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When I was a young trainee chef working in a restuarant run by alcoholics we used to buy in watermellons that still had the green stalk attached.

We would fill a bucket with vodka (it didnt worry us as it was the bosses vodka so we didnt care about cost) and sit the watermelon in the bucket stem side down. If you left it for about 7 days the vodka would eventually be all sucked up into the watermelon.

I have heard of others just using turkey basters to squeeze the vodka in as well.

Also best vodka to use -- vanilla vodka, makes it taste awesome

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I dont mean to rain on your parade but saltwater fishing is different in nearly every country because most countries have different fish species and locations.

I have been saltwater fishing for over 30 years now and have fished all over the world. I fish nearly every day but I would never call myself an expert angler.