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poopism16 karma

Where do you normally do your angling?

INebelung18 karma

I love in Tampa. Florida. So mainly along the west coast of Florida down to the keys

poopism16 karma

What do you angle?

INebelung13 karma

Red drum, Tarpon, snook, flounder, speckled trout, sheepshead

bubblesmybubbles15 karma

What's your biggest catch?

INebelung18 karma

150lb tarbon


What's the pay like there?

How many people on board at a time?

Is it your only source of income?

INebelung8 karma

Well my boat can only hold 6 people. Its a 19ft sea king with an Evinrude E-tec 115. I usually only take it out on weekends and don't charge anyone other than gas $. Its not.my source of income.

zakee008 karma

My parents are thinking about retiring in Florida, from Alaska. My dad is an avid fisherman who mainly goes out for halibut and salmon in his 24' aluminum hard top. Do you prefer the west coast of FL (compared to the east coast) for saltwater fishing? Why or why not? I would really appreciate your input on this, as fishing is pretty much all he lives for.

INebelung12 karma

West coast. The water stays warmer in the winter so fish are more active. Tampa is a great place to fish because they bay attracts all kinds of fish, and you can take a 30 min boat ride out deeper for game fish like tuna, kingfish, grouper and mahi

Stanleysteemer6 karma

What would be the best place to learn to saltwater fish for an amateur?

INebelung0 karma

Inshore like from a beach or pier

4NearFar4 karma

What is the deal with the jumping fish? I think they are mullet. I've seen them while kayaking in the bay.

INebelung6 karma

They are mullet. Well if they are on their side they are. Some fish will strike the top of the water like tarpon or ladyfish. But mullet are the only ones who jump for no apparant reasons

cycostinkoman3 karma

What's the most common newbie mistake while fishing?

I ask because I never catch anything. This is fresh water I'm talking about, by the way.

INebelung1 karma

Bait, you have to use the right kind of bait for certain fish. Earthworms catch a wide variety of species like. Bass, perch, sunfish and catfish, lures and crankbaits work for bass, muskies, and other predatory fish

flukz2 karma

What goes good with a 2lb lake trout?

INebelung5 karma

Lemon butter caper dill

Kunt_Thunda1 karma

I have been wanting to use more lures for red and specks. Any good recommendations?

INebelung0 karma

Love the Johnson's sprite for reds. I use gold over silver. Its a spoon

LetsPlayK1 karma

Is it fun? I've thought about becoming a fisherman before. It sounds like a chill job.

INebelung3 karma

Its fun I mainly just take friends and familu but am trying to get my charter lisence

rackcity6661 karma

Do you have your own boat? If yet, what's it's name?

INebelung0 karma

Its a 19ft sea king named Triton

nubwithachub1 karma

Have you ever limited out on specks(25) and reds(5) and had some lemonfish and white trout or flounder or amberjack in there too? Have you ever been to louisiana?

INebelung2 karma

Its one red a day flounder is 10 per day here. Hit.my limit sometimes not always

bubba99991 karma

They changed the rules to allow 2 reds per person now.

INebelung0 karma

Only in the Northwest region. Here in Tampa its still only one red

spunkski1 karma

I live on Davis Island. What can I catch here, and what bait works best? Thanks.

INebelung3 karma

Fish off the wall. Or near Bayshore. Live shrimp with a cork. Or a mirror lure. Use braided line. 10lb test. Also green backs or white bait work

orbitalia1 karma

Have you seen any marked decline in the numbers of fish, or species of fish, what do you think is the best way to conserve fish stocks?

INebelung0 karma

Well recently in the last few years it got really cold here and the snook died. Large breeder fish survived but the numbers declined rapidly. They put a ban on harvesting. Season is still.closed. its seriously to reopen in September I believe

R5HR1 karma

What led you to fishing as a career? Is there a legendary fish which fishermen prize above all others and have you caught one???

INebelung0 karma

I always grew up surfing and fishing in Cali. Nebraska, and here in Florida. Its just always been a part of my life

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Damn auto correct on my phone. My laptop is broken. :(

psytrancedsquid0 karma

I dont mean to rain on your parade but saltwater fishing is different in nearly every country because most countries have different fish species and locations.

I have been saltwater fishing for over 30 years now and have fished all over the world. I fish nearly every day but I would never call myself an expert angler.

INebelung7 karma

No worries know. Not trying to be a know it all. Fishing Is my life and I love being able to share it. Its my peace and serenity.

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INebelung3 karma

Every day. I live one minute walking from the water