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How do you answer accusations that you cannot be a nation since you have no territory, apart from a rusting concrete and steel hulk within the UK’s territorial limit? If you truly are an independent state, who do you call in the event of an emergency? Do you have any treaties with other nations you can depend upon, or are you really just a sort of immovable boat, welded to somebody else’s seabed, and relying upon a weak argument that says you’re a nation, rather than an object of ridicule?

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Ther is commentary on this topic on the Air Bnb Community advice site where somebody says he wants to install a nanny cam in a communal area. One answer is that people get intimate outside the bedroom, which is a valid point. Generally, it seems you should disclose the position of cameras on the listings.

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On the assumption that a criminal offence has occurred through an action or omission, what is the likely charge in the US, or in the state? In the UK we have "corporate manslaughter" for this kind of thing, but an actual person is not necessarily arrested. Would we expect to see an individual arrested? Or some form of criminal action against the organisation?

As others have said; the graphics are really good. Thanks for coming onto Reddit.

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How long was the trip from purchase to the end? And out of all those nights: how many times did you think “I’m nuts. I wish I was at home?”