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Hi Patient4,

This sounds a bit similar to prostatitis, I know it is not exactly the same, but what I want to say about it is that doctors still don't know the cause. But they have managed to cure many cases with high doses of different combinations of antibiotics -- even while not knowing whether bacteria is the cause. Also is it possible you have symptoms of cystitis?

If you have irritation in the bladder/urethra, I wonder if the same type of treatment that works with nonspecific prostatitis or cystitis might help you too.

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Hi Nia,

I liked your movie Greek Wedding, one question: when you moved into the house near your mom and dad, did you really have to tell her not to be around all the time bringing food?

I am married to a Greek woman, and it has taken me some time to understand some of the even deeper subtleties......

In church one time in Greece, I saw two priests taking turns chanting, each getting more and more angry at the other when he would sing only for a short time, as if to say "no, YOU are the one we want to hear."

Or the way one has to angrily say OXI! OXI! to stop receiving more and more food....

Was the reason you told her to top bringing food to be polite to her, so it wouldn't be an imposition? Was it for privacy?

As a non-Greek I want to finally understand the dynamic when a family member offers and offers things until you nearly have to get angry....

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How did you type in your post? Do you use the same system that Stephen Hawking used?


Do you like Javascript? It is very easy to write Javascript, for instance this file

<script> speechSynthesis.speak(new SpeechSynthesisUtterance("Hello")) </script>

if named "hello.html" will say "hello" when someone clicks it (or goes to that web page on a PC ... I'm not sure if permission is enabled for phones.)

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Ashoka says, how do we take inspiration from Silicon Valley, and " where we may all be competing for a finite amount of sunlight at the top, we must lock hands in the soil if we’re ever going to make it "


Make what. A profit?


How about less entrepreneurial spirit and less land grabs. And don't replace healthy natural plants with 'fortified' agrobusiness.


And don't use rainforests and nature as just a metaphor for the 'built environment' while you're doing your best to pretend to be charitable while being the opposite, displacing the lives of those you pretend to protect.

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...Would be good if there were any porn where the female participants aren't obviously hating it.