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Thanks for answering some questions, today! I have a few regarding our nearest neighbor, the Proxima system

What are your thoughts on Dr. Hawking's Starshot Project?

Assuming they succeed in sending a flock of microships to Proxima, what kind of information would you expect and/or like to see returned?

If, as presumed, it turns out Proxima b is tidally locked, what challenges would that eventually present whenever humans try to visit?

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Interesting, thank you! I'll be sure to read through that...

Follow up:

Since their plan involves sending multiple craft, would it be possible for them to create a 'network' of sorts (i.e. wirelessly tie them together), to boost the signal? Or would they not have enough payload in order to do something like that?

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Thank you for doing this AMA! I've always been fascinated by Sealand

What steps have you taken to help prevent another Coup d'├ętat from happening?

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A lot of people in the media (and even in the AMA) have called you a coward for making such bold claims while remaining anonymous.

How would you respond to those people? How/why do you justify remaining anonymous? Do you think you serve the people of the US better by remaining anonymous?

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Fair enough, that makes sense.

Thank you!