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I'm repainting the walls in my house and I'm reading conflicting information online. The walls themselves are already painted and it's a pretty bright color already. Do I need to use a primer or will the paint stick just fine to the already painted walls? I'm using an eggshell base if that helps.

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What aspects of your childhood seemed totally normal at the time until you grew up and looked back and realized they were kinda fucked up?

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You know what? You're getting my upvote for being honest about this thread. Good on you.

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Can you give us any examples of stuff you've been asked to procure or arrange that is just pocket change for them (hundreds to thousands of dollars) but would be an extravagance for the rest of us?

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This, this, a thousand times this.

By taking "no stand" at all, TGA is taking a stand. Standing with the abusers who would rather this not be talked about and hope it will all just go away.

u/geoffmk you've got the biggest platform in gaming this week. Use it to make real change.