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Have any trends or patterns been identified? Also, I'm curious as to what some of your hypothesis' may be in regards to the motives behind this particular tragedy.

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What countries actually recognize a Sealand passport and validate its usage at their borders?

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Is it normal that I can feel the presence of melatonin in my brain? I’m able to sense the moment I’ll be falling asleep shortly and yet I’ve never heard of anyone with this level of self awareness/experience.

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Hi, I’m curious as to if you’ve employed the cannabinoids CBD or CBG or any other in your research and if so, any findings of note? Two years ago I took a very large dose of CBD and apparently have decimated the enzymes in my gut and have been suffering ever since. Any insight on cannabinoids and their relationship to gut health would be appreciated.

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Hi, I’m curious as to if you’ve done or looked at any of the research related to cannabinoids and the gut health? Specifically related to CBD or CBG. Thanks for your time