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then the performers. HA

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are you kidding? absolutely i do!

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you're hired.

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great question. i think that with any business there are people that have messed up childhoods and that often times the 'adult' world gets a bad rap simply because we're the 'sex industry.' however, most of the performers i've worked with are extremely grounded and together people with solid heads on their shoulders and highly intelligent. mainstream media will often glorify the "porn horror story" ideal - or depict pornstars in unflattering lights, but i don't feel that is a valid representation of the people working in adult today.

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hahaha! no. most of the talent i've seen perform already and i know what they can do. although, that would be a great way to coerce someone into having sex with me! this reminds me of those great casting couch porn clips.

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ahahahah! I wish I wrote punny stuff! That's more for the parodies, but I have to say...some of the parody writers are pretty damn punny.

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first a writer. then a director.

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hahaha. absolutely

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hahahahah!!! i love men who talk during scenes, but a lot of men have told me they hate it!

i've never worked with Mr. North.

Biggest porn blooper...there are a lot. Recently, while trying to do a sexy, lube on the boobs scene---the female talent broke out in hives. We also had a male talent shoot his load accidentally on the cameraman's foot once. I think it bonded them forever.