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Can we get a version of Firefox that can be installed in corporate/enterprise settings? I'm talking about an .MSI based installer with support for silent installations, auto-updates are disabled by default, updates are handled via System Center Updates Publisher, and firefox can be configured via Group Policy Objects in Active Directory. Right now I'm using Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and some hacked together scripts to handle it.

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Do you ever get disgusted about what you do? Does your family/boyfriend know? how long have you been doing this? What is the pay/benefits like? How did you get the job?

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Have you ever encountered an unusual sex position during your editing and wanted to try the position with your boyfriend?

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Do most female porn stars use birth control or not? if they do use it, what kind (IUD, the pill, diaphram, nuva ring, etc)? What happens when you are on your period, just not work for 5 days? What would happen if an actress got pregnant? What are there so few cream pie scenes?

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Of course! They need to hire more special agents to investigate and throw more people in jail for rounding errors on tax forms or putting a calculation in a wrong box because the person did not read all 17,000 pages of tax regulations!