Hi Reddit, I'm a female video editor and blogger. I've been working in the porn biz for two years now. I also help out with social media and YouTube videos.

I'll answer all your questions about the biz and such. Just no stupid "show me your boobs/ass" post and nothing that would reveal my identity.

Edit: 5pm here and I'm heading home. I'm willing to answer more questions tomorrow. Later Reddit! Tuesday: I'm back and trying to answer all your questions. Thanks for feed back and the questions. For those who want to watch blooper or behind the scenes go here

Edit: Thanks awesome people of Reddit for all your question. I have to get back to work now, if you have any question tweet me. Tabledresser was nice enough to make a table of this Q&A. I will try to come back and answer other question if I have time and I will cut down on all the ass and ball shots as much as I can. Later Reddit!

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Yup! :) You get an upvote for that

PubicAssHair471 karma

Why do you show me shots of the dudes asshole or face right as I'm finishing?

Also, unrelated question open to anybody: how do you know if you're gay?

TehSluttyPumpkin269 karma

It's not always my fault, I'm not the one filming the scenes. Blame the cameramen.

Brett_Favre_4467 karma

What is NSFW for you?

TehSluttyPumpkin486 karma

That's a great question. Personal social media is not allowed during work hours but that's the only thing that's frowned upon.

doggydoorpaul281 karma

Would you rather edit one porn with a guy with a horse-sized penis or 100 porns with guys with duck sized penises?

TehSluttyPumpkin205 karma

Uhhmmm, the first one I guess. Though I would feel bad for the chick in the scene with him

Anarchybabe101260 karma

Hey I'm a female porn editor as well!

TehSluttyPumpkin221 karma

Awesome, add me as a friend :)

Enlightnd246 karma

Did you also have to sit on this to get your job?

TehSluttyPumpkin295 karma

Nope, didn't have suck or fuck anyone for the job. Nor would I ever

TheSecondLaw243 karma

Do porn stars actually operate and post on their Twitters?

TehSluttyPumpkin324 karma

Yup, almost all the pornstars I've encountered operate their own twitter and other social medias

harleydad09217 karma

Are the guys that you work with, and guys in the industry respectful towards women that work "off screen". Something tells me a lot of them are douches!

TehSluttyPumpkin446 karma

The guys I work with are respectful. Most male pornstars are really nice and respectful to women. Most act like douche bags in scenes but they get paid to act like that


Why do they get paid to act like that? Is that explicitly part of their direction, or just what people assume the viewers want?

TehSluttyPumpkin236 karma

A mix of both, some director or sites call for "abuse"

harleydad0971 karma

DO you enjoy the job? How does it correlate with your sex life?

TehSluttyPumpkin109 karma

I enjoy my job for the most part. It doesn't effect my sex life.

lovesfunnyposts203 karma

are there genres (BDSM, interacial, etc..) that you enjoy working with more or less than others?

TehSluttyPumpkin450 karma

Honestly, most lesbian stuff is more enjoyable to work on. The girls seem more relaxed and easier to edit

lemonayd168 karma

What has been the funniest moment in this line of work?

Anarchybabe101375 karma

Out-takes [NSFW]

TehSluttyPumpkin286 karma

Behind the scenes and out-takes are the best too. Some of the girls are really funny off set.

TehSluttyPumpkin212 karma

Having to dress up a male co-worker as a woman was the best. He didn't enjoy it so much but I thought it was funny

WantedANewAccount72 karma

What's the story behind that? Was it for fun, or for a scene?

TehSluttyPumpkin122 karma

It was for a video our ex marketing boss wanted us to make. But it ended up being just for fun.

Memitim901160 karma

Have you ever been asked to edit a video that you just couldn't bring yourself to work on? If so what was it about? If not, what was the "worst" one?

TehSluttyPumpkin249 karma

There's a few genres I had trouble working on but I've pulled through it. Gagging videos are pretty bad, sometimes makes me sick to my stomach.


How do you separate personal revulsion from professional obligation?

TehSluttyPumpkin172 karma

With meditation and yoga, clearing my mind after work helps a lot. And eventually you get use to seeing it everyday

calripkenjunior157 karma

There is office sex at your workplace, right???

TehSluttyPumpkin225 karma

No, no there's not.

rtwpsom2115 karma

Are you disappointed by this or okay with this?

TehSluttyPumpkin222 karma

I'm okay with this. It would be weird to watch porn live.

naked_guy_says1315 karma

I agree, dead porn is much better

GrotesqueGroccer145 karma

That comment is best appreciated with your username in mind!

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Do you edit according to your own preferences of what you want to see or do you try to edit in the mind of an average porn consumer?

TehSluttyPumpkin276 karma

I edit in the mind of an average porn watcher, so mostly what men want to see. I'm more romantic


You said in another comment that you never watched porn before starting your job. How do you know what the average porn watcher wants?

TehSluttyPumpkin197 karma

I just put what I think my boyfriend or guy friends would want to see

YouDontSayBro27 karma

do you ask them what they want to see?

TehSluttyPumpkin46 karma

I haven't flat out ask them, but they speak their mind about what they like in women. I just work off that

lovesfunnyposts128 karma

Also, have you ever inserted any Easter-egg type content into your videos just for fun?

TehSluttyPumpkin228 karma

I haven't personally but other editors do. I have put a cartoon grumpy cat in a promo though

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TehSluttyPumpkin134 karma

jjidi85 karma

Eyed two beauties with titties and asses untold. Brilliant

TehSluttyPumpkin57 karma

thank you

guy-le-doosh119 karma

How many times do they stop to clean up during anal scenes? And is it true the shoot the money shot before the sex, then have the sex, and use the first one after an edit? Also, do you want to punch Max Hardcore in the balls?

TehSluttyPumpkin187 karma

Not that many, maybe once or twice. Very rarely do I work with scenes where the money shot comes before the hardcore sex. And yes, I want to junk punch Max Hardcore in his man business and scream you know why.

MrPoliceGaming113 karma

Show me...... other peoples boobs and ass?

TehSluttyPumpkin181 karma

Porn.com ;)

ehoverthere99 karma

On a scale of "empty from earlier" to "contents absolutely fucking essential" could you describe the importance of that cup of coffee in your photo? Or just comment on the general stress of the job as opposed to others?

TehSluttyPumpkin89 karma

First off, I love this question. I'm a coffee lover and need it to get me through the day. So "absolutely fucking essential" lol. This job has about the same level of stress as most. We have deadlines and such that need to be made. It becomes stressful when waiting for footage that's due to come in.

VoteFuzzing98 karma

How different is your personal porn watching experience now that you have worked on the editing end as opposed to before you ever got into the business?

Ever watch porn and get annoyed by crappy editing?

TehSluttyPumpkin247 karma

I never watched porn before I started working here. But I do notice jump cuts and such when going through porn now. I have gotten annoyed with crappy editing

Squeezer9986 karma

Do you ever get disgusted about what you do? Does your family/boyfriend know? how long have you been doing this? What is the pay/benefits like? How did you get the job?

TehSluttyPumpkin137 karma

At first, I got grossed out a lot. But not much really bothers me anymore. Working on Tranny stuff is the worst though. Yes, my boyfriend and some of my family knows. I've been in the biz two years now.

thombudsman85 karma

What assumptions, if any, did you have about the industry that turned out to be incorrect?

TehSluttyPumpkin205 karma

I though a lot of the girls airheads that couldn't do anything else. But I was wrong, there are some smart ladies in the biz. A few have master's degrees.

Polistit73 karma

Have you ever thought about actually being in a video?

TehSluttyPumpkin164 karma

For porn? No, never.

zurkyburky57 karma

Here are a billion questions (ok, just a handful)
Are there high standards in the porn industry when it comes to quality/format etc.?
Is it an easier gig than non-porn editing?
How'd you get into the porn biz?
What sort of work would you prefer to do instead (if, that is, your passion isn't cutting porn vids)?

TehSluttyPumpkin129 karma

Holy billion questions Batman. Naw, in fucking with you.

Most sites want HD 1080p quality but there are some sites that are still SD.

Editing jobs are hard to come by, porn or not. A friend of a friend got me the job.

One day I hope to edit shitty B movies or crappy television shows

rodger_klotz120 karma

It is a life goal of mine to act in a shitty B horror movie. Preferably as the guy who dies in the first scene after yelling "WHAAAAT THE?". If you ever make one, I'll work for free.

Edit: Word

Edit 2: It might not seem like much but I am pumped this is my highest rated comment. Someone get me an acting job.

TehSluttyPumpkin87 karma

We could one day work together and not even know it lol

brttf353 karma

That looks like adobe premiere, do you prefer it over FCP?

TehSluttyPumpkin80 karma

We use premiere here, I actually prefer Avid to edit with. Final Cut Pro is good too.

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TehSluttyPumpkin104 karma

Excited? Like sexually, not really. I'm a romantic kind of girl. Watching porn does nothing for me, just feels like work. Lol

atheist_trollno132 karma

How about female oriented porn?

TehSluttyPumpkin65 karma

I'm trying to get more female oriented porn. I personally have never watch any yet.

Squeezer9946 karma

Have you ever encountered an unusual sex position during your editing and wanted to try the position with your boyfriend?

TehSluttyPumpkin55 karma

Hmm, I don't think so. I'm not one for unusual position normally.

iBleeedorange43 karma

Most memorably thing you've had to edit?

TehSluttyPumpkin75 karma

It would be to be some behind the scenes for a lesbian site. I didn't edit it but it was awesome. The girls were hilarious to watch

jackalsclaw41 karma

What was you first day of work like?

TehSluttyPumpkin65 karma

Really weird, I felt very out of place my first day.

Spydos37 karma

How do you judge male actors, I feel like they probably are available by the millions.

TehSluttyPumpkin47 karma

We rarely pick the male actors, I'd say most are always available.

maxbaroi37 karma

How did you fall into the business?

TehSluttyPumpkin72 karma

Applied for an editing job and it just so happened to be for porn

gabbagool18 karma

what was your background before? did you go to film school? communications major?

TehSluttyPumpkin34 karma

Journalism for TV and radio


Are you happy doing your job, or is it just "meh it pays the bills"?

TehSluttyPumpkin47 karma

Depends on the day. Most days I'm happy with my job.

NiaM7731 karma

What do you do while the video renders?

Anarchybabe10189 karma


TehSluttyPumpkin101 karma

took the words out of my mouth. lol I write for our blog and man twitter.

Drewsefs29 karma

Who is your favorite actor/actress to edit? I guess in effect, do you have a favorite?

TehSluttyPumpkin46 karma

Levi Cash

BradleyNowellLives27 karma

Who do you think is the most skilled porn star?

TehSluttyPumpkin47 karma

I don't know about skilled but April O'Neil, Sophie Dee and the newest girl we've worked with Lacy Channing are good.

mrwatkins8321 karma

Do you have any "pornstar" friends?

TehSluttyPumpkin34 karma

No, I don't. At least not yet, I wouldn't mind being friends with a few of them

Sometimeswelose19 karma

Is it true that lot of the actors and actresses abuse prescription medication for... performances sake?

TehSluttyPumpkin19 karma

I don't know. I believe some pornstars do, none that I can think of at the moment.

Brett_Favre_419 karma

In your opinion what is the best video that you have worked on?

TehSluttyPumpkin31 karma

This one I liked the story line and the behind the scenes were awesome

byAnarchy17 karma

What is pay like working this job?

What are your hours?

Favourite part about this job?

Thanks for doing this AMA, very interesting!

TehSluttyPumpkin25 karma

I can't tell you for personal reason about my pay. * the company would be angry. But I work full time 9 to 5 and sometimes on weekends. Favorite part would be the behind the scenes and the people I work with. They're pretty awesome.

Thompson_S_Sweetback17 karma

What kind of software do you use?

TehSluttyPumpkin36 karma

Adobe Premiere Pro and sometimes Final Cut Pro

notlurker17 karma

the long fingernails in the vag in lesbian porn. Doesn't that hurt? (A lot)

TehSluttyPumpkin12 karma

I assume it does. I couldn't tell you.

notlurker13 karma

Let me phrase it another way. Do you have the edit out the pain? "Oh shit that fucking hurts! Um, I mean Oh Shit that's hot and I'm really cumming!"

TehSluttyPumpkin26 karma

Sometimes. You can just see the pain in their eyes and I feel bad for them.

Underlying13 karma

Do you have to edit out a lot of ejaculations?

TehSluttyPumpkin28 karma

Like before the pop shot? Not really.

Mackinstyle12 karma

Forgive my possibly long line of assumptive thought.

  1. How many editors are there?
  2. What's the ratio of men to women?
  3. Do the men ever have issues with staying focused on work?
  4. What about the women?
  5. Is it possible that women do it better because they can stay focused? Or is it possible that men better know what men want to see?

Your input on any of this would be appreciated. Thanks. =)

TehSluttyPumpkin14 karma

Great questions. 1. We have three editors, two guys and I. 2. There are more men than women usually. 3. Most of them are on task but some do get caught up by a nice rack or a pretty face. 4. As a woman, I find it easy it work. 5. I think more women would be awesome but I don't matters on the gender. It depends on the person.

JohnWad7 karma

  • Have you ever gotten turned on at work & proceeded to "rub one out" at work?
  • Have you ever edited any "Brazilian Fart Porn or Cake Fart Porn"?
  • Does Peter North still shoot the biggest load in the game?
  • Do you get turned on by James Deen like most women who watch porn?

TehSluttyPumpkin18 karma

Nope, that's never happened. I've bever edited any cake fart porn. I don't think I've ever watched a Peter North pop shot. I've also never watched any James Deen porn. He is cute though and it's true most women like him

Anarchybabe1015 karma

And James Deen and Kieran Lee are quite nice gentlemen.

TehSluttyPumpkin12 karma

Yeah, they seem like good guys

ShamAbram6 karma

Has your job ever created complications in the bedroom? I know a few folks who work porn and they've said that oversaturation can be an issue, have you experienced this?

TehSluttyPumpkin8 karma

Nope, same sex life as before. I try to leave my work at work and my home life at home.

Jonnyboysnap2 karma

Does the office have any restrictions on what you can do on the Internet? Such as other porn, Facebook, etc? This is something I've always been curious about

TehSluttyPumpkin4 karma

They frown upon personal social media like Facebook or Twitter. Other porn sites are okay, you're more or less looking at what the competition has

Dsch1ngh1s_Khan2 karma

Have you always done video editing? Do you wish to do some different form of editing in the future? (TV, movies, etc.)

TehSluttyPumpkin3 karma

I'd love to get into editing for TV or movies. I was a writer before I became a video editor.

invalid_character2 karma

Ever get impressed with your own editing skills? Any pornstars get impressed by it? What's the most impressive thing you have witnessed at work so far?

TehSluttyPumpkin4 karma

I have actually. I've gone back and looked at promos I've done and was impressed. Other times, I judge my work. Sometimes the pornstars are impressed with our work. I can't think of an impressive thing I've witnessed, I'll have to get back to you on that.

GreensharkY2 karma

Would you rather edit a porn video of one of your relatives or one of your boyfriend? (if you dont have one, imagine)

TehSluttyPumpkin7 karma

Boyfriend, cause I've already seem him naked. Though I would probably kick him in the nuts if it was with someone else.

P0rtela2 karma

A friend and I are looking to get into the business on the amateur side. He'll perform and I'll edit; any advice for us?

TehSluttyPumpkin3 karma

I wish you luck. What type of scenes is he willing to do? Male pornstars don't make as mush as females unless it's for gay.

P0rtela2 karma

We've talked about the gay for pay route and he's against it. He is willing to do most anything that can be recorded over webcam or on a handheld, he's strictly against showing his face.

TehSluttyPumpkin4 karma

So POV type porn, cool beans. Gay for pay is never worth it.

LTVOLT1 karma

I don't think I've ever watched a porn clip/film from start to finish- does it annoy you that viewers jump around?

TehSluttyPumpkin2 karma

Viewers can do whatever they want - it doesn't both me