redevelopment works to Sealand. It's very comfortable to live on Sealand. We are excited to share recent photos on our social channels soon 👀

Trivial_Punishment111 karma

Good Evening Michael.

I’m writing on behalf of my mother (not sure if she would appreciate her name on here) I just messaged her to tell her you were doing this AMA.
So hello from Westcliff from her. She has mentioned that your dad had a workshop in the end of her garden in Westcliff when she was growing up and she has fond memories!! She also did quite bit of work with the Free Radio Association and has been involved in the bookamook website in recent years and has been sending a lot of memorabilia over to Steve (aka Jolly Orange)

How involved do you get with the documenting of the free radio? And I would love to hear some memories of yours from Westcliff? Memorable gigs/nights out!

Many thanks!

sealandgov90 karma

Say hello to your mum for me I remember the premises she is talking about. The days of pirate radio and the aftermath were exciting and interesting times. The free radio association and their members were great supporters. I still keep in touch with our old (now) DJ’s and hear from them now and again.

Thatcsibloke60 karma

How do you answer accusations that you cannot be a nation since you have no territory, apart from a rusting concrete and steel hulk within the UK’s territorial limit? If you truly are an independent state, who do you call in the event of an emergency? Do you have any treaties with other nations you can depend upon, or are you really just a sort of immovable boat, welded to somebody else’s seabed, and relying upon a weak argument that says you’re a nation, rather than an object of ridicule?

sealandgov40 karma

When I read your message, the last 56 years of my life was thrown into question.
Then I remembered my favourite quote “Nil Illigitimi Carborundum”
Inside UK limits: have a little read on international law, one territory cannot be engulfed by another expansion of its territorial limits.
Event of emergency: we have aided the UK in numerable search and rescue operations, we’d assume some mutual cooperation.
Treaties: Not needed them so far..
Argument for being a nation: Territory (✔️), Population (✔️), Government (✔️) Sovereignty (✔️) Welded to the seabed (X)

DuncanGilbert13 karma

Can you go on a bit about you guys helping the UK with search and rescues? Sounds interesting

sealandgov17 karma

In 1982 the European Gateway a 3900 ton North Sea ferry was in a nighttime collision with the Speedlink Vanguard a British Rail ship some three miles from Sealand. The European Gateway very quickly rolled over and sank in shallow water half submerged. Sealand was instrumental in relaying some of the distress and rescue communications with the UK rescue services. The UK's Trinity House fast pilot cutters were the first on the scene doing sterling work rescuing hundreds.
Over the years we have spotted and reported vessels in distress and helped in searches for missing vessels like the lone Harwich fishermen who had a heart attack at sea and whose boat ended up on a beach in Holland. The sea can be a very hostile and unforgiving environment.

Marvhyn43 karma

Why did you decide for monarchy as a political system in contrast to others; why have you decided to remain a monarchy? What is the closest alternative you could imagine?

sealandgov39 karma

Sealand was established as a Principality to simplify governance, as the Sovereign Prince's word is the law. We envision a future which is representative & democratic. We have been looking into technologies that could help us do this without a bloated & hugely bureaucratic system.

decavolt12 karma

Genuinely curious: is bloat and bureaucracy even possible considering how small Sealand is?

sealandgov10 karma

Sealanders are always connected online, even when not in Sealand itself

KicketyPricket39 karma

How did you manage to turn the tables on the mercenaries who took you hostage? I read the Wikipedia article about your principality history, but it didn't go into much detail, other than saying your parents were in Austria at the time.

sealandgov74 karma

My father and myself with the aid of three very determined and very brave young men, not forgetting a James Bond stunt pilot and great family friend John Crewdson - all armed to the teeth launched a dawn helicopter counter attack. John told me afterwards that despite his life of stunt flying, it was the first time he had heard real gunfire as he hovered above the assault in his trusty Alouette helicopter.

DrKurgan33 karma

Thanks for the IAma, here's bunch of questions:

How many people live in Sealand?
How many people were born in Sealand?
How many people have the nationality?
Do Sealand citizens pay taxes and if yes, to which country?

Last one, how do you get food and is there a national dish?

sealandgov100 karma

How many people live in Sealand? This varies a lot. We have 308 citizens, many of which visit at various times.
How many people were born in Sealand? No one has been born in Sealand just yet. Do Sealand citizens pay taxes and if yes, to which country? Sealanders don’t pay taxes while in Sealand, but all citizens have dual nationality with other countries, and so pay taxes in those countries when working in them.
Last one, how do you get food and is there a national dish? Like many other countries, much of our food is imported, apart from seafood caught in our waters. Our national dish is lobster spaghetti. This tradition comes from eating practical food with a long shelf life, mixed with our locally fished lobsters.

Velour_Underground33 karma

What happens if someone is murdered in Sealand?

sealandgov70 karma

A dark but important question: The murderer would be processed by our judicial system &, if found guilty, they would be put into the jail at the bottom of the north tower. (Which is almost at seabed level)

FreyjaSunshine25 karma

Why can't I find the Principality on Google Maps?

sealandgov36 karma

Sealand's official location seems to appear & then disappear on google maps fairly regularly. I suppose it's anyones guess as to what the reason for this might be...

ergonaut25 karma

How seriously does Sealand take itself? Is it tongue and cheek or not?

Edit: the expression is apparently tongue in cheek. TIL

sealandgov52 karma

While we don't take ourselves too seriously, the fundamentals behind Sealand's sovereignty are very much serious. We have also been active for over 56 years, so we're very passionate about our cause.

wil_daven_23 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! I've always been fascinated by Sealand

What steps have you taken to help prevent another Coup d'état from happening?

sealandgov53 karma

We learnt some serious lessons from the invasion of 1978, but of course we can't disclose details of our defence strategy on Reddit! 🚁

_dekappatated34 karma

Does it involve ducks? I bet it involves ducks.

sealandgov21 karma

You can ask Donald, but you're just as likely to get information out of him as you are from me!

ThisIsMyPartyShirt9121 karma

I saw the 60 minutes program on Sealand, are either of the brothers eligible bachelors?

sealandgov38 karma

Sadly not, but I do have 3 grandsons, so the next generation of would-be-Princesses should watch this space

redditknees17 karma

How do you plan to achieve your future vision with such a small population?

sealandgov21 karma

While our population is small, our global community of loyal enthusiasts is huge. We would love to include all supporters in Sealand's future

baltinerdist15 karma

If you had to put it into percentages, what is the breakdown of Sealand across the following dimensions?

Harmless (or unserious) fun

Culture/thought experiment

Awareness campaign for climate change

Serious attempt at being a recognized geopolitical entity

sealandgov16 karma

Sealand was founded as an act of defiance following a harsh crackdown from the UK government on Pirate radio stations in the 1960's, and has grown into an amazing global community of likeminded people who love what we stand for. In some ways it's been a thought experiment, as it seemed my father, mother & I were the only people in the world who thought it possible, but here we are almost 60 years later. From what I can remember, in the 1960's, climate change was certainly not a phenomenon we had ever come across. We were pretty early adopters of renewable energy when climate change did become apparent, and hope to serve as an example to other countries of what is possible, even on a small scale, given that Sealand runs on 99.9% renewables. We have fulfilled all of the internationally recognised criteria necessary to be a recognised sovereign state for decades now. We published an in depth look at this on our website recently: https://sealandgov.org/en-us/blogs/news/is-sealand-a-real-country

thugdaddyxtopher14 karma

Good evening, your Royal Highness. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I have a couple:

If a citizen of Sealand would like the schedule a visit, how can this be arranged, and are overnight stays permitted? If so, is there a maximum length of time a guest is permitted to stay?

Do those with titles of nobility have special privileges while in the Principality that are not afforded to simply a citizen or guest?

sealandgov20 karma

Good evening. Scheduling a visit for citizens is a pretty straightforward process, as we're a closely knit community. Citizens usually stay anything from a weekend to a couple of months, there is no official 'maximum' To answer your question about Sealand nobles: when visiting Sealand they are made to feel at home, and are of course, the most likely people to be granted a visa to visit Sealand, second only to our citizens

shuyalee14 karma

Good evening Prince Michael!

I've had the pleasure of representing Sealand with the Sealand Seahawks. I know you managed to see a game a few weeks ago and wanted to ask how much you enjoyed it?

I know the Mike and the rest of the team loved having you out there! Have a good evening

sealandgov19 karma

It was an absolute pleasure to watch the game in Mallorca. It fills me with pride to see the Seahawks representing Sealand so passionately

queenoforeos12 karma

Do you ever have special gatherings for your title holders?
Regards, Countessa Jan Marie of Sealand

sealandgov8 karma

Hi Countess Jan Marie. Currently our title holders and community gather online, but not in person as far as I'm aware. I'm curious to hear what you envision for a gathering of Sealand nobles?

Past_Will724611 karma

Can you tell us anything about the Hollywood movie about Sealand?

sealandgov18 karma

Of Course. I can tell you that a Hollywood movie about Sealand has been in development for some time. However, it appears that it is now closer to becoming a reality than it has been in a while. A team of highly decorated filmmakers is currently on board to make it happen. Im contactually bound to not reveal any further details but hopefully we can announce this in full soon. Keep an eye on our website for updates

thizface11 karma

What’s your experience with the mainland? How do you have relations with other nations?

sealandgov16 karma

We have a good relationship with the UK these days. They dont bother us and we dont bother them. We liaise on matters of maritime safety and have been known to allow the RAF air sea rescue to practice lifting casualties off from our helipad. Over the years we have had communication from various European statesmen including President Pompidou of France wishing us luck. We have had visits from German and British officials by invitation at various times to mention but a few.

sealandfans11 karma

What is the biggest struggle you can remember?

sealandgov29 karma

While you might think our biggest struggle was the 1978 coup, the hardest struggle was clinging on in the very early days against UK government subterfuge and dirty tricks. At the same time we had no power, no communication with the outside world. Even our drinking water had to be carried to a boat and shipped out. And I can tell water is bloody heavy.

Podcaster10 karma

What countries actually recognize a Sealand passport and validate its usage at their borders?

sealandgov22 karma

We used to regularly travel on our Sealand passports. I have many stamps from countries such as Belgium in my previous passport issues, but since 9/11, the situation is a lot more complicated.

CountofSealand218 karma

Do Sealand have any plans of partnering with charitable nonprofits?

sealandgov7 karma

This is something we are actively looking into. We are very passionate about ocean conservation as you might expect. What other organisations do you think align well with Sealand?

smack4u8 karma

Is the island (?) constantly inhabited?

sealandgov9 karma

Yes, absolutely, and has been for the past 56 years

cylondanny8 karma

Any plans for expanding the platform?

sealandgov10 karma

This is a continual focus of ours. What would you like to see built?

Ok_Mind7957 karma

What plans do you have for the future? Any plans on making relationships with other countries?

sealandgov7 karma

Right now we are purely focused on building our global community of like minded people who believe in what Sealand represents

johndoe11307 karma

I remember the Sealand data centre / data haven from the early 00s as an idealistic college student. I loved the idea of a web hosting service free from Government control and oversight (not realising that the real risk was from private companies!)

Given the current state of the internet and censorship by private companies, do you think there is room for something similar today? Would it even be possible or are data havens ultimately limited by the policies and whims of their upstream suppliers?

sealandgov7 karma

I don't think that secure data havens have much relevance in 2023 like they did in the early 2000's. That same job I believe can now be done through de-centralisation of data across multiple jurisdictions. I do however believe that there is always room for innovation to push back against overbearing government oversight and intrusion, and I believe that Sealand will re-enter this space at some point to help facilitate this.

SpaceElevatorMusic6 karma

Thank you for joining us today for an AMA.

What was the thinking behind incorporating Sealand as a principality? How democratic are the political processes that govern Sealand?

sealandgov5 karma

Thank you for having me here. A Principality is the most simple form of governance, and so being that Sealand was governed by my Father, mother & I, it made the most sense. Right now we aim to govern in a way that best serves our citizens, and being a Principality gives us the flexibility to do that

Grimmmm5 karma

“Our culture is rich and diverse because we’re doing everything everyone else is doing.”

While an interesting concept, why does your country actually exist other than “because my dad”?

What’s to keep someone else from taking over and instilling their own bullshit agenda?

sealandgov5 karma

Im unsure as to how your first line applies to Sealand? We are doing things in a way that I would consider rather unique and have been so for almost 60 years. Sealand exists to challenge the idea that you must live a life inside the confines of convention. The answer to your final question is Sealanders. We are our own military and defence force. We have a decent & well documented record, too.

FewConfection25575 karma

If I have purchased a Sealand title, am I subject to diplomatic immunity?

sealandgov6 karma

Not diplomatic immunity, but we would do whatever we can to help our nobles in need

Lichruler5 karma

Hello Prince Michael

I’m Lord Mathias of the Principality of Sealand, Lord reference ID 5006145. I’ve hung my title of nobility over my desk for years and quite enjoy being able to say I’m a Lord of a micronation.

While I do enjoy this little amusing title, I’ve wondered something about the principality, in terms of political turmoil, and that is this:

Has sealand ever thought on going to “war” against “independent contractors” in some amusing battles like paintball or something? Literally just for giggles or something like that.

sealandgov9 karma

Hi, i'm glad to hear of your support for Sealand over the years. We haven't given this idea much thought, as our battles over the years have usually been fought with live ammunition, and our commitment to defending ourselves will likely need more than paintballs!

Dethjonny5 karma

Have you considered expanding in the future? Would you consider creating a New Sealand?

sealandgov5 karma

If the UK changes its name to Australia, we will change our name to New Sealand. On a serious note, yes, we would love to. We're constantly working on ideas about how we might do this. How would you like to see Sealand developed in the future?

Mintou4 karma

Hello from Iran, would you grand me a passport ? I'm trying to do everything to escape this country and be a prosperous member in another society

sealandgov2 karma

We aren't currently issuing passports, but intend to offer e-citizenship in the near future. We truly support you in your quest for self determination

depeupleur3 karma

Why are you not the king?

sealandgov5 karma

In a Principality, the Prince's word is the law, so we established Sealand as such to keep governance simple.

ehiwtf3 karma

Very inspirational! Have you heard of Isola delle Rose, in Italy? Somehow similar

sealandgov4 karma

Yes, I remember the story from back in the day, and have watched the Netflix show. I suppose the founder, Giorgio Rosa, must have taken inspiration from my father founding Sealand, as Rose island was founded just a year later

Heavy_Cartoonist41632 karma

I would really appreciate an answer to my emails that started a year ago (Oct 2022). With Sealand not renewing passports of Non Resident Citizens, what will be the citizenship status be once the passport expires?

sealandgov3 karma

Non-resident passports are not due to expire for another four years, we will be putting out updates to all passport holders in due course. Thanks for your patience on this.

Sophie__Banks2 karma

What is Sealand's position on LGBTQIA people?

And what laws and actions reflect that position?

sealandgov21 karma

We are dedicated to preserving the values of equality and showing respect for all individuals, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity

PeanutSalsa2 karma

Where/how do you get your electricity and food?

sealandgov7 karma

Most of our food is imported, the same as most other countries. We do catch plenty of fish from our waters however. Our electricity is 99.9% from renewables, mainly wind, with some solar.

ThisIsMyPartyShirt912 karma

Does Sealand have internet?

sealandgov5 karma

Yes, we can connect to European & UK cellular networks. We are also installing Starlink satellite internet. We will be covering more information about this on our blog soon

Organic_Bid1272 karma

Hello Prince Michael! I have been a huge fan/supporter of Sealand for many years, and I remember a time where passports use to be offered.

Is there a reason you passports were discontinued?

DannyLeeAwesome7 karma

There was an international crime syndicate who forged counterfeit passports, number plates and ID cards in the 90s. The FBI from the United States worked with Sealand to sort it all out and bring the perpetrators to justice. I can imagine this is the primary reason the issuing of passports has become case-specific to actual visitors.

sealandgov11 karma

Indeed. My father was in contact with the FBI regarding this. A counterfeit Sealand passport was even found on the houseboat that Gianni Versace's murderer was hiding out on when arrested.

sealandgov2 karma

Hi, thanks for your continued support! We haven't offered new passports for a while now. We are hoping to roll our e-citizenship in the near future, so please keep your eyes on our site & socials for updates, we'd love to have you on board

Harrykeough12 karma

What’s the cost of a tour and an overnight stay?

sealandgov4 karma

Right now this is not something that we offer. Visitation is only open to Sealanders (citizens) currently. If and when this changes, we will post updates on our government website.

DannyLeeAwesome2 karma

E MARE LIBERTAS! Hey, I'm late to the party but if we're still taking questions,

1- What happens to garbage or leftover trash etc...

2 - Could the towers be painted in tar or something to help preserve them? I wondered how deep the pontoon is sunk, in your book it says it's on a sand bar iirc? I'd build interconnected domes underwater in a similar fashion that way nobody knows it's even there.

Thanks! - Your Baron, DannyLeeAwesome

sealandgov5 karma

Hi Baron Danny, thanks for the question. Much like the UK exports their trash to places like Malaysia, we export our trash to the UK for sorting and recycling. On the subject of the towers, the concrete is over a foot thick, so the wear and tear that you can see on them is superficial. The water depth around the fortress is approximately 5 meters, depending on the state of the tide.

Lowspark2 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA.

Sealand has representation across many sports. Do you follow the accomplishments of your teams?

sealandgov5 karma

Yes, absolutely. Just a couple of weeks ago, I travelled to Spain to cheer on the Sealand Seahawks. We also have supporters competing in sporting competitions all over the world, from mountaineering to curling.

Stanger761 karma

Hiya Prince Michael,

Do you have a favourite Dad joke? 😂

Sorry- had to ask, it’s a task I’ve set the Seahawks to post their favourites today.

All the best to you, Mei and the family, boss,

Mike Ireland.

sealandgov11 karma

Hi Mike, how about this:
A Roman walks into a bar, holds up 2 fingers and says:

"I'll have 5 beers please"

Zeidra1 karma

How do one join / get a passport / get a noble title ?

sealandgov5 karma

Hi, you can join our community simply by engaging with us on our website or following our adventures on our social channels. Passports are a little more tricky to come by & take some time. You can become a noble of Sealand & support our survival into the future through our website: www.sealandgov.org

Cla1681 karma

Good Evening, As a Baron of Sealand with my own ID, I support the endeavor and love the history.

I know there was a passport incident a few decades ago and you've stopped issuing them since. Do you plan on issuing new ones in the future? Also, do you plan on expanding the concept of Sealand citizenship in some way?

sealandgov2 karma

Good evening, thanks for your support. We have continued to issue passports since the issues back in the 1990's, but in very limited numbers. We plan to open citizenship more broadly through an e-citizenship offering. We are actively working on this and hope to be able to offer it in the near future, starting with Sealand Nobles.

nosrednaharas1 karma

Whats the level of wheelchair accessibility once you're onboard?

sealandgov4 karma

Wheelchair access to all of Sealand would be tricky but achievable. To descend the towers however, we would need to reinstate the elevators which were previously used during WW2 to move ammunition from the magazine deep in the tower up to the deck.

phylum_sinter1 karma

What is Sealand's maximum capacity? Have you ever had any amazing parties on the platform?

sealandgov4 karma

In the late 70's we held a wedding for my best friend & loyal Sealander Gordon 'Willy' Wilkinson (he was part of the assault team when we recaptured Sealand). Over 50 people were in attendance. In war time, our fortress could house 200-300 sailors, and would have been very cramped. Nowadays, we rarely have more than 30 people in Sealand at any one time.

albinofoxyo1 karma

I ordered an official Sealand tee shirt on July 27th 2017 from your country and never received it. Sealand isn't like some sort of tyrannical regime, right?

sealandgov3 karma

I prefer benevolent Principality myself. Would you mind emailing details of your issue to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and we'll look into it for you.

Duchesscorie0 karma

Is there a way to have more of a share in supporting Sealand?

sealandgov3 karma

The best way to support Sealand is to be come an active member of our community on our social channels & website, helping promote our message of freedom & self determination

Illustrious-Try-75240 karma

Funny because I've never heard of you or your country.

How did all of this come about?

sealandgov1 karma

It's been a long, bumpy road, starting with my father taking the British government to task over their draconian broadcasting laws and has included the declaration of a new country, armed invasions, battles in and out of the court room, and going head to head with the British Navy

the_white_slave0 karma

Do you look at the toilet paper after you wipe?

sealandgov0 karma

Certainly not. If a 'Groom of the Stool' was good enough for Henry VIII, it's good enough for me. I advise googling the term...

robwatkhfx0 karma

Hello from Canada, Prince Michael.

Are there issues with the British Government when it comes to Sealand issuing titles and honours? For example, most Orders have different levels or grades (Knight, Officer, Commander, etc.). Would Britain object if Sealand did that?

And thank you for the harmless fun.

Sir Robert, Baron of Rockingham

sealandgov0 karma

Hi Robert, our issuing of Sealand noble titles is of no consequence to the British government. They have their own system for issuing such titles which is independent of the Sealand noble title initiative.

JAD630 karma

Good evening your highness,

How might nobility title holders become more involved to ensure Sealand continues to thrive? More importantly, what kind of support is most needed?

sealandgov2 karma

Hi & thank you for your support. The most meaningful way of supporting Sealand is to stay active on our social media channels, and help spread the story & message of Sealand

Indian-Point0 karma

Can you develop more programs for kids? They love the titles and are enthusiastic supporters.

sealandgov0 karma

We would love to. Do you have any suggestions?

shuryanc-2 karma

Your Majesty,

I extend my sincerest greetings to you, the noble King of The Principality of Sealand. I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits.

First and foremost, I would like to express my deep admiration and appreciation for your open-mindedness and willingness to engage with individuals from around the world on platforms like Reddit. Your commitment to answering questions and fostering dialogue is a testament to your remarkable leadership and dedication to The Principality of Sealand.

With the utmost respect, I humbly present a question that has been on my mind. While exploring the official website of The Principality of Sealand, I came across detailed instructions regarding the process of acquiring e-citizenship. However, it appears that the procedure for obtaining a physical hard copy passport has not been explicitly addressed.

Understanding the immense significance of a tangible passport as a symbol of a nation and a crucial proof of citizenship in today's world and the near future, I am eager to learn if The Principality of Sealand issues hard copy passports that are guaranteed not to face discontinuation for any reason.

As we are aware, the recognition and acceptance of a physical passport hold substantial value, especially when compared to digital citizenship, which still lacks widespread acknowledgment. Increasing recognition and awareness of The Principality of Sealand would undoubtedly benefit Sealand, and a physical passport plays a pivotal role in this regard.

Your Majesty, I kindly seek your wisdom and guidance on the matter, as I genuinely desire a comprehensive understanding of the passport issuance process, the longevity of a hard copy passport from The Principality of Sealand, and its acceptance worldwide.

Once again, I express my profound gratitude for your openness to address inquiries on Reddit. Your commitment to transparency and engagement truly sets an exemplary standard for leaders worldwide. I eagerly await your esteemed insights and guidance.

With the utmost respect and admiration for your visionary leadership, I remain,

Dan Brown

sealandgov3 karma

Hi Dan, thanks for your question. New physical passports are currently only being issued to existing passport holders. We do plan to make Sealand e-citizenship a reality in the near future, and are working out the finer details of this. One of those details is whether it's feasible to offer passports to all e-citizens. I would advise keeping an eye on our website for updates

Tianoccio-2 karma

You have a helipad on top of some smoke stacks with a building.

How do you get food and make money?

sealandgov3 karma

Smokestacks and a building? I think you've given me a eureka moment - perhaps smoked fish is what we should have been exporting all along....