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New question: how much butthole has the show got you guys?

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I’ve worked with concrete precast machines for almost a decade and I will NEVER get in harms way without LOTO. I don’t care if my boss is yelling to hurry up or if it takes forever to lock out. I just won’t do it. I like living.

I was working second shift and the power breaker for the mixer blew out when I pulled the switch down to lock it out and it caught a mini fire. I told my boss that LOTO has been compromised since the breaker box caught fire and I will not be cleaning the mixer. My boss at the time was cool and said he understands and told me not to do anything I feel is unsafe. So first shift had to repair it then fix it the next morning. I didn’t care since 1st shift never cleaned the equipment and left it up to us to clean at night.

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Drugs and alcohol are not my problem. Reality is my problem, drugs and alcohol are my solution

-AA Proverb

Edit: original context is unknown.

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He gets himself in sticky situations sometimes but always manages to pull out. Real stand up guy.

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Have you ever thought you were dying when in reality it was something unrelated?