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Trentl1469 karma

How much 'writing' is involved in porn?

Thoust25 karma

This needs to be answered. I actually enjoy watching the beginning 30 seconds when they're still setting up the plot and the sex hasn't started yet, and I often wonder how much of it is scripted and how much is just "ok you need an A on this paper and he's your teacher, GO"

jackystjames24 karma

Feature length films in adult are scripted and are around 30-40 pages of dialogue (more or less). The scenes you are referring to are all-sex releases or gonzo scenes and usually those do not have scripts - they are improved. I write for the couples' market so plot and story are important when marketing those kinds of films.

PoultryAdultery9 karma

Building on this...

I feel that most porn these days has devolved from being anything like a movie with sex scenes to just being about the sex scenes, and any plotline is more of a parody of this. It's always the same looking guys, and the same old plot- I'm sure there are some good examples of that, but most of the ones I've found that were really hot were from about the 80s, and had a lot of foreplay. The Taboo series is a good, if weird example.

I feel that like written erotica, porn can really be engaging, rather than some ten minute clip you boot up to get off on, like the difference between a quick and dirty meal, and a truly delicious one that takes two hours to cook. Sure, you'll enjoy the quick one and no longer be hungry, but the long prep one will make you feel satisfied.

jackystjames21 karma

Where are you watching your porn? There is actually so much plot-driven porn now (with really engaging story-lines)but so many people aren't aware of that because they are watching films on tube sites (which all to often cut out the dialogue for obvious reasons).

ericleeparker55 karma

do you ever masterbate thinking about what you just shot?

jackystjames132 karma

are you kidding? absolutely i do!

ericleeparker26 karma

do you ever have sex with the talent too .... you know to make sure they can perform well and stuff ?

jackystjames39 karma

hahaha! no. most of the talent i've seen perform already and i know what they can do. although, that would be a great way to coerce someone into having sex with me! this reminds me of those great casting couch porn clips.

ericleeparker26 karma

I've seen so many casting couch clips of guys who are in charge of casting getting blown, so I think you should make a casting couch porn where you do the opposite where a woman is in charge of casting and you take full advantage of a reluctant but desperate 18 year old guy who really needs the money so you talk him into eating your asshole and maybe talk him into taking taking your big black vibrating strap on for some extra cash.

jackystjames2 karma

i think you've got a great idea. you should create something like that. seriously.

dakaroo112745 karma

I've always dreamt of directing and writing for porn. Here's an excerpt from one of my recent scripts. Guy Enters Room. Fucks Girl. Guy Leaves Room.

jackystjames61 karma

you're hired.

IChangeTenses22 karma

Can I come do an interview? An open casting call if you will.

jackystjames25 karma

hahaha. absolutely

seniortwatface21 karma

Which came first?

jackystjames33 karma

first a writer. then a director.

jackystjames159 karma

then the performers. HA

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jackystjames31 karma


kaykun9018 karma

do you think there's a high percentage of girls with messed up child hoods and drug addictions in the porn biz?

jackystjames40 karma

great question. i think that with any business there are people that have messed up childhoods and that often times the 'adult' world gets a bad rap simply because we're the 'sex industry.' however, most of the performers i've worked with are extremely grounded and together people with solid heads on their shoulders and highly intelligent. mainstream media will often glorify the "porn horror story" ideal - or depict pornstars in unflattering lights, but i don't feel that is a valid representation of the people working in adult today.

TheReasonableCamel18 karma

How did you get into the business?

Do you work for a famous company?

Have you worked with famous actors?

Also please provide proof

jackystjames21 karma

I work for New Sensations (which is one of the top 5 biggest adult studios). is my website.

You can visit my website for proof or go to IAFD for some of my titles.

I am not sure who the rest of the world considers famous? In my business I have worked with some of the top talent: Raylene, Steven St. Croix, Remy LaCroix, Riley Reid, Dana DeArmond, Tom Byron, Natasha Nice, India Summer etc. etc.

jackystjames19 karma

I got into the business when I saw that NS was holding a contest for screenwriters for So...I, as an avid lover of porn, decided to submit a script. I reached out to Eddie Powell (whose porn work I was familiar with) and asked him questions about how one went about writing a script, and he was kind enough to help me. A week after I submitted the script, the film went into pre-production. That movie was Dear Abby (for which I won the 2012 Best Screenplay AVN) which starred Natasha Nice.

Thoust3 karma

Noticed Riley Reid and Dana DeArmond and confirmed in your IAFD that you worked on Friend Zone, but IAFD lists you as a performer? Did you actually write or direct any of that film? I actually sat through the whole thing and was genuinely engaged by the plot, so just kudos to everyone involved in that production.

Edit: Saw in another question that you did write Friend Zone. Great job! I actually remember thinking, "this script is surprisingly good for a porn, it's like a romantic comedy I'd see in theaters but with the sex scenes left in."

jackystjames4 karma

i only perform in non-sex roles. i've never appeared on camera and i never will in a sex-role. I am so glad you enjoyed, The Friend Zone. It was one of my favorite films to date:) Hugs to you for actually WATCHING the whole film!

SmokytheBear44416 karma

Are you contractually obligated to put in as many puns as you can?

jackystjames33 karma

ahahahah! I wish I wrote punny stuff! That's more for the parodies, but I have to say...some of the parody writers are pretty damn punny.

icehouse_lover15 karma

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

jackystjames20 karma

creatively - i am inspired by music, modern art, and books. James Frey's "Bright Shiny Morning" remains the book that rattled and inspired me the most. Spiritually- I am turned on by the innate goodness in people and random acts of kindness and generosity. Emotionally- i am turned on by emotional presence.

Brett_Favre_411 karma

What is your single favorite porn video on the web?

What type of porn do you write/direct?

Favorite actress/actor to work with?

jackystjames18 karma

Oh my God? Is this really Brett Farve asking me a question on Reddit!?? Ha! (Sorry, I love football and I am one of the people who actually love Brett Farve).

I write films marketed for the couples' market (so more story-based). I also do direct a few all-sex films (Power and Control and Big Milf Juggs 3 being two).

I have worked with Natasha Nice, Rayene, Remy LaCroix, Steven St. Croix, Riley Reid, Vanilla DeVille, Tanya Tate, India Summer, the list goes on and on and on.

AustinQuinn6 karma

Is it sad I know who all those actors are and watched their work.

Thoust8 karma

Don't feel bad, I actually deduced one of the films from two of the actors

jackystjames5 karma

haah! there is nothing sad about it if you enjoyed it!

gigamosh577 karma

How much of the scenes are actually written vs. Improvised?

Do you specify any more than the type of scene (straight, small, bukkake, whatever)?

How often do you tell your actors to do a retake because they didn't fit the storyline (more like a cable repairman this time)?

jackystjames8 karma

great question! it really depends on the production company and the project. for feature films - those are written. for vignettes or all-sex releases with minimal dialogue, those are often not written or are improvised by the performers (although from what i've heard, Brazzers does scripted all-sex releases). even in my feature films, i always specify the kind of sex i want (but i don't get into the nitty gritty details). so i'll say something like, 'super kinky sex' or 'rougher sex' or even 'anal sex' depending on what that particular scene calls for. however, the specifics of the sex scene are determined by the director on set as it happens. haha. the cable repairman is not the kind of films i write and most studios do not do that kind of stuff anymore (unless it is an homage to the older, cheesy lame adult films). for me, i work tirelessly on the features to make sure the performances are believable. some may think it's crazy because i'm just directing 'porn,' but to me...i don't view it that way. i take my work seriously, even if the rest of the world might now.

i_crave_more_cowbell7 karma

what is the most disgusting thing you've personally seen someone do in porn?

jackystjames7 karma

on set? nothing that i find disgusting. in a movie i've watched - plenty of really disturbing things.

patashn1k6 karma

Has your time working in porn changed your feelings surrounding sexuality in any way?

jackystjames9 karma

Excellent question and absolutely. Sex is not this 'end all be all' thing that I used to think it was. Sex is an act of pleasure and should be enjoyed by consenting adults in whatever capacity they choose.

Personally, I've found that since I've worked in porn - my go-tos for pornography have changed. Whereas before I was drawn to harder core scenarios, now I'm more drawn to niches (big boobs, big butts). I am not sure why that is:)

simplysonia6 karma

Sorry, Ms. St. James, but I have to: what in the world stopped you from taking Xander Corvus home with you after working with him? LOL <3 All respect ;)

jackystjames12 karma

Ha! It was very hard not to. The man is sexual perfection. :)

donkboy6 karma


jackystjames9 karma

I work for New Sensations (mainly for the romance series). I've written: Dear Abby, Love is a Dangerous Game, The Friend Zone, Love Marriage and Other Bad Ideas. I wrote and co-directed Torn and The Submission of Emma Marx. I directed on my own: Big Milf Juggs 3 and Power and Control. So far I've won two AVN awards (Best Screenplay and Best Couples' Release) and two XBIZ awards (Best Screenplay and Best Couples' Release). Been in the biz since 2011.

JohnWad6 karma

  • Can you tell Herschel Savage to quit acting & saying creepy things all the time during the scene?
  • Does Peter North still shoot the biggest wads in the game?
  • What is the biggest porn blooper you have seen while on set?

jackystjames24 karma

hahahahah!!! i love men who talk during scenes, but a lot of men have told me they hate it!

i've never worked with Mr. North.

Biggest porn blooper...there are a lot. Recently, while trying to do a sexy, lube on the boobs scene---the female talent broke out in hives. We also had a male talent shoot his load accidentally on the cameraman's foot once. I think it bonded them forever.

JohnWad1 karma

Hahaa, Nice. I once saw during a MMF scene a dude blow his wad onto the other dudes leg.

Steven St. Croix is actually a pretty decent actor. He's been in some main stream movies.

jackystjames2 karma

yes. steven is my muse. he's really incredible

SoColdie5 karma

From what i read about your movie "Torn", i was wondering what your opinion on infidelity is? Isn't it something to be vilified?

jackystjames9 karma

i am SO glad you asked this question. points to you for asking this! the film itself was inspired by a friend of mine who had one of the most enviable marriages i'd ever seen. he was with his wife for 15 years. loved her immensely and had such a huge amount of respect for one another, and an incredible sex life. they just - worked. well, years later he told me that his current wife had been the product of an affair. he had been previously married and cheated on his wife with his current wife. i was absolutely floored. i always thought infidels were awful people with no moral fiber. people that would always cheat and disrespect every relationship. however, he opened my eyes that people are so much more complex than that. people make mistakes. people marry the wrong people. it was THIS experience that inspired me to write a story in which NOBODY was the villain in this particular situation. i'm not saying that in EVERY example of infidelity, everybody is acting appropriately or that they are rich with moral fiber - (obviously that would be a very naive statement), however - there are situations in which people commit adultery that are still good, decent people.

jsmys5 karma

Do pornos have script supervisors? if so, how do i apply?

jackystjames11 karma

hahahah! i wish! usually adult sets are very scarce on crew to keep the budgets why the director or the production manager are usually the ones keeping track of continuity. Sad, but true.

ToasterOnASpaceship5 karma


jackystjames13 karma

For me, I like more films that explore the mental aspect of sexuality. The mind-fuck, if you will. I directed a movie last year called, "Power and Control" which explores the mental aspect of sex.

Lately, I've really enjoyed stuff on Kiss Me Girls (I love watching women make out).

thehost1235 karma

Are you proud of what you do?

jackystjames17 karma

I am absolutely proud of what I do. If I can help make people's lives better or help them explore their own sexuality:)

[deleted]4 karma

You should definitely be proud of what you do! I honestly think that appreciating and de-stigmatizing sex (and with it, porn, toys, and masturbation) really could help people out a lot: many people's relationships would be stronger; women wouldn't be ashamed by society for wanting to have as much (safe) sex as they want; this would make it easier for some men to get laid, reducing the presence of pickup techniques, trickery, attempts to get girls drunk, and generally sketchy behavior by guys trying to have sex; casual sex could be much emotionally (and physically, I suppose) healthier as a lifestyle, even outside bubbles like LA and NY.

jackystjames2 karma

THANK YOU for saying that!!! it's really important to destroy this really absurd stigma surround sexuality (especially with women). baby steps.

simplysonia5 karma

What is it that you look for in talent you hire for your movies? It seems that you work with a very solid, talented stable already, but is there ever any room for someone new to break in? What would he or she have to show you to make you take a chance on him/her?

I've contemplated trying to write a script for an adult movie, but I've never written in the format before AND I'm afraid of the "Mary Sue" syndrome (basically just writing oneself into a script to live out a fantasy). Did you ever encounter MSS when writing, and what did you do to get around it?

THANK YOU for the amazing work that you (and Eddie Powell) do! As a female fan, it was such a breath of fresh air and I look so forward to any project you are attached to. Thanks for giving me someone to look up to and a standard for the whole industry to aspire to <3

jackystjames10 karma

Thank you so much!!!

I look for performers that are highly intelligent and in touch with their emotions. People with great depth. I've studied acting since I was a child, and I've read hundreds and hundreds of plays and if I know anything about good acting, it's people who have a very solid sense of who they are and can relate to others well.

For me, I always need to LIKE the person I'm working with. If I'll be spending 17 hours on set with a performer - I want to actually enjoy being around them. I want someone who is professional, a hard worker. I have chosen never to work with people anymore with that, "this is just porn" attitude. We care. My studio cares. So, if you bring that kind of attitude, you'll never, NEVER work with me. If you showed that kind of behavior on set - you'll never work with me again. :)

I absolutely have written out my own fantasies in scripts. Power and Control explored a lot of the fantasies I have in my own there is nothing wrong with writing what turns you on. It probably would make for a far more interesting story, anyways!

Isacrificecows4 karma

Whats tne favorite thing/scene you have written?

jackystjames11 karma

i wrote a movie called, "torn" which would have to be my favorite work to date. it is a film that actually seeks to understand infidelity, rather than vilify those involved in it. the film also explores open marriage and a variety of other modern concepts. i'm all about trying to understand human complexity as it pertains to sexuality

Hells883 karma

Have you ever seen Lemon-Stealing whore? What did you think of it?

jackystjames3 karma

no. should i?

Quismat5 karma

The set up is a riot and I thought the sex was pretty hot. Let me see if I can't find a link...

EDIT: found it.

jackystjames3 karma

oh that is hilarious! i love james deen. he is such a great is joanna. the set up on that one is absolutely hilarious. i'm sure they had a blast shooting that.

johndee03093 karma


jackystjames7 karma

I've done everything from romance geared towards the couples market to harder core vignettes.

jackystjames9 karma is my website which shows a lot of the stuff i worked on. my most recent film was Big Milf Jugs 3.

MrPoliceGaming33 karma

As a fan of big jugs and Milfs I thank you for your service

jackystjames2 karma

i work hard to please

BeastmanBob7 karma

Was that a title that wrote itself?

jackystjames4 karma

pretty much

notmyrealnameforthis3 karma

How come the guys in porn are always like 30+? You almost never see a 20 year old guy in porn. Is it just so older guys can pretend it's them?

jackystjames2 karma

wow. where are you watching your porn? i'd say 50% of the industry is in their 20's. no joke. xander corvus, chad alva, seth gamble, tyler nixon, johnny castle, dane cross, the list goes on and on. if you're looking for a hot guy - xander corvus is your go-to. you can thank me later:)

robotortoise3 karma

Wait, so are you a female that writes and directs porn, or a porn director and writer that writes porn for females?

jackystjames20 karma

i write adult films for everybody. what exactly is porn FOR females? as a female, i like extremely hard core films. that would be porn FOR me.

EmmettLacombe3 karma

What are your thoughts on the famous "Fifty Shades of Grey" series? Ever thought of making a spoof, spin off, or improve it?

jackystjames12 karma

Ha! I hated 50 Shades of Grey (you can read my outspoken opinion of it on the Slate interview I did earlier this month:

I did read "50 Shades" because there was talk of doing a parody but I hated it so much and also, the studio that chose to shoot a parody is now in a major lawsuit with Universal Studios right now. Instead I wrote another story that did explore a BDSM relationship, but with a female protagonist that was a bit stronger and more intelligent than Anastasia Steele. The movie I wrote is called, "The Submission of Emma Marx" and releases in a week.

jackystjames9 karma

I hate 50 Shades of Grey. Earlier this month I did an interview with Slate where I speak of my great disdain for that book. It was very poorly written and I tend to struggle with books or films that have weak female protagonists.

Instead, I wrote a film called The Submission of Emma Marx which will release next week starring Penny Pax.

The real studio that parodied 50 Shades actually is being sued by Universal Studios, so I'm glad mine opted to do an original story on BDSM relationships, rather than copy one already done:)

superjerry3 karma

how would a guy like me get into the business? definitely not for acting, and maybe just as a side-job, but i just want to sit around and come up with movie titles, maybe even have some thoughtful, creative input. like:

  • hey, maybe you shouldn't zoom in on the guy's face right before the end of the scene, or
  • tell your actresses to stop looking at the camera, or
  • the word 'shove' isn't really that big of a turn-on for most people, especially when followed by, 'in my dirty asshole'.

anyway, i guess a side-question would be: what was your (educational, vocational) background before getting to where you are now?

jackystjames3 karma

hahahah. "shove in my dirty asshole" - i'm with you on that. how is that sexy?

if you want to get into the business, i would say you first need to live in a city that shoots adult films. i think it's harder when you're living out of town, because it's a tight knit community and harder to build relationships from afar. however, i would suggest first trying to build relationships with people in the business and then going from there. everything in life though is ultimately who you know and having the talent to back it up. you know?

for me, my background is varied. i had studied acting and the entertainment industry for my entire life (stanislavski, meisner, etc.). i've read probably close to 800 plays. i've worked in corporate america in senior management (online advertising mostly). however, it was my love of porn since the age of 18 that led me to this incredibly exciting world.

[deleted]2 karma


jackystjames2 karma

i love being responsible for hard-ons! true story --- i used to have a female massage therapist who was very interested in giving me a happy ending...(you finish it however you like).

heroesforsale2 karma

Do you write scripts on spec, or do you get your scenarios from a production company?

jackystjames5 karma

i write scripts because most couples'-marketed adult films ask for stories. so it's an hour of dialogue and an hour of sex. most of the studios that just have set-ups or scenarios (like Naughty America, etc.) are simply improved by the performers, not scripted. I think Brazzers is one of the few studios that actually scripts their set-ups.

blameitonthepigment2 karma

What is the deal with reality porn that uses lots of extras such as dancing bear or those college rules videos. Are all the actors being paid? Or are there that many people that are cool with being extras in a porn shoot?

jackystjames2 karma

i think a lot of people are fine with being extras on a porn shoot. you'd be surprised how giddy people get when i invite them to set. it's like watching a kid in a candy store. i don't know the business model being dancing bear, but i imagine that those having intercourse are indeed paid.

propernoun2 karma

It used to be that porn had laughably fake narratives. Pizza shows up, etc, blah blah blah. Stuff that was so obviously fake that you couldn't seriously forget that you were watching porn and that it's not real.

But now, with gonzo, there's no longer a fictional pretext for the sex. There's no real reason for an 18 year old to put some huge dildo in her ass on film apart from money. So instead we're sold the fiction that the girl is on this journey of self-discovery.

This means that the narrative has been moved outside of the fiction. That the girl's "career" becomes the story.

I recognize that this is outside of the niche where you work, and is only somewhat your competition.

For most of the production of your industry, story matters so little that it's just shunted onto young women who are following a pretty well-established career script.

Is this something you discuss? Does it piss you off or annoy you?

Or, do you take the second order narrative into account when you're crafting your stories? (Oh, she needs a fictional pretext to do double anal here, how can I weave that into the story?)

jackystjames2 karma

i never, ever, ever write with the sex as the driving force of anything. i write a script and the sex is used to enhance the story (it is not the central focus unless i'm working on an all-sex release). i integrate the sex into the story, i don't integrate the story into the sex.

with regards to your dildo reference - you raise an interesting point. however, i don't think it's fair to make the assumption that every girl shoving a dildo up her ass wouldn't find that to be a turn-on, or that she's doing it solely for the financial aspect. obviously there are financial benefits of working in adult, but truthfully, a lot of women are on their own sexual explorations and are doing it in an industry where it's safe for them to do so. there's a lot of complexity and components that go into the performers' individual thought process which i don't think should be overlooked.

EricT592 karma

Did you go to film school?

How much time to you spend lighting a given scene?

Do you get to use a dolly or a jib for shots or is it just hand held and static?

What is typically on the Crafty table?

jackystjames2 karma

hahah! the craft table is rather shoddy. i studied film in school and have worked on many a sets before. i am no lighting expert, but we hire people to light the scenes and i work with an amazing director and cinematographer who using dolly, jib, handheld, etc. for our features. lighting depends really on the complexity of the scene - maybe 30 minutes.

liviadeer2 karma

Can you recommend any great female-friendly films I can check out? I LOVE porn, but anal scenes and fake boobs do nothing for me.

jackystjames3 karma

absolutely! i would recommend The Friend Zone, Lost and Found, Dear Abby, and if you are looking for something a little more complex and serious, Torn. has a lot of great great great options!

Halfpint3332 karma

How does a guy get into the business? What talents should a new guy be able to perform to make it in the adult film industry

jackystjames6 karma

if you are of legal age, i recommend going to an adult performer agency and submitting your shots. as a guy - you probably want to be well-endowed, be able to stay hard and not cum for an hour or longer. be very aware of the camera and the positions required for the director to get the best shot. to be able to cum when asked (not immediately, but be able to build up to cumming in front of several people who will be in the crew waiting for you to cum). it is EXTREMELY hard to be a strong male performer - and there are very few. the job is much harder than it looks. it's not just lucky guys that get to have sex with hot chicks. it is very very hard work (no pun intended)

this_is_bananas2 karma

Have you ever slept with the talent?

jackystjames8 karma

I have not. I did have the opportunity and I am sure I would have enjoyed it immensely, but in my personal life, I only have sex when I'm in love and I wasn't in love with him. (Yes, I do hold tightly to some of my traditional beliefs).

GateuxBlaster2 karma

What do you think of the use of yellowface in the Walking Dead porn parody?

jackystjames3 karma

great, great, great question! i think it was in incredibly poor taste to resort to yellowface and while i don't think it was done with malicious intent, i also don't think that anybody considered the ramifications of the decision. there are a lot of arguments for both sides, but i think the person who articulated it best was dr. chauntelle. you can read her thoughts here:

ATHEoST2 karma

Do you ever designate yourself as the fluffer?

jackystjames6 karma

Hahah! No. Although sometimes, it's tempting. There is no fluffing in porn.

CustodialConviction2 karma

Why do so many people in porn have names like St James, St Croix etc.?

jackystjames3 karma

because we are St. Awesome?

anon50052 karma

...Would be good if there were any porn where the female participants aren't obviously hating it.

jackystjames3 karma

gosh. i am not sure where you are watching your porn, but on nearly every set i've worked on, they've absolutely loved their day at work. as i woman, i feel i can definitively say that...

jillcicle2 karma

How do you feel about the huge invisible line between "porn" and "normal movies"?

I've always found it sort of strange that we draw such a distinction between movies about sex or that show sex in detail and others where sex is slightly less present. After all, sex is a huge incorporated part of normal life - so why so separate/different in film? We watch film to feel good, and directors have no problem putting in a love story or cute baby animals in mainstream movies because it elicits a positive reaction from viewers, so why is it that sex, which also triggers good feelings, can't cross over?

I guess these are really rhetorical questions that I feel like probably cross your mind frequently as someone in the business, so my real question is how do you feel about that divide?

jackystjames3 karma

i absolutely love you, whoever you are. i love when people present these questions which are so incredibly valid. honestly, i think the divide has everything to do with religion and obviously the very strong conservative presence that still exists in our nation. in europe, nudity is not frowned upon and sex is not looked at as something particularly sinful. whereas, in the U.S. there is far more focus on fear and sex and morality than there is on violence (hence why brains can explode in an R rated movie, but god forbid you see a penis and it's suddenly NC-17). however, progress has been made. the adult world is crossing over and becoming more prevalent in mainstream culture. i would love to see that divide vanish, but then again - if that happened, we could potentially see a very noticeable decline in the feature-driven adult world.

gravitythrone2 karma

Do you think Ron Jeremy would get cast today? Can you comment on the "homogenization" of porn today, compared to say the variety and quality that was there in the 70s (in terms of anything other than production values)? Do you think porn actors created the trend where many girls are shaving or waxing their pubes nowadays?

jackystjames2 karma

i actually don't think films today are homogenized. you'll see homogenization only if you're watching adult films on tube sites. in reality there is so much variety in type. there are big boobs, small boobs, gigantic implants, gigantic natural boobs, small girls, big girls, plasticized talent, natural talent, big bushes, no bushes, etc. etc. I do think that porn is greatly responsible for trends in pubic hair, although...i have been shaving since before i even had seen an adult film. i did it more for the feel and comfort, not because of any outside influence.

thtrtechie2 karma

Would you consider yourself part of the "feminist pornography" movement?

jackystjames9 karma

Any woman fighting to normalize sexuality is part of the feminist movement in pornography. I am absolutely a part of that, but I am not alone. There are many others: Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, Stormy Daniels, Dr. Chauntelle, Angie Rowntree, Joanna Angel, Melissa Monet, Tristan Taormino, Jessica Drake, the list goes on and on and on.

thtrtechie1 karma

Awesome thanks for the answer! I got to meet Tristan when she was a Guest in Residence at my dorm last year and seeing your post's title got me thinking!

jackystjames2 karma

yes! tristan is incredible. what an inspiring woman in adult! definitely one of the women i look up to -

mac1234steve1 karma

Do you prefer large penises or average small ones? Reason I ask is because the men in porn are always ridiculously hung and or girthy and I wonder if being constantly exposed to that makes your tastes in Men differ from the norm.

jackystjames3 karma

from personal experience having both very large and very small - i prefer average. you can really rock an average penis...large can be too painful. small men need to learn how to have confidence, and excel in other areas to make up for their shortcomings.

the reason why so many men in adult have large penises has more to do with the way the films are shot. it's easier to show penetration when you have larger penises. #truestory

OblviousTrollAccount1 karma

What's your favorite type of porn to shoot? Most interesting actor/actress that you've worked with? and. How do you come up with so many amazing plots in your porn?

jackystjames4 karma

Type of Porn: Mental mind fucks

Most interesting actors I worked with: Remy La Croix Steven St. Croix

I don't write for porn. I write stories that integrate sex into the for me, I write what I know or what I am incredibly passionate about. Stories I feel are worth telling (exploring).

EnglishClassKid1 karma

I am doing a word evaluation essay for my English class and there is an interview section that is almost completed. I chose the word "beauty". If you wouldn't mind answering these 15 interview questions that would be great! (Please don't laugh. Some of these are stupid and cliche I know, but teachers don't always like the creative side.) 1: Do you think there is a separation between beauty the word beauty and the word pretty? (ie just like with wisdom and knowledge) 2: Do you believe there is beauty that lies in everything? Even the darker more dreary things? 3: When you hear the word beauty, do you first think of a beautiful item or setting or a beautiful person? 4: Can things that are not initially beautiful become beautiful through change or a different perspective? 5: How would you measure beauty? 6: Where does "beauty" reside on your appearance scale? (ie higher than pretty, or below the word majestic?) 7: How has your taste of beauty changed/developed over the years or through any major events? 8: Can there be beauty in things the senses cannot observe? (ie a beautiful idea?) 9: When you imagine something/someone that is beautiful, is it also blemish-less or immaculate? 10: Can something be ugly and beautiful at the same time? 11: Do you find beauty in your work? 12: What aspect of your life do you find the most beauty in? 13: What is the most beautiful thing you can imagine? 14: Why do you think you chose that answer for #13? 15: What was the most beautiful thing you experienced with writing for the adult entertainment industry? Thank you!

jackystjames4 karma

1). yes. pretty is more surface, beauty goes far deeper. 2). beauty absolutely exists in everything. if you have an open mind and an open heart, you should be able to find it. 3). i think of a beautiful soul 4). i am not sure what would not be considered initially beautiful. however, perspective ALWAYS changes how anything is viewed 5). i measure beauty by that which moves me. the greater i am moved by it, the more beautiful. 6). my personal appearance? i don't really see myself in that way. in terms of who i am inside...i would say i'm an incredibly beautiful person. i try to be find the good in everyone. 7). i have always valued inner beauty more than outer beauty -- however, that has gotten deeper with age, as i tend to have life experience to really look at life and people with a more open mind than i did when i was younger and life was more black and white. 8). absolutely. i cannot see somebody's soul but i know it is beautiful 9).no. i think there is great beauty in flaws and imperfections. those flaws often build character and character is beautiful 10). yes. victor hugo's novel, the hunchback of notre dame explores this 11).there is absolutely beauty in the adult industry. it is all around me...and i am not referring to the physical. there is great kindness and great love in the business i work in. 12). the relationships i share with the people in my life. i am surrounded by incredible people...who love me despite my flaws. there is something very beautiful in that. 13). the freedom for everybody to be exactly as they are without fear of judgment 14). because i see the pain people experience on a daily basis for the choices they make and judgment is an incredibly ugly thing. 15). meeting incredible people and learning that my own judgments about certain aspects of the adult world were very wrong until i was fortunate enough to start working in it:)

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jackystjames2 karma

Which side of the business?

frameforger1 karma

I don't wanna be "that guy", but could you provide some sort of proof?

forgotaboutbob1 karma


jackystjames1 karma

my scripts aren't cheesy - because i'm not writing for that market. i'm writing for people that are interested in plot-driven stories with full-fledged sex. but let's be honest...some of the porn dialogue is hilariously cheesy and beyond awesome!

Lots421 karma

Porn has writers? I just they flung together some cliches five minutes before shooting based on who they had and what is available from props.

jackystjames2 karma

ha. you have a lot to learn, my friend. or perhaps you should just stay off all those tube sites.

ANGRYjooj1 karma

Is this a passion of yours? When did you realise this is what you wanted to do? What did you want to do as a child?

jackystjames2 karma

as a child i wanted to be a writer--and guess what? i am! yes, i am passionate about adult films and being paid to be a writer and work with incredible people on a product that makes a difference in a lot of people's lives, matters a lot to me.

kennethbluth1 karma

I'm here to deliver you're sausage pizza, oops how did that hole get in the box?

jackystjames3 karma

sounds like you have a career writing adult films. where did you come up with such an innovative idea?